September 5th, 2009


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Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if you can help me. I was a happy divacup (size 1) user for a bit over a year, but then I started having problems with it being uncomfortable and sort of migrating out. I suppose I might've lost my technique for putting it in, but it really seemed like my anatomy had changed somehow and it just wouldn't stay in no matter what I did.

(I'm 26, sexually active, have never given birth or even been pregnant. I am inclined to think that my vagina is on the small side, and I suspect my cervix might be a bit low. I had to trim the stem of my divacup and it still sometimes stuck out and made me a bit uncomfortable. I doubt the slippage was related to my pelvic floor muscles, as they're pretty strong and this only started to happen recently.)

I just used cloth pads for a couple of months, and then last weekend I moved house and I didn't come across it in my cleaning. I think I may have inadvertently thrown it out.

I'm looking to replace it now, and I'm a bit bamboozled by all the brands that are on the market at the moment. I like the look of the Miacup but it looks a lot like the divacup, and I'm wondering if that just doesn't suit me.

Would a bigger cup be less likely to migrate out? Or would I probably have more trouble getting it in, since I'm still on the small side?

Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
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Comparing tampons, cups, sponges

Hi! I've been stalking this community for some time. I've been surfing the tags, but haven't found satisfiable comparisons. This is x-posted to menstrual_lib and menstrualhut because I love opinions.

My big question is about comparing insertion and taking out of tampons/cups/sponges.

Which is
  • easier to take in/out,

  • more comfortable just after insertion and after it's been in there a while,

  • easier to get used to,

  • requires the littlest practice,

  • and simpler to handle in public restrooms?

  • Public restrooms I'm most concerned about as I'm out for 5 hours at a time. Though one can hope her university restroom is clean, they're usually just awkward.

    Where I am right now: I just bought a sea sponge beause I have no patience for the fact that I have no patience for trying to insert a tampon! I've never been able to put anything in (probably because I'm so squeemish about it), but figured maybe sponges would be easier since they're not dry and they're more flexible.

    Also, regarding sponges, what kind of fabric should one sew on as a string? I suck at sewing, so would trying to sew on a string be worth it? "Mr Turtle, how many pulls does it take to completely screw up a bad sewing job?" "Let's see. One, two...two."

    Oh my cup, how I miss you!

    I'm home from university visiting my parents for the Labor Day weekend (as well as visiting some nice festivals in my hometown), but horror strikes: my period began full force, completely off schedule! My cup and even my cloth pads are all the way back at my dorm! I dug in the closet and found a relic pad back from before I owned a cup.

    And oh God... I HATE these disposable pads now. I never knew how much I would hate them after trying them again!

    Any of you ladies gone through a dreaded regression? What do you do in case you period decides to strike when you've left your cup far behind?

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     Just a quick gyno story. 

    I went to see my gynecologist for the first time (I'm 20, so I haven't had to have a pap test yet) because I had some questions for her, etc. I was armed with my cup to show it to her and ask her if she'd heard of them. I was telling her something about my period and she asked how many pads and tampons I go through per cycle. I proceeded to tell her that I used neither and if she'd heard of menstrual cups. She said she had heard of them but didn't know anyone who used them regularly. She was very supportive about it, and said it was nice that it's so much more accurate on measuring my flow. I just thought I'd share a positive story about telling the gynecologist about it. I kind of figured that would be her reaction anyway because she's a younger doctor :)