July 3rd, 2009

vagina eating my diva cup!

i've been following this site for a while before purchasing my diva cup... hopefully someone will have a tip for me because i haven't seen anything much about the problem i'm having.

okay. so according to the directions that came with my diva cup, if you get a seal, the cup *can't* ride up. not the case!! no matter how shallow i put it in, my vagina sucks it up so it's so far in i have huge problems getting it in.

i know it's sealed because:
- i can hear the whoosh of air as it seals
- it's not leaking (at all - i have to say this is wonderful!!)
- it has huge suction when i go to take it out, have to squeeze and tug and pull, etc

anyway, i was using the punch-down fold and trying to it position it so the stem was just outside of my body and i could feel it easily... guaranteed within 5 minutes it was so far in there i need to dig waaay inside to even find the stem and getting a grip of it was almost impossible.

had that a few times, then tried putting it in just barely using the c-fold (the stem AND maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of the base were visible from the outside using a mirror). that was fine while i was standing up but when i sat down - vagina sucked it up again!

it's really comfortable when it's so far in there - my problem is it's so hard to get out and i'm kinda worried if i leave it in more than a few hours i won't be able to get it out.  the only thing i can think of is that maybe i should put a hole in the stem and put a string through like a tampon, just in case?!

i didn't have this problem on my "dry runs" before my period so i'm assuming it has to do with my cervix moving, or just because things are slippery down there. any tips would be appreciated!! it is pretty awesome that it doesn't leak AT ALL... just want getting it out of my body to not be a 10-15 minute procedure!

Fleurcup Replies

Fleurcup responded to my email asking when their cup would become available in the United States. Here is the reply (translated from French):

We thank you for the interest you have expressed in the menstrual cup Fleurcup. The commercialization of the Fleurcup in the United States is not planned at the moment. Please consult out internet site www.fleurcup.com from time to time; all the information on the subject of countries that we deliver to is there.

So I guess we'll just have to keep checking. Doesn't sound like it will happen anytime soon though :(

(This will be my last post for a while, I swear! lol)

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Hello from Russia! :)
I'm not very good at English but I can't find russian-speaking cup-user who could answer my questions... So I hope you will forgive me for my mistakes :)
I've been using my Mooncup UK for 5 periods and I still have some troubles with leaking.
I'm 25, no kids, sexual active. I use a small size - "B".
It works, and sometimes it works perfect, but another time it leaks just like there's nothing inside at all.

I tried to insert it in different ways:
- low, right next to the entrance of vagina - works, but I fill it and the stem pokes me.
- higher, towards my cervix - but when it is inside, I can't say if it is around my cervix or not... how can I check it? So it usually leaks when inserted like this - means that I do something wrong?

I could wear it low, but in time it rides up anyway, and sometimes not to my cervix - so it starts to leak a lot.

So how do you think what should I do?
Try to incert it around my cervix (but how can I do it?) ?
Or shoud I try a wider/longer cup that wouldn't ride up in wrong direction when inserted?
I should add that my Mooncup "B" seats very tightly, I can hardly insert a finger to check the suction.
And my cervix is not low during my period (about 6-7 sm).
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Question about Kegel Exercises

This is my 9th cycle with the Lunette size 2. Overall, it has worked nicely for me though I hate that on my heavier days it seems I either have to wear a disposable pad or liner. I bought this so that I could get away from that completely. To achieve this, I decided to start doing Kegel exercises. A few days before this cycle started, I noticed that inserting the Lunette was a lot easier than before. It would almost slide in, which was great! Would Kegels contribute to this or is it just my vagina getting used to having a menstrual cup in it?