May 29th, 2009

Can't wait for new coloured Lunette!!

Sorry for hogging a post with absolutely no point, folks, but I just cannot hold this in any longer.

I can't wait for the new coloured Lunette! Ever since Johanna from Lunette sent me that email with mysterious tales of the new Limited Edition that will make its appearance, I check the Lunette site every day or two... to no avail.

I know it's been hardly a month since she said that, but while I'm not on my period and can't use my MoonCup, I just keep staring wistfully at the Lunette and wishing it were available in pink or purple!

Still scared!

I bought my Diva, size one, about a month ago, but I couldn't get the damn thing in. It was the last couple days of my period, so now I've been waiting for weeks to try it again. When I was trying last month, I found that there was quite a bit of pressue when I was inserting it so I'd have to pull out before I'd even made any headway. Could it be that at 20, my hymen is still intact regardless of my having been a serious athlete most of my life? I'm getting more and more apprehensive of the cup as my period approaches and I'm afraid I've made a financial mistake in buying my Diva seeing as nothing (NOTHING) has ever been inside my vagina before. Should I just give up and go back to pads?

UPDATE: My period started today, and I tried to get the Diva in. I got about an inch in on my third try, but then it just stoppped. I've concluded that I have the smallest vagina in the world and am considering calling Guinness!

the Fleurcup ;D

Hi everyone :))

That's awesome.. Have you heard about the brand new cup named "Fleurcup" ?
It's a French one, and it looks pretty different from its big sisters, or cousins ah =

"Fleur" means "flower" in French ; and I may say that the pronunciation for "-eu-" is close from the way we pronounce the English article "a"..
In the "Descriptions" page on the site, it is said that when this cup is overturned, it resembles the chalice of a tulip ;)(.. which looks true for the small size of the cup!).
That's always such a exquisite pleasure to come here !

Warm hugs :)