April 18th, 2009

swimming problems!

Okay guys, so I have my first cup problem.

First off, I used my size 1 Divacup perfectly on my first period with it last month. It worked great, I got it in on the second try, it didn't fall out when I pooped. I can't change it in the shower because the stem and cup bottom are completely up inside me unless I sit down and push like I'm pooping. I apparently have a ridonkulously long vagina, since everyone else seems to have cup-sticking-out problems and needing to cut off the stem while I really wish my cup's stem was 2-3 cm longer. If there's a longer one out there than the Divacup I'd go for it just to make removal a little easier! But the cup itself still works great and I haven't had a problem actually getting it out either. I love that I can wear it for 12 hours and not worry about it, I love that I never have to change it in public restrooms, I love that I totally can't feel it inside me at all. I'm a complete convert.

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So I'm totally freaked out and upset that my cup would betray me like this. And I'm paranoid about it doing it again. And I'm upset that now I suddenly have a week every month when I can't swim, because I love swimming and recently started an exercise regimen including 1-2 days of swimming every week. But most of all just feeling completely betrayed by my cup.

Can anyone help me make sure this never happens again?

Theory Behind Cup Sealing and Size

Hello Everybody! While I wait for my cups to boil, I thought I'd ask a quick question.

Why does my largest cup always leak?

I have a small diva, a small lunette, and a large lunette, and after six months I still can't wear the large lunette without it leaking. I'm very happy with my other cups, we're good friends. But I bought the large lunette because my IUD gives me really heavy periods for the middle two days, and quite frankly the enterance to my vagina gets tired of me poping cups in and out of it every hour and half, so I was hoping the large lunette would give me more time between when I need to empty it. I've been using cups for over six months now, so I know the usual tricks: spin it, try it in-side out, tug on it to seal it ect.

I'm just wondering what the reason is that a bigger cup won't seal well, when a smaller one will. So if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm as happy as it gets with my other cups, I just want to know as much as I can about how they work.

badass trex

Menstrual talk on CFUV

I go to the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. I volunteer with the radio station, CFUV 101.9FM in Victoria.
I am collaborating with some other ladies from the Women's Radio Collective to put together an episode of the collective's spoken word show. It is called "Women on Air" and airs Thursdays from 2-3pm (Pacific time).
This week, there are a couple of interviews about breastfeeding, and I am also putting together a short segment about alternative menstrual products. My goal for the segment is to educate more women about alternative menstrual options.
I plan to discuss:
1- pros and cons of disposable pads/tampons and of the various alternatives (cups, cloth pads, sea sponge)
(cons to disposable: health risks of bleach and fibers, risk of TSS with tampons, absorption of vaginal fluids with tampons, waste, cost)
2- Where can you get them and for how much (in the area and online), what they're made of, different sizes, diy-pads
3- Any extra info including anecdotes, connection to sex/birth control, etc.
4- Where interested listeners can get more info.

This post is to inform members of the community and to ask if anyone has any content suggestions for the show, perhaps something you would have liked to know when you first heard about the cup or that was helpful for you in your experiences. We also have to pick some songs to play throughout the hour, so music suggestions relating to the issue are welcome (eg a song that mentions menstrual cups or something?)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and for reading. If you're interested in hearing the show you can listen online here.

2nd Go 'Round.........

Hi, like others, I've joined just to say 'Thanks' to ALL for the info./Help I've gotten here.  I found this site about a year ago but just today decided to try my Diva cup again.  I got my Diva cup many years ago (like 2000). I didn't have any help w/ALL the PROBLEMS I ran into so after much pain & suffering (about a year or 2 of using it) I gave up!  I had issues w/insertion, leaks, yi's, pretty much the whole 9 yards!!!  Anyhoo, I liked it but..............so I'd decided to try cloth pads and was searching the net and found this site!!  I'll see if my problems are lessed, my body seems to be a source of problems.  Right now I'm in the process of 'finding my IUD'..........the strings are no longer there & it's time to replace it.
Anyhoo, thanks for all the info.

Smell on my hand.........

Any one else have a smell on your hand after inserting & removing your cup??   I do wash my hands before and AFTER both procedures but I stll have an odor on the hand I use.  What can I do??  Is there a special soap or something to use?  I also have used hand/home made soap w/the same result.  So  when I'm at work I use gloves (I'm a dental hygienist.....urrrrrrrr........).
thanks in advance


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