September 17th, 2009

I got the beat

new user!

I don't have any questions here, just a "brand new user don't actually have my cup in my posession just yet so I've never actually used it but I'm getting excited" post.

I didn't research all the gazillions of available cups. the only ones I knew about (before joining this community!) were the insteads, the keeper, and the diva cup. I knew I didn't want disposable and I liked the idea of silicone better than latex, so I decided to get a diva cup. went to their site expecting to order it online or something, and found out they sell at store locations, ok, let's see where they sell them in my area... turns out one of the locations is the health food store a friend of mine works at! so I gave her the money and asked her to pick it up, she was supposed to come over YESTERDAY but called and said she was sick and wold get it to me sunday :P

I chart fertility, and my peak day was 13 days ago. last cycle I had a 13 day luteal phase which would mean, um, today would be the day. but previously I've had 15-16 days so I might not get my period until this weekend. I'm kinda hoping for that.

oh, and not that it matters, but I'm a mom of 4, my biggest (and most recent) addition coming out at a whopping 11 lb 6 oz, so I'm not too concerned about this even though I've only rarely used tampons in the past. I switched entirely from disposable products to cloth pads (all homemade by me!) after my second kid was born, so this isn't really going to pay for itself, I just wanted to try it out. my husband dropped a bunch of $$$ on classic shaving supplies so I decided to spoil myself a bit :) don't get me wrong, I love my pads, I just have heavier days I'd like a bit of extra security on.

Fleurcup VS MoonCup UK (and diva and ladycup)

I recently ordered a fleurcup. dont get me wrong, i LOVE my MCUK and would recommend it to anyone. However, recently i have been plagued with heavy periods and needed something that could keep up. I decided on the Fleurcup because of its stiffness (i tried the lady cup and HATED it), it's capacity (large fleurcup is among the biggest capacity-wise), and the fact it comes in black and won't look all stained (even though i do "whiten" my cups with hydrogen peroxide at the end of my period). ANYWHO... onto the comparisons!

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cup use and allergy symptoms?

Ok so I know this won't sound related at first but trust me, it is.
I ate a mango for lunch the other day, was driving and in a hurry so I didn't cut it up, I just ate it like an apple. Well then I broke out in a rash all over my mouth the next day and today it showed up on the back of my hand and now that I'm thinking about it, I usually change my cup while I'm in the shower. I read up and found out the peel has an oil that is also found in poison ivy which will irritate some people's skin if they are allergic to it.
Is there any way the allergy could irritate me down there? Nothing's shown up yet but if it does it's going to be horrible!

It's so itchy on my face and I'm a little worried about it spreading.....
but my stomach feels ok so I'm kinda wondering if maybe there's some kind of fluid that protects your insides from allergens or something...?

Ebay has added more cups

I did a search for "menstrual cup" on ebay and see that there are more brands than last time I looked: Moon cup (US), Keeper, Lady/colored cups, Divacup,  Femmecup, and Mooncup (UK).  Wowza!  So many choices there now.  I did, however, just make an order from Feminine Wear and got it in Nevada (U.S.) in less than a week.  Plus I got some candy (yeah!) and a little sticky note pad- made my day! :)