September 15th, 2009

what am i missing?

i had posted last week that i wanted to buy a ladycup & very quickly i was pointed in the direction of ebay.  which in theory is GREAT...thanks everyone!!! my only problem is I CAN'T FIND WHAT I  i don't want to spend more than $25 on a cup & i found one auction the other day which i lost :( but hey that's life right?  i thought o.k. i'll just try another auction well since yesterday all i can find are the 'buy it now' stores that are charging $38 to $45 per cup.  i just can't afford that at the moment.  when i search for menstrual cups on ebay again only brings up all the 'buy it now' sales none of the auction only ones.  what am i doing wrong?  i feel like i'm missing 

i would also consider the meluna cup so if anyone has any good tips on where to get that please let me know.  keep in mind i am in canada.

thanks everyone for listening.  i'm getting a little annoyed trying to find what i

Pictures of Lunette and MeLuna

I posted about the Melunas I got a while back and then promptly forgot to check the post. Some people asked for pics and measurements, so here you go. I got a little carried away, there's a lot of pictures here.

I'm starting to get along with the medium MeLuna as well, even though it's very stiff and the ball is slippery. I can remove it when I bear down and sit on the toilet, which I can't do with the small one. I guess both have their advantages. I'm a little disappointed all my cups ride very high which makes taking them out a hassle, but I guess I'm used to that already.

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I have had these cups for a year or so and keep trying them and with the slightest pain towards the end of insertion have pulled out scared. I started spotting on Sunday and thought crap there is a football game on Saturday and I don't want to be on my period. I have been psyching myself up to try the cup again this time. I haven't started bleeding as of yet so I thought why not tonight!! It'll be tomorrow that I probably start for real. I tried my little lunette selene (either this or the little ladycup of which I have both) I did the punch down and it was painful towards the bottom again. I thought ugghhh this isn't going to work and pulled it out. I worked myself up to it again and refolded several different ways but only could get the punch down to stay. I inserted and just kept going towards my tailbone. Guess what!!! It got better and went all the way in easily!!! Yay. I felt around and am pretty sure it opened but not sure. I could probably even push it up further but am scared that it'll go too far. It's in me now and I only feel the stem which I half trimmed and obviously need to trim so me more as it's poking me more and more. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about getting it out as it's right there as I'm short. The stem definitely needs some trimming. But had to share!!!!!

Added: I just took it out with out problem when birthed. Don't know if I could have done with out ridges. I trimmmed the stem. No poking and guess what? I started. There was blood on the outside of the cup. I don't know if it didn't open or what. I couldn't feel on the side of my pubic bone. We'll see what happens later when I take it out. I know that I'm going to have splatter so I need to take it slower. No lube needed either!! Still sore from the whole experience.

Group Femininewear order

Hello! I'm planning to place an order to at the end of this month. I live in the U.S., but a member of this community (schmoomom) has kindly offered to receive the package and send the contents on to my home address.

Would anyone else like to order something at the same time? When I messaged schmoomom, she said she'd be happy to send things on to multiple people. Since she lives in the UK, there will be no shipping charges to get cups to her house, but there will still be some shipping costs to get them from her house to yours.

If you'd like to order something, leave a comment or send me a message telling me what you'd like and what e-mail address I should use to send a Paypal invoice. You could also e-mail me at
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Sorry to post again, but...

I posted on here about a year ago, asking about cups. I'm a 15 year old virgin. I've had my period about 3 years, and have always used tampons (super plus a lot of the time). I was set on a lunette, but now it seams like it's impossible to get them in the US. My next options were a small diva (cheaper, holds more), ladycup small or maybe large (because of smaller size and cool colors) or maybe a mooncup US (i would want UK, but that's not possible because i live in the US). I have a pretty heavy flow (I've gone through a super and 3 super plus tampons since i woke up around 7, it's 9 now, so i guess that's about a super plus tampon ever 3 hours and 45 minutes. IDK, just an example. I can fit 2, sometimes 3 fingers. I think my cervix is low-ish, but i have nothing to compare it to. I know i can touch it close to my period, i'm not sure about other times. Which of those cups (or other cups) would you suggest for me?

Also, I'm still a bit worried about asking my mom. I think she might freak out about it, even though she lets me use tampons, probably because it's more "hands on." I feel like she would be a bit old fashioned about it. How would you suggest approaching her about it?I know I can say things like it saves money and no known risk of TSS. I would also offer to pay for it. Does anyone know how to convince an older mother about this kind of thing?