June 4th, 2009

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S.O. support, coming around :)

We all know the wide variety of reactions that cups seem to bring up.

Probably one of the more interesting ones has been my husband's. He's gone from "omgz, that's horrifying. It's your body do what you want, but please don't tell me anything about this terrifying device," to actually liking the thing. I seem to cramp less, not that I cramped much before, and (probably a decent motivator on his end) am *much* more into sex after my period has ended. Disposable pads were leaving me tender and making my skin peel, which let me tell you *that's* all KINDS of sexy **eyeroll**.

Anyway, I was just wondering, how many of you ladies had experienced "turn arounds" with your significant other or someone else close to you?

Questions about how to be sanitary with an instead cup

I'm new to this community and cups in general (at least, in terms of using them myself). I've been thinking about buying a cup for a while and decided to buy a box of insteads on a whim yesterday. So far, I'm very happy--unlike some of the other posters I've read here, they fit comfortably and don't leak at all, except when I'm on the toilet. (I started on a medium-for-me flow day, and in general I have a lighter-than-average flow throughout my period.) The only problem I've been having is removing it, since pulling on the bottom rim tends to just pull it into my pubic bone, and hooking my finger on the inside of the top rim inevitably leads to spillage, but I figure I'll get a system with some practice.

My biggest qualm with them is the waste, and after reading posts here, I decided I'll try to reuse them through each cycle. I do have a couple of questions for those of you who do use them multiple times that I couldn't find answers to.
1) I've noticed most people here who reuse their insteads put a bigger emphasis on cleaning/rinsing it between uses than people who go with reusable cups. What do you do when you're in a public restroom? Wipe it out? Bring a water bottle to rinse it out? Dump it and reinsert?
2) The information says not to leave it in for more than 12 hours. Assuming I'm not filling the cup in that period of time, is it okay to leave it in for longer? If I'm already reusing it, it doesn't seem to make a big difference if it stays in for a longer time, rather than taking it out after 12 hours, rinsing it with warm water, and putting it right back in.


One handed insertion?

Injured my right hand, so I'm pecking at the keys with one hand, so forgive my shortcomings with this post, thanks.

Toda is day 2 of heavy flow, and I am suddenly forced to do the cup one handed. Removal fine, slightly awkward. Insertion? Uh oh. I did just manage but I was struggling. Without a second hand to help fold and spread labia for insert, it was challenging. I do punchdown but copuldn"t get it tight, no other fold stayed at all w/ one hand. Wiggled it around until it was in but it popped almost too soon but with nudging it got into place.

If anyone has some one handed tips, please help, struggling every 3-4 hrs w/ this. I'm managing but waiting for that comical moment when it flies out of my grasp, lol! Can use right hand only to hold TP and assist only very minimally like that.

addition: Thanks for so many tips and well wishes, it helped me get along all day. I was forced to learn how to remove, dump, reinsert, swirl, wipe--all with one hand. I got brave and skipped wiping the cup, and found out that bit of extra blood is a great lubricant and just wipes up afterward!

Since I'm so used to my cup now (12 cycles, yay!) I figured out how to magically fold it while pushing it in. Knowing my cup and vagina well and being able to relax made that possible. So I pinch/twist/pull it out, dump it out (skip wiping the cup--that bit of blood works great as lubrication!), then squish it flat, push a corner into my opening, then I think I maneuvered it into a sort of 7 fold or maybe closer to a C fold and shoved it in. Who knew you could use your vagina for leverage, lol! Then it was pressed flat and I had to give it a few spins to get some air in it and then push it up into position and wipe the tiny bit of blood left.

With it completely flat, I think I figured out what spinning your cup is supposed to do. Now, I have always been able to spin my cup, but never thought it did anything. Well, when I tried to spin the flattened cup, air started to get in bit by bit until it had fully popped open. At first I couldn't spin it because flat objects just don't spin. So I did a few 'faux' spins by pinching and attempting to turn the base. Voila! Air started to get in, and with each subsequent spin it slowly filled like a balloon.

psst! thanks mod for the tags, I could barely type when I made this post and skipped them.

... and it arrived on the last day

I got my Lunette in the mail the the other day YAY!! but it arrived on the last day of my period, DOH. so i gave it a try anyway and it went in like a dream, popped good and snuggled right in there, no-ice!! ;)
(PS i have been using a keeper b size but my new one is a lunette 2. got it for the extra capacity and good rep.)
so it came to taking it out and... that was a bit tricker. found it quite hard to grip and pinch in the base of it to release the suction and get it out. i got there eventually though. maybe it's just because its so new or something.
comparing the two cups(keeper b and lunette 2) was interesting pretty much the same diametre and length but the shape is different and the lunette holds way more than the keeper ever could. lunette is easier to clean too. 

Really old Insteads

I found this box of Insteads in the back of the cabinet.  I don't know how old they are but it has to be a lot of years.  I started using cloth pads about eight or nine years ago and the Insteads might be older than that.  I just know I haven't bought any in a really long time.  Should I just pitch them?  Or is it possible they're still good? 
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