April 29th, 2009


Yeast Infection?

I've never had a yeast infection, and I could just be psyching myself out, but I'm sorta worried.

I just started using the cup last month. I cleaned it thoroughly and boiled it in the microwave between periods. I put it in a couple days early to catch my period when it comes so I don't have to stress about that plus final exams, and I've changed it every 10ish hours for the last two days. When I've changed it, I've found a light off-whiteish colored discharge in it with the slightest hint of pink(from the beginnings of blood, I'd assume). I'm not sure if this is normal or a yeast infection? I've never put it in before I started bleeding before, so this could maybe just be what my normal discharge looks like when its collected in a cup rather than a liner. This could also be why it looks like there is so much more of it. It doesn't have an abnormal odor, smells just like I normally do when I'm about to get my period, and I'm not itching in my lady-parts at all either.

I posted this at the iud_divas community as well, and was told that there is some sort of a test kit I can buy at a drug store? I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of it, tried it, and what the results with it were.

My main concern is that I'm supposed to get my IUD inserted this cycle, and I've barely started bleeding. I was just curious as to what some opinions would be... should I be worried, or is this sort of discharge normal for pre-period days? If you ladies could shed some light on the situation for me, it'd be great. I've never had a YI before, so I'm not sure what to expect... though what is in my cup looks nothing like the pictures that Google has of what the discharge looks like, and smells nothing like beer or bread, plus I'm not itching.


What's the closest thing to the Lunette? Or best cup in general...

I know I just posted a few days ago asking which cup, and the responses I got were excellent!  Thanks so much to everyone for her input; I feel like I'm definitely heading in the right direction.  Just as I had decided that the Lunette was the way for my short vagina, heavy flow self, I realized that the US has other plans and scoffs at the union of cup and I (Haha...sorry for the excess corny-ness).  What's the closest cup that I can purchase in the US? 

Although I'm not totally against doing something crazy every now and again...(illegal alternatives? I don't have any friends outside the country...)

Oh! Another question-- if my cervix is low when I'm NOT on my period, will it change significantly when I AM on my period? 
I've done a bit better with my "self" research.  I can reach my cervix, but the whole two finger thing is slightly uncomfortable, but I guess I could get used to that?

I don't know. I'm thinking high capacity short cup (wide one?), but one that is possibly narrow...Does that make sense or is that even feasible?
Should I still look at the "Teen" cups (and which ones are those?) even though I'm almost not a teen anymore?

Thanks again to everyone on here! I had no one else to ask these personal questions...My mom had never heard of them before I mentioned them and my friend just heard about them (not from me) and said how disgusting she thought it was (I just chuckled and tried to convince her otherwise).

Arousal fluids w/cup

This is my first post, and I'm diving right in!  I'm assuming that arousal fluids come from the cervix (?).  Is that correct?  If yes, how does everything stay moist during sexual activity if you're using a cup?  Or maybe I'm wrong about where arousal fluid comes from.

Thanks in advance!

Oh what the hell (Warning: TMI)

I just received my Diva Cup today. (Posted asking about iHerb last week)

I did a dry run and i had to get my fiance to take the damn thing out after i tried for 10 minutes. He even had a problem and i showed him on my Mooncup exactly what to do. I can't pinch the cup at all. I can't get 2 fingers around it. I can indent it with 1 finger but that doesn't release suction and there's no way i can reach the rim to release it.

I'm at a complete loss.

Either my vagina is extremely long or I'm too fat to reach the cup. I think i have too much flesh blocking the way, which is odd because this is the only time it's been a problem when it comes to my genitals.

Heres a link to the problem i was having with the Mooncup. (I added more info in the comments.) I'm thankful I'm able to reach it with a paper towel even though my bathroom might look like i killed someone by the time i get it out.

Has anyone had this problem?

It seems like most of you have to cut the stem to stop it from sticking out. I actually need a long stem or else i can't reach it at all. How can i not get 2 fingers around  the cup?  I am so pissed/fustrated/bummed out. I really wanna use a cup, they seem awesome. I don't want to have to remove it by laying down on a bed. These things are supposed to be used in public and i can't even insert one in a public bathroom.


Smell Issue

Hi everyone -

I have been using the Diva Cup for several months now, and this is the first time I have had any problems with really ranky smell that won't go away on my cup. I have previously had a kind of "period smell" of blood and cervical fluid on my cup, but it would always go away as soon as I cleaned my cup with Diva Wash or alcohol. This time, soaking it in alcohol didn't work, and neither did washing it with anti-bacterial soap (and rinsing it very well - I know the danger of anti-bacterials on the vagina, but I have been at my wit's end trying to get rid of the smell). Right now I'm not wearing it - I soaked it in rubbing alcohol while I showered, then took it out to let it air out. It's been about a half an hour, and it still smells of the ranky smell, with a rubbing alcohol overlay. >_<

Normally, I would just let it wait until my next period. However, I think part of the problem may be that my period is running late? I have been wearing it over a week off of my period because I expected my period to start last week and it hasn't yet. My luck and class schedule in the past has almost always guaranteed that it would start in the middle of a two-hour lecture class, so I usually start wearing my cup the morning that I expect my period to start.

Now, however, I have a late period that could theoretically start at any moment and a ranky smelling Diva Cup. >_< Also, my fingers smell ranky when I take it out to clean it (which I do several times a day, even though my period hasn't started) but I can't tell if it's from me specifically or if it's from the cup making me smell, which in turn would make my fingers smell. (The smell doesn't linger on my hands after washing them, for what it's worth. Regular soap and water does the trick for my hands. It just doesn't seem to do anything for the Diva Cup.)

I looked through the memories and I found a lot of postings about things that haven't worked thus far for me (soap and hot water, alcohol) and other solutions that take a week to a month (airing it out, vinegar and letting it air out, etc). I will probably try the stuffing it with newspaper method tonight with hopes the smell will be gone by morning.

Is there anything else someone can suggest for a "quick fix" in case my period starts overnight?

If it makes any difference with the smell, I've been under a lot of stress lately (a lot of stress) which is what I suspect is throwing off my period. Could this also be causing the smell? One of the posts mentioned pH imbalances due to stress - how exactly does that happen?

ETA: Woke up with monster cramps at 4 AM, and sure enough, the Red Menace had arrived. It was exactly a week late like this last month, too - I'm thinking that I should start looking into what the problem might be. :/ At any rate, no other menstrual products in the house, and I wasn't about to wake up the entire house at 4 AM to drive a half an hour to get them, so I'm using my cup.

I didn't have any peroxide in the house last night, so I just left it to air out under a strong lamp (one of the previous posts had mentioned strong sunlight). The outside of the cup smelled less ranky when I had to put it in - the smell was barely there, and the inside still smelled, so the light may have been doing the trick. I'll probably pick up baking soda and peroxide today so that I can try both of them with my next couple showers. I just got up to empty my cup and the smell was still lingering despite being my first empty-out and rinse; however, there didn't seem to be additional smell because of the blood, and it was no worse than last night, possibly slightly better. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on it.

And away we go!

Hi all!  I'm new this whole cup thing.  I've been using Insteads since January and finally got the nerve to try a reusable cup.  My friend has had a Keeper for the past few years and loves it, so I picked one up at the health food store.  (That was before I found this site and learned all the nasty things about them.  I've since ordered a LadyCup large and am waiting for it to arrive)

I used my Keeper last month for the last 2 or 3 days of my period.  Then I used it during ovulation through the EWCM stage.  Finding a good stem length has been a challenge and I may still trim some more off.  But overall, I've been pleased.

I've been quite nervous about my first real "whoosh" with the Keeper.  I have a really heavy flow and have read the horror stories of removal and insertion and generally uncomfortable issues. 

Well, tonight, I had it in because I've been spotting in preparation for The Big Whoosh.  I started cramping pretty badly, so I knew my dear Aunt Flo was knocking at the door. 

After I got home, I went to the restroom and was surprised to see that my back-up pad was clean.  So was the TP when I wiped.  (I always leaked a little with Instead)  So, I removed the cup.  Whoa, Momma!  It was filled to the first measuring line.  I hadn't even realized when The Big Whoosh began!

I have to say, I was pretty proud of my first removal with measurable fluid.  Not even the slightest hint of a CSI reinactment.  ;)

Insertion was a bit tricky, though.  My cervix appears to be quite a bit lower right now. 

I have to admit, I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow.  I'd rather have The Big Whoosh day on a weekend, at home, where I can be as CSI as I need to be and not worry about scaring my poor, unsuspecting coworkers.  I have no idea how long I'll be able to go between emptying.   I guess I'll learn a bit through the night tonight.

Is it crazy to be nervous and excited about this??