June 7th, 2009


First time user! (Yay!)

So I got my large ladycup months ago, but only now am I showing signs of getting my period. *sigh* The good thing is that I've had plenty of dry runs.

I've noticed that there's a wide range of discomfort (depending on where my cervix is) when the cup is right side out, but when I inside out it, it just feels a smidge big.

I also noticed that it suctions itself so that it's waaaay at the top of my vagina, against my cervix. Granted, my cervix is always low (and lower) but is it normal?

I think I'm gonna get a small ladycup though. The bottom of the cup sticks out a few milimeters so it doesn't pop right.

Here's hoping I actually get my period.
  • yozan

Full cup

Hello =)

I have a question that might seem stupid.. But the thing is, my graduation and prom is coming up, and I probably will have my period both days. I'm kind of  new to cups (I've actually been using a cup for about six months, but recently got a new one, a Moon Cup UK), so the whole changing of cup is still a bit messy. For prom, my dress has a light yellow colour, and for graduation it's white. So I thought, since I don't really want to remove and reinsert the cup while wearing these dresses, and risking getting blood all over them, I would just leave the cup in and were pads and change them IF the cup becomes full.

Now, the question is; when the cup is full, what happens? Will the blood simply overflow so that I would be able to only change pads? I got a little scared when I once saw a post here, where the cup had "exploded" or something, which made all the blood in it just flood out :S

Any tips at all what a newbie like me, who isn't able to remove or reinsert without creating a mess, could to? I am not sure that I will need to empty the cup at all, but in case. I don't feel comfortable wearing just a pad anymore, so I really want to be able to use the cup..

I really want to be able to have a good time and not worry about having blood all over my clothes..
Is there a risk that my cup will "explode"?

I would be very thankful for any answers and tips, especially before Wednesday! (Prom night)