May 1st, 2009

Dreaming about inserting and removing my cup

I thought you all would enjoy this. I've been dreaming, in detail, about the insertion and removal of my cup.

I got an IUD in February and I haven't started using my cup again. I'm planning on starting using it again next cycle, sometime in mid-May. So I am a little nervous about it, have been thinking, in waking life, about how to most carefully remove and insert the cup.

Well, now I've been dreaming about it! I'll have my crazy dreams, random, whatever, and in the dream I'll have my period and I'll be using my cup. I seem to change my cup about twice a day in my dreams, and the insertion and removal is always very detailed in my dreams, very vivid about exactly how I pinch the bottom and waiting for the seal to break and then wiggling it out without catching the strings (which are very short, both in real life and dreaming). I'm happy to say that in my dreams I haven't had any problems with the IUD! lol

I have noticed that in these dreams, well, this dream last night at least, the cup was riding really low and I had to kegel it up into place several times throughout the day. That never ever happens to me in real life.

Anyone ever dream about their cup? :)
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OMG I'm so glad I found this group! Living in Canada the only cup I've had any exposure to is the Diva & to be honest the size, when I looked at it in the store, was a bit daunting! I decide to do some research when I saw that the Diva didn't recommend their cup with an IUD (can you say disappointed!) and that's when I found you guys!

I can't believe what I've learnt while reading your posts... I'm though I had a pretty good handle on how everything was connected in there (biology was one of my best subjects in school) but I guess that standard front view drawing that's in the text books doesn't get the point across well enough. I knew that the vagina sloped back but I didn't realize how much & I thought the cervix was at the end rather than at the top... a lot of things make a lot more sense now, thank you!

So one of the first things I learnt was the roaming ability of the cervix. After I had my first IUD put in my Dr told me to check for the strings after my period... could I find them or my cervix? Nope! My fingers weren't long enough... or so it seemed... luckily I found you almost exactly when I started my period this time so off I went to "measure" myself to see what cup length would work... & much to my surprise, there was my cervix, complete with strings!

Having found out I'm about 45mm to the edge of my cervix (50mm to where I can feel the strings) I immediately ruled out the only cup I can get at the local store... I don't think the Diva will work for me! I narrowed my choice down to the Lunette... now I'm over 30 but I've not had kids & I *think* I'm pretty snug... I tried the 2 finger test & I can get them in but combined they are only 30mm wide. If I could get away with the smaller Lunette width ways it would be a lot better on length... or am I better going with the larger one & using the inside out trick?

I was on the Leastore site & they have the Smartballs for exercising the pelvic floor muscles... I was curious of the diameter so I checked... they are 35mm. I have a pair of brass Ben Wah <sp?> balls that are about 15mm in diameter which I am able to keep inside no problem (just to give you an idea of what I mean by snug.

I'm not worried about flow quantities... at my heaviest I "fill" 1 1/2 super plus tampons in a day... & of course you never reall fill them because you leak before they are full anyway! Overnight... I just use a panty-liner as very little makes it to the outside while I'm lying down, I just get the "whoosh" when I go to the toilet first thing when I get up.

So... any advice... yes I have considered buying both... but the Canadian $ isn't all that strong right now!

Leaking - possible cause?

So, I'm two days into my second PWC (period with cup!) .  I'm loving it.  Totally and profoundly loving it.  Come into the bedroom last night having emptied and replaced and announce to my DH how very much I'm loving it.  He asks why and I evangelize waxing poetic. 

Then, a while later while reading before going to sleep, I notice that things are wetter than they ought to be.  Sure enough leaking.  Ok - it happens I know particularly when you are as new to this as I am.  I get up, wipe up, take it out and replace it.  The bad part is that this happened repeatedly last night - like 4 times.  It felt like I had a newborn in the house the way I was getting up every hour or so.  Finally I gave up, and put on panties and a pad.

Now, in the clear light of day, with it in and working fine, I'm trying to think about what might have happened.  I have 2 theories. 

The first is a little odd - for some reason I was experiencing an unusual amount of flatulence last night.  I'm wondering if the additional action might have interfered with the seal by moving things around as pressure changed.  Kind of the way I've read that bowel movements sometimes can.

Second theory seems a little more likely, but I'm still not sure.  Knowing that those little holes are key in making sure that a good seal forms, I thought this morning I would pay extra attention to making sure they were clean and clear.  Forced water through each by holding the filled cup against my palm and squeezing. 

Other than those issues, the other insertion factors seem not to have dramatically changed - of course I'm much more awake this am!

Any thoughts?

Grr... Yeastie problems

OK I've been using a cup since December. I am a long time IUD user if that makes any difference.

Out of the last five months four of those I have had yeast infections within the first two or three days of using my cup. I know that vaginapagina comm thinks it's unlikely to have a yeast infection on your period, but it acts like every other yeast infection I've had. (I was on a lot of antibiotics for a year so I got them pretty frequently at that time.) Up until this month, either using garlic or calling my doc for Diflucan cleared it up until the next time I needed my cup. This time it didn't work, it acted like it was going away and within a couple of days it was already back (I'm on the last day of my period at the moment.) I DO have a doc appointment scheduled for next Friday, to double check that it's not something else. While I start getting the weird feeling of the yeast infection coming on, I haven't stopped using my cup for that cycle until I get evidence in the cup (it's usually around the last day of my period anyway... mine are short) which means there's about a day or two lag.

I have tried three different soaps to scrub my hands before emptying the cup, and then rinsing thoroughly, although I haven't tried using straight up hand sanitizer. I pay careful attention to scrubbing around the edges of my lack of fingernails. (I chew...if it's the last bad habit I have left in the world, I'm not concerned.) In between cycles, I have been boiling my cup for at least 6 minutes or so, and also soaking it in a hydrogen peroxide solution (ratio: 1 to 3)

Point is I love this friggin' cup, but if I'm going to keep getting indirectly related yeast infections then I've got no choice but to give it up and go back to tampons. (ICK!)

Any advice or suggestions? I'm pretty much willing to try anything at this point.


Back up cup similar to MCUK

I'm looking to get another cup to use as well as having my mooncup UK. I want to be able to keep the other cup in my bag in case of emergency (I'm on a mini-pill and have irregular periods so I can't put my cup in when I think I'm due). I'm looking for something which is similar in size to the small MCUK but made out of something which doesn't pick up fluff and lint so easily.

Even when I keep my cup inside it's little bag inside the pocket of my bag it ends up covered in fluff! I doubt that my bag fluff is very harmful but I don't like the thought of it ending up inside my vagina really. And it's not always convenient to rinse the cup in public loos.

If anyone can recommend a less sticky cup then it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Keeper ~ Mooncup US, thinking of buying a Diva

I've considered a lot of options of a new cup to buy (my Mooncup came for free from Celle) and I think I have decided on the Diva. At first I thought I wanted less suction, but thinking further, I think I would actually like a bit more suction than what Mooncup is giving me to help prevent occasional leakage. Also, I think I'd like something a little bit longer than the Mooncup, and from what I understand, Diva meets both of these goals.

Anyone else out there make the same change from MCUS to Diva? How did it go?

Also, where can I purchase the Diva for the lowest price possible?

Thanks guys (:

RIP Blue Cup

I'm sure we've all heard the excuse, "My dog ate my homework." Well, here's a new one. My dog ate my blue cup. I was on my second period using my bluecup. I just finished and my fiance and I just moved out so I had no where to stash it but in a bag on the floor. So what did my darling dog decide to do? I guess he didn't think there were enough holes in it and he must have understood how much I hated the stem, because he chewed it all off. I'd only had it a couple months. I just finished my first period without it, using pads, and I don't see how I ever used them before. I'm definitely going to be looking for another cup. Possibly a lunette or mooncup. I had a diva but I hated that one. The way things are going I'm going to end up trying one of all of them. So in terms of price, what is the cheapest cup? I'm on a budget now and really shouldn't even think about getting a new one, but I don't think I'll last another period on the pad.
So thats the end of my story.

Lunette Selene!

I finally got my Lunette Selene in the mail yesterday! I ordered it JUST before Leastore stopped shipping to the United States, and was very happy that I didn't wait until the next day like I was going to. I was very excited to get it, and popped it in as soon as I got it. Inserting it was a DREAM compared to the Diva, and removal was about the same. For whatever reason, probably because I modified the holes, my Diva suction is easy to break but its hard to get the damn thing to open right when going in... without having to change a thing about the holes, the Lunette worked wonderfully! The suction is stronger, but the different feel of the silicone makes it easier to pop, which is what I like.

Unfortunately, I also just got my IUD inserted today as well. I asked my gynecologist if it would be OK to use a cup with the IUD in place, and she said that its best to wait until after this period and the next, since if its going to expel that will be when it happens, but mine most likely won't because insertion was so easy. I almost can't believe I actually got it, it wasn't nearly as painful as I expected it would be! I am super excited for the next two months to happen, because I just want to be able to use the Lunette for more time than just over night. Oh, and being the silly girl I am, I left my Diva at my house with the Lunette Selene bag, but left the Diva bag in my purse, which came back to college with me, and brought the Lunette itself back as well. I just realized this... it made me giggle so I thought I'd share.

Now my only worry is remembering how to sleep with a pad on... something tells me this is going to be a messy night(or morning!). I made some cloth pads myself... I'm not so worried about bleeding through them, but more about bleeding off of them... But I guess I'll just see how it goes and hope for the best!
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possible new user, one finger removal?

 hello, i was thinking about getting a diva cup...but now i'm confused as to which type to get, there are just too many

so i have a couple of question for ya:

1) can i remove it with just one finger and pushing the side until it colapse? i cant fit my thumb and index up there

2) which cup is best for me? i'm 23 and no kids. when i use tampons on heavy day. i could feel it pushing on my cervix when i insert. So does this mean the diva might be too long for me?

please let me know. thanks