July 21st, 2009

Diva cups for sale

Hi ladies,

Last year I bought a heap of diva cups to spread the word and sell at markets. I have 3 left (2 x large and 1 x small) which I want to get rid of since it has been so hard to get people to even consider them as an alternative and I want the market space for other things. One of the boxes has been opened just so someone could read the blurb. $30 ea incl. delivery
If anyone is interested (in Australia only) please email me on:   rowan.99@gmail.com
Accept paypal, money order


Black cup

A while ago I saw a link to a site that sells black cups, they were also a slightly different shape than other cups and I remember thinking that I'd go for that if it wasn't for having my IUD and giving up my cup.

Now it turns out that I have PID so I am having my IUD removed. I got rid of my other cups when I thought I was going to use them any more and tbh, none of them were exactly right for me.

I'm optimistic about this new kind of cup, but I can't for the life of me find it. Can anyone enlighten me and link me to the site please!?

I need help!

 Okay so I just got the divacup yesterday night and I am having soo much trouble with it. I am only 15(almost 16) and a virgin. I was so excited to try this out since I'm a vegan and love the idea of not polluting the environment! Anyways, I am having quite a bit of leaking. It doesn't bother me that much since I can always wear a liner..except for the fact that I'm a swimmer and can't wear a liner into the pool obviously. It seems to be in the right place since I hear a pop and it seems really snug. I can't feel it at all but I still leak. The leaks mostly happen when I'm sitting or laying down. I was just wondering was going on!
Also when I try to remove it it hurts like crazy. Like and unbelievable amount of pain. I try to break the seal but maybe I'm not doing it right?