July 11th, 2009


So, I got my replacement Divacup in the mail today (the first one had a crack near one of the holes). And it turns out that the replacement cup has almost the same exact defect as the first one! There's a deep and very noticeable tear in both the inside and outside of the rim above one of the holes.

I'm not even going to bother anymore with trying to get a good Divacup. Iherb.com has fantastic customer service and I know that this is the fault of the Diva company and not iherb. It seems as if Diva sent out a whole batch of defective cups or something, because I have no idea how else this could happen twice to me in a row. I mean what are the odds? And it's interesting that there have been other people on this same community with seemingly the same problem.

So I have to say that just based on the quality of the product, I like my Keeper Mooncup better right now.

Maybe instead of a Divacup, I'll get a Lunette when I have the money and when they become available in the US again.

EDIT: Okay, so as you can see, the Divacup company kindly responded to this post. I guess they just needed to be alerted of the problem.

One last chance.

I was having a lot of trouble with my size 1 Diva. It wouldn't go in, I was certain it wouldn't fit, and I was just sick of trying. Tampons give me panic attacks (TSS symptoms immediately upon insertion), and pads are itchy and smelly, but it looked like I was going to have to go back to disposables anyway. I was ready to give up, but then with the help of a number of people from this community, I caved and ordered a small LadyCup from eBay. It should arrive in a couple of weeks (it's coming from the Czech Republic and I'm in central Canada), but I'm excited to try something smaller that may actually work for me.

Before it arrives, does anyone have any advice for a first time user...a 19 year old virgin?