May 11th, 2009

Thanks Diva cup

Thanks to the Diva cup, I've been more aware of my body, which might've saved my uterus or my life. (I'll find out Thursday.) 

I started using a cup a little while ago, because I had some heavy cramping, and found out that a resuable cup might help. It did! I was also able to get a good look of what was going on with my period, blood wise.  Turns out, I wasn't as regular as I thought I was, and there was some weird things going on. Any way, I freaked out and went to the hospital.  I found out that I had a growth on my overies, going up to my abdomen. I see the oncologist Thursday.  I've never been so anxious in my life.

I'm addicted

I just got my green lady cup (it accidently went to my neighbors house with "sanitary product" stamped on the box)! It is very exciting. Just a bit smaller than my small lunette. The only sad thing is they sent me a large instead of the small (i double checked my order too), but I don't want to send it back and wait again, so i guess it will be okay. i also got the milton cleaning stuff -- does anyone else use it? There are 28 in a box so i figure one a month will last over 2 years!

Just wanted to say how excited I was- I now have 3 cups : small diva, small lunette and large greencup (all bought within 4 months lol!)

First day with lunette successful, but tommorow is the mile.

Hi I'm 16 and Today was the first day I used my lunette selene. My period started in the middle of school and inserted it with no major issues. I had gym half an hour after I inserted it and the stem started to poke me a little. (This was fixed by the time I was done with gym, the cup must have migrated upwards.) The cup didn't leak at all during gym, but today we went to the weight room so I can't accurately judge how my lack of cup experience will stand up to running the mile in gym tommorow. Today in gym we only jogged for 3 minutes, did warm up exercizes including 15 sit-ups, and the weight room. (Weight room=step boxes/machines/bikes). Tommorow, we run the mile and I'm not sure how the cup will hold up. When I was jogging the stem poked me a little and I was concerned the cup might shift out of place. I only jogged 3 minutes and I plan to run for 9-10 minutes tommorow. No leaking so far and it's been around 6 hours (a first for any product I've used). My gym teacher has a rule that you can't use the bathroom in gym. He claims that you can use the BR when you change 5 minutes before class and 5 minutes after. SO if I have a leak it's murder, literally! Any advice? I'm exactly what you'd call athletic and the mile scares me enough already! I really want to get a good time and not have to worry about leaking/the cup.

SQUISH and other sound effects


I am new to the cup thing, and I've already gotten some great advice from you all about trimming my Lunette (sm) and overflow issues. I was just wondering whether it's normal to have lots of sound effects going on down there during removal. My finger can't reach the rim of the cup, so I can't hook my finger over it, which means I kind of have to push on the side of the cup to break the seal. This makes a tremendous (and embarassing!) noise, and I think I can also feel the blood squishing back up into my uterus or something when I do this.

Are these sound effects normal? Is there a better (quieter) way to take the cup out?? (I have a very short stem, and I may yet trim it off entirely...)



Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!

I know that this community is about menstrual cups, not all kinds of reusable menstrual products, and I also know that I, as a Divacup user for over 5 years now, haven't used a pad since I got it.

However, I also know that some women who use menstrual cups still do use pads (as a backup method, when they don't want to wear their cup, etc.), and, if you like a reusable internal product like a menstrual cup, you're probably inclined to like a reusable external product like a cloth pad.

That is why I wanted to let all the women in this community know that I'm running a contest on my blog, Cephaloblog, to win a Lunapads Sampler Pack, a $25 value.

All you have to do is comment on this post with why you want to switch to reusable menstrual products (if you don't already use them), or why you think women should switch to reusable methods (if you do).

Best comment wins, and all those who enter will receive a consolation prize (be sure to include a valid email address with your comment)!

The contest ends 05/31/09 at 11:59 PM. See this post for the complete contest info:

Please feel free to pass this link along to anyone you think would like to enter, the Lunapads Contest Giveaway is open to all women, worldwide.


A message from the folks at

Hey everyone!

Just got an email from Elizabeth at asking me to post this about their recent menstrual cup survey:

To the Community Live Journal,

Thank you very much to all of you for completing the surveys for collecting data on Australian Menstrual Cup Users. We are very grateful for the time & honesty that you spent in doing this. For those of you who entered the draw for the Lunette Support Packs, the three lucky winners have been contacted and shall receive their packs this week.

We are now going through the long & tedious task of collating & analysing the results, so that we have something concrete to offer those who "need" stats before they will accept, promote or retail the menstrual cup. The lack of Australian data has been somewhat of a stumbling block in getting the cup "out there" (media, health professionals, retail outlets etc) & we hope that the survey results will help to rectify this somewhat.

We were overwhelmed by the positive comments & feedback provided in the surveys, & believe me, we share your frustration that menstrual cups are not readily available in stores in Australia , & that the cup is still largely unheard of in Australia . We are working as hard as we can (& as hard as our marketing budget will allow us!!) to educate Australia & to share with women the liberation that a menstrual cup can bring!! We thank you so much for your support & enthusiasm.

Once again, thank you most sincerely for helping us with the survey.


Lunette Australia & New Zealand

Rock on, fellow Aussies! ;)

I've noticed...

that if you just insert a punched-down Diva and let it be, there is way less hastle. I find that at least in my case, if I jostle it around till it thwacks open, it leaks whereas when it's left alone and opens when it's good and ready, everything is just fine... good seal, suction and no leaks.
Also, I think my Diva knows I can't see all that well 'cause it started to have a pretty bad odor right from the start of my cycle this time around and today, I noticed that the smell was gone and so was Aunt Flo. I'm pretty pleased.
heart pink cup

Allowing Cup to Overflow

So here is my situation.  This month will only be my second month with my cup, so I'm not super experienced with it yet.  My concern is, I'm a wedding photographer, and it just so happens that I have a wedding to shoot for a full day (full 12 hours) around the time my next period starts.  I'm heaviest at the start of my period, and I don't know yet how long I can last before my cup overflows on its heaviest day.  The other thing is, since I'm the wedding photographer, I can't leave and go to the bathroom for a long period of time, and I take about 10 minutes changing my cup since I'm still new at it...I've also never changed the cup in a public bathroom so I'm also wary of that...figured it would take me even LONGER.

So my question is this.  If I wore a heavier back up pad, and eventually the cup overflows at some point in those 12 hours, could I just let it do that and have the pad catch everything?  The thing that I don't know about is HOW cups are they just leaks that sort of come out like a normal flow into pads, or could it suddenly spill and gush all it's content out which a pad might not be able to catch all of.  As photographer, I'll be on my feet for most of the day, and only sitting for short times during the reception (but always need to be alert for when I need to jump up again).

Btw, I have a small LadyCup, and small and large Lunette.  I'm really short as well, as I can always reach my cup with the whole stem removed.  I've never tried the large Lunette during my heavy days yet, and I'm worried that it might be too long during that time so I'm not positive if I can use that for those days.  I've only used the small LadyCup during my heavy days (since I only had one cycle with a cup)

I'd really appreciate suggestions for this.  I already have tons to plan for during a wedding shoot and I'd like to have this out of the way and not have to worry about it...