April 28th, 2009


What cup, what size

 I've got a uk mooncup thats about 4 years old, but I'm looking to get a 2nd cup.  The Femmecup and Ladycup are top of my list, closely followed by a mooncup B.  With the femmecup and lady cup their sizes are diffrent to other cups though, I'm 24 with no kids, what size do I need?

Also has anyone bought a ladycup from ebay http://stores.ebay.co.uk/LadyCup-PinkCup-menstrual-cups I'm wary of the cheap prices.
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Random question.

I know that some women (or their vaginas???) are somewhat particular, and they find themselves searching for that "just right" goldilocks cup. I also know that some women can use multiple brands of cups with similar levels of success. (My experience with Diva, Lady, and Lunette all have their individual ups and downs, but each of them work well enough that I would be happy to use their cup were there no other cup options.)

This post is for that second type (or the type who might be looking for their first cup).

A number of posts lately have mentioned marketing, customer service et cetera...

For those who have some experience with multiple companies, how do the cup companies differ? Who are the best and worse for PR stuff? Without any consideration for the differences in the cups themselves (length, width, capacity, color, texture), who would you rather deal with in buying and owning your cup?

EDIT: For example wasn't there one company where someone from this community wrote them an email asking if their cup would work, and after telling the company various things about themselves, the company actually suggested a competing brand as the possible best match? I could be remembering this wrong, but I think that company might have been the MiaCup people. I remember that, because it made me consider looking into MiaCup (especially since I'm a cup collector anyway). I liked what the company did for that one person, and I like their activism and fund raising activities in general

About to give up

I've had a size 2 diva cup (I'm 29, two kids via c-section) for 5 months now, and have never had the bleeping thing work properly.  Leaks all the time.  Most times there will be a tiny amount in the cup itself, but mostly it appears to bypass the cup and come out around the sides.  I've read most diva-cup posts and tried nearly everything imaginable (squatting, shower, all the folds, twisting, not twisting, trying to make it pop, warm, cold, wet, dry, etc.). 

Any last minute ideas before I pitch the stupid thing?

And yeah, hormones aren't helping my view of the dammed thing.
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(no subject)

This is my fifth period with my small Lunette (and my first month with cloth pads!).

For the past four months, as long as I've gotten it in me comfortably, I've been set. (And last month, no issues at all). Then, starting last night, I've been leaking. (I'm really happy I have a couple of big cloth pads - life savers!) I'm tried re-inserting it. I've run my finger along the rim to make sure it's popped (it is). I have no idea what could be going on. (Last night could have been because the cup was full - overnight, etc. But this morning, there hasn't been enough blood in the cup to warrant it.)

I'm a little concerned. We're having the heat wave of the season here (in the 90's) and I'm running out of dark sundresses (nevermind that dark sundresses are hot to wear). Also, if I'm leaking like this and using pads.... etc. etc.


The Dreaded Toilet Drop

I figured this cup experience might make you ladies laugh, so I'm sharing.

Having used a Mooncup UK for a good couple of years now, I like to think I'm old hat at removal. However, yesterday I didn't quite get the right grip on it so when I tipped it to get all my yuck in the loo, it slipped out of my grasp. I did the whole slow-motion "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" whilst swiping at my falling cup, and for a second I thought Lady Luck was on my side because I managed to catch it before it fell in. Unfortunately my jerky-lunge-with-pants-round-ankles manoeuver meant that I managed to shake my glasses off my face and they fell in the toilet instead.

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So I have been itchy for a few days, but thought it was probably just my Lichen Simplex Chronicus (that annoying little bugger), since my discharge didn't really look or smell different, and so went ahead and put my cup in today in anticipation of my period (yay for the pill making me predictable). However, when I took it out for the first time today...along with the blood, there was yuckiness...white, clumpyish, more than normal...yeah, i'm pretty sure i have a yeasty beasty. went out and got some pads and OTC YI stuff at the pharmacy which i'll use after my period, put on a pad and scrubbed the cup with a toothbrush and soap...already i'm uncomfortable in this pad. it's GROSS. how did i do this for almost 10 years? Jeesh.

I'm sick of re-infecting and worrying about my cup, though. I clean it as best I can, make sure to rinse well after soap or HO2 (although when I get back to a country where i have lots of stuff available i'll switch from HO2 to rubbing alcohol as has been suggested here), make sure my hands are clean...*sigh*. I'm thinking about buying a new cup when I get back to the states, probably another Diva since it's been working well for me (i'm one of the lucky ones who found the right cup with no research), but does anyone have any sure-fire yeast-killers that i can use on this cup as my last resort? Or, anything that will help prevent recurrent yeast infections, other than keeping clean and dry? I probably can't do anything while i'm here in Israel, as it's hard to find natural food stores and specific items (like those acidophilus caplets i've seen mentioned somewhere, or tea tree oil) when you don't speak the language, whereas in the US there's an awesome natural gourmet store near where I live--the one where I got my Diva, as a matter of fact.

I frikkin' hate this. I've been plauged with YIs every few months for the past few years, and I hate that they're getting in the way of me using my amazing cup that makes my life so much easier. Please help!

firmness of nondefective ladycups?

I just received my OrangeCup, ordered from the ebay store. I expected the entire cup to be much squishier than my US Moon Cup, but the rim and the area below the rim is surprisingly not as squishy as I thought it would be. It's not what I'd call rigid, and it's definitely squishier than the Moon Cup, but there's a distinct difference between the bottom of the cup and the area where the holes start towards the top. This may sound funny, but it reminds me of a block of cheese where the edge has gotten a little harder than the middle. 

I read in a previous post about some of the defective colored cups having a firmer rim than the nondefective ones, and I'm wondering how you ladies with the nondefective ladycups would describe the rim in comparison to the rest of the cup. Is it a uniform squishiness from base to rim on a nondefective ladycup?
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Having issues

Hello, everyone.

I got my Diva Cup in the mail last week. I had no clue when my period would start (I'm irregular), but luckily I started a few days after receiving it. I was so excited to try it out.

Now I'm just raaaaaging. I've tried inserting it every time I go to the bathroom. I've tried four different folds and several sitting/standing/squatting positions. All of them have been epic fail thus far.

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I am so frustrated. I know some people say it takes awhile, but I've tried at least 3 times a day for the past 4 days and I feel like I should be somewhere further than wanting to throw the damn thing at a wall.

Advice? All comments are appreciated!

Possible Lunette alternative

A lot of ladies from the US have been posting lately asking for an alternative to the Lunette since it won't ship to the US as it's pending FDA approval. I hope that this doesn't come off as spammy, but I wanted to mention the Miacup since it seems to get discussed here much less than the other brands. As evidenced by this poll, out of 402 responses only 4 people owned a Miacup. Anyway, it's pretty similar to the Lunette; it has a "hoop skirt" shape, flat tab stem, and grip ridges. The main differences seem to be that it has a more pronounced rim (still far less pronounced than i.e. MCUK) and that the sillicone is slightly softer. There's a review here. According to the size chart, the small is a little larger than the small Lunette and the large is identical to a large LadyCup which is a smidge smaller than the Lunette. When I bought my large cup, I ultimately went with the Lunette Selene (which I LOVE!) because I liked the idea of a clear cup with measuring lines and I prefer the slightly smoother sides. But the Miacup would've been my second choice.

I watch this community regularly and haven't seen this mentioned since Lunette stopped shipping to the US, so I thought someone might find it helpful!

Which size LadyCup?

So I currently own a small Diva, and it's slightly too long for me - the inside out thing works decently, but I suspect I could get an even better fit with a smaller cup, so I just bought a small LadyCup off of eBay... it hasn't arrived yet, and I'm already having second thoughts (especially because this bidding thing is so addictive!  I'm an eBay newb, but I love it.) and wondering whether I should have gone with the large instead.  I'm thinking about ordering the large and possibly reselling the small (unopened) - but I don't want to make the wrong choice, and I don't want to have to try them both on because then that's like $40 down the drain (in addition to the $30 I spent on my Diva cup... this is starting to get expensive).

So... here comes the TMI bit.  I have a very short vagina during my period, the distance to the closest part of my cervix that I can feel is about 43 mm according to my measurements (you know, the finger method - I didn't stick a ruler up there!), but I'm not sure how accurate that is... I can fit a small DivaCup up there the right way without it sticking out, but it comes right to the edge of my vagina and is somewhat annoying - though not painful.  So figure the total length is actually right around 57 mm, if you take into account that the cup basically wraps around my cervix.

I have a pretty light flow - I've never filled up more than 1/4 oz (7ish ml) on my DivaCup, but I was changing it every few hours because of the discomfort... ideally I won't have to do this with a LadyCup.  So I guess my main concern is capacity - they claim 21 ml, which I think would be more than enough for me - but I read somewhere on here that the holes are only 11 ml up... does this mean I'll start leaking if I let it get past 11 ml?  Should I be worried about this?  Anyone out there with a small LadyCup, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this.

EDIT: Oh... and the other concern was width.  The 43 mm of the DivaCup works well for me, and I feel like 3 mm in either direction (40 for the small LC, 46 for the large) might be too big of a difference.  I hope not.  Do those 3 mm actually matter?

Thanks. :-)