June 8th, 2009

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Menstrual Cups and Bicycling

Hi there!

I'm considering purchasing a menstrual cup (probably either the Diva or the Ladycup), and I was wondering if anyone has had experience using a cup while riding a bike. I'm an avid cyclist, and I'm a little afraid of menstrual cup leakage while I'm in the saddle.

Thoughts? Experiences? Suggestions? Any input would appreciated!

LadyCup sizing

I've used the diva cup for years, size 1, I am thinking about getting a Ladycup but am confused by the sizes, why does being over 25 and never having a baby make the vagina the same size as a woman who has had a baby.  I'm 27 but still need a small sized speculum at the gyno. Not much has changed in size for years.