July 24th, 2009

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Has anyone pushed out two kids and still needed a small cup. I've always had a narrow canal and I thought for sure that after having my second child that I would need a large cup but after playing with my large trial Ladycups I felt an indent during a dry run. I don't have too much experience with cups because I used my small Diva for 2 cycles before I got pregnant. I'm pretty sure I need something with a narrower body because I can't even feel the rim of my Ladycup. Yay for having a short torso.

I did notice that the stem was rubbing my perineum pretty badly and I'm guessing it is from the fresh scar tissue (3 months PP and both kids gave me a 2nd degree tear).

More cup pics :)

I washed all the cups so they didn't have that inexplicable fluffy dust that always seems to get attracted to them, and they took forever to air dry (because of course wiping them with anything just put more fluff on the *sigh*)... so I meant to take more pics of all the cups the other day, but wasn't able to until yesterday - but, they are there.  So I've taken several shots to show the colour comparisons of the coloured cups, and also size/shape comparisons...  if you would like anything else.... just let me know :)  (I was photographing them in the front yard, I'm suprised nobody walking past asked me what the hell I was doing LOL)


I'm still missing some cups unfortunately :(  Fleurcup actually refused to send me a sample because they aren't sending outside of the European market  (which is fair enough I suppose, but their loss, since their cup won't then be in the pics on my site and I can't help promote them)....  MPower and Alicia haven't acklowledged my request for a sample (yet?)  I haven't yet contacted Green Donna since their e-mail page wasn't working (but I notice someone gave the e-mail address here recently) ....and Keeper ignored all my requests too, so I don't have a Moon cup (US) because I was only able to get the rubber keeper through an Australian distributor not the actual company themselves and the Aussie distributor doesn't have the Moon Cup version.  I also need to ask Lunette if I can have a Selene  for the collection ;)  (and try to persuade them to make a purple one)

Stem cause of discomfort?

This probably sounds lame but I am not sure if the stem is the cause of my discomfort or maybe I don't have the cup in right. I got my diva cup 2 days ago right as my cycle ended, kind of. I am having odd spotting off and on constantly due to coming off depo after 8 years. I only had a 2-3 day VERY light (almost never even needed a pad or tampon at all) during the time I was taking shots so this is like being a kid who got their period for the first time all over again.  Maybe 2 periods a year.

I am 26, sexually active for many years, and this diva cup (size1) feels HUGE. I can hardly get a finger in to swirl around it to make sure it is open, no turning, but I was able to get it back out and reinsert. The second time (currently) it didn't feel like much for the first couple hours but it is starting to poke? But it feels like it's poking the wall? Last time I took it out it felt like the cup was in crooked pointing to one side. Do you think what I am feeling is the stem poking?

Trading small Lunette for a large Lunette or Diva

After three months of having very similar leakage issues to this entry I've decided that I most likely need a wider cup than my small Lunette Selene. Based on the sizing charts and what's readily available in the US, the DivaCup looks like my best chance of getting something locally. While I can still use my small Lunette on my light days, I'd rather see if anyone would be willing to trade their large Lunette (or possibly large Diva, see below) for mine because of the shipping difficulties of Lunette to the US. Helping someone out and saving money is always a good thing :)

Edit: Thanks to easilydistra for the trade :)

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I know I've seen this question asked before in this community, but now that I need the answer, I can't seem to find the post.

My cup went in the toilet. There was nothing in the toilet at the time, just water. (It was a dry run.) I washed it off with hot water and plan to boil it before I use it next. Is that enough to make it safe to use?