May 13th, 2009

OMG, the cramps!!!

Today is my heaviest day, and I was really hoping to put my LadyCup to the test today. I've been doing better with it every day this cycle, and I wore it overnight last night with great success. Very comfrotable, no troubles inserting or removing. I put it in a little while ago and almost immediately felt noticeably crampy. I tend to get crampy and icky feeling on my heavy day anyway, and I'm sick and not feeling well to boot, so I ignored it at first. It doesn't have the distinctly sick-painful  feeling of a wrong placement, so I thought, "Eh" and tried going for a short gentle walk to settle the cramps. No dice. Just worse and worse. I came back and fiddled with the positioning, tried pulling it down a little and changing the angle, but still ugh. Had to give up and take it out, and still feeling so IIIIICCCCCCKKKKK!  Maybe I just can't tolerate having anyting in there on my heavy day-- I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to the insertion process. Haven't used tampons in a couple years so can't really compare.

Just venting really.

PS: It was definitely the cup because it's starting to ease off now that I've had it out a few minutes.

Cup in the laundry?

So, this just occurred to me when I was doing my laundry before I left college last week. Has anyone's cup ever had to survive the washing and drying machines? I ask because I almost accidentally scooped my cup in its little bag up with a pile of socks, but luckily realized it was there and put it away before accidentally tossing it in the wash. Has anyone washed their cup in the laundry on accident? Did your cup survive? This is all hypothetical, because I know we're supposed to boil for 5 minutes, but I'm not sure how hot a washer gets, and I know a dryer gets REALLY hot, so I just figured I'd ask. Any thoughts?

I did it!

After hours and days of deliberation, I did it! I bought a PinkCup...two actually: a small and a large.  I wanted to once again say that I think that this site is such a GREAT source of information; this is the most informative cite (site or cite? I'm totally blanking here...finals are frying my brain cells) I have found (and I think that I've done some pretty hardcore searching), and it provides such useful, viable, and mostly unbiased information (not like the actual cup websites).

So I have yet to be able to try my cups because I had them shipped to my house, but I do go home tomorrow so I'll be able to do a dry run quite soon (I think that with the stress of finals, though, it won't be a dry run for too long...I have a feeling it will come sooner than normal [which has been a problem lately, any ideas why?]).  Any advice on my first experiences with the cup?

One final concern, I'm pretty sure I've read something about this before, but I'd just like to "re-verify"-- Ok, so I've had to use super tampons because of my heavy flow and proneness to awful leaking issues, but I am a virgin and just 19 years old.  Will the large Lady be a problem?  I think the small will just not be suitable for my flow, but I wanted to try it anyway, and the large seems to be the smaller of the large cups.

Thanks again to everyone!

Ladycup observations

I've been using a Keeper Moon Cup for over a year but wanted a cup with bigger holes and perhaps more capacity.  (Plus I loved the colors!)  Today was my first day using my new large Ladycup, and I wanted to share some notes about my experience in the hopes it may help someone else who's looking for information. It was a day of learning!

Insertion: In a couple of dry runs with the LC, I was able to use the punch-down method and get the cup to open with little trouble. On my period, though, the cup wouldn't open once inside me, so I switched to the 7 fold to much greater success. I did have to swirl a finger around the cup several times on one insertion before it undented and fully opened.

Wearing: The LC is comfortable. The stem's flexibility made it more comfortablepre-trim than the Keeper MC stem, which I'd cut 2/3 of the way off to make comfortable. For the LC, I snipped a tiny amount off, then beveled it, and the length is not a bother. The stem helps greatly with removal efforts.

Removal: As other forum members have stated, the LC's slickness can make it difficult to get a grip during removal. I have to break the seal at the rim, fold the cup in half (c-fold), and remove carefully. I kept a death grip on that slippery cup so as not to drop it in the toilet immediately after removal! I did two removals at work today, where the toilets are auto-flush. Yikes!

Cleaning: With my Keeper MC, I could wipe it out with a paper towel and reinsert for changing in public. (At home, I rinse and reinsert.) I could even stretch the silicone slightly and wipe out each hole. With the diagonal holes on the LC, I found that cleaning the holes this way wasn't quite as feasible, and that it took a stretch and a wipe on both sides of the cup holes in order to dislodge gunk.

Bounciness: After somehow losing grip on my cup while I was cleaning the holes, I had to watch it bounce under the partition into the next bathroom stall. Thank God I was in an empty bathroom at work.
Post-period Edit: I got the LadyCup in hopes of escaping the Keeper Moon Cup suction, but I found I disliked how difficult it was for me to reach up to break the LC's suction. This may be something that improves with practice. I also disliked that I felt some strange, uncomfortable sensations when wearing the LC. I wonder if the slightly larger size is causing these sensations somehow. It's definitely puzzling to me. I do like the LC's capacity (I use the Large) for heavy days, and I was satisfied that I experienced no leaks except for when it was full. After trying the LC, though, I find I prefer my Keeper MC, with my at-home hole enlargements. It's easier for me to remove, comfortable to wear, opens more reliably than the LC (which remained dented several times on insertion), and doesn't cause strange sensations during wear.

40 and no children what size for me?

Why do all manufacturers assume that anyone over 30 has had children?
I have the mooncup UK as recommended got the one for after child birth. I am 40, no children. The suction is incredible when trying to remove it.... and I wonder if I should now splurge on smaller size or a different brand?


Lunette Size 1 Leaking

I recently got a Lunette Selene size 1 from Leastore. I was so excited when I received it that I was actually sad my period just ended. After a couple of dry runs, I thought I had the insertion and removal process down. I started out using the punch-down fold, but found that the C-fold popped open easier. It didn't hurt to insert or remove and was pretty comfortable to wear as well. Then the real test came...

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