June 2nd, 2009

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making diaphragms more acceptable by marketing them as menstrual cups

I thought this was cool...
The June 2009 edition of the journal Contraception features a study called Duet® for menstrual protection: a feasibility study in Zimbabwe - you can only view the abstract here, but it gives the basic idea.

As I understand it, in an effort to increase acceptability of diaphragms, such as the Duet, as a form of contraception and STI prevention for women in developing countries, where women are disproportionately infected with HIV, it's use as a menstrual cup is being explored.

It seems the reason behind this big push to introduce (or re-introduce as is the case in India) the diaphragm is related to an increased awareness of the cervix as a vulnerable site for transmission of STIs and HIV and the need for female controlled protection.

Thanks to jordanhollya </span>for posting this link back in April which got me interested in this topic. :)

Lunette Selene vs. Lady Cup

 I just got my order of Lunette Selene. I find that it is much squishier than my small Lady cup. I just finished my first cycle with Lady cup and everything was good. I did get some blood on my backup pads but I think it was from what was left in  before I put in the cup.

I read that a lot of people try to get there cervix to fit into the cup. I did not do that. I just thought that it's not suppose to go that deep? Am I missing sth.? All I did was insert and just let it suck its way up. I have low cervix though so it did not go that far from the opening.

I would like to hear which you prefer? Is Lunette being much squishier  a problem? Is the original Lunette better? 

I forgot to mention that it's a small Lunette selene.

A small Lady Cup pops open just fine with punch down fold. It has a firmer rim than Lunette Selene. So, my concern is that will it have a problem?

a couple of things

I am still using disposables. Its been "the last straw" for awhile, I just don't know what to buy. I don't use pads, once in awhile panty liners. Right now I'm using o.b. tampons exclusively and they are just leaving me SO DRY. I have a bunch of questions.
1. Will a menstrual cup "stretch" me out? I am hearing mixed answers
2. What is the deal with the keeper/moon cup controversy? I really like the shape of the keeper, but don't want to support a company with unethical practices.
3. Thoughts on the diva cup? I am not crazy about the look of it, my aunt has one and really likes it.
4. Where can I find the best price?

I thought I would just get a diva cup, I thought that and keeper were the only options. But now I see there are a ton of brands and I just don't know anymore. ALSO, I'm in the US and not opposed to buying online.

Update: Thanks everyone so much for the VERY informative posts! I ordered a femmecup on ebay this week and am hoping it comes in time for my next period.