April 13th, 2009

Masturbating... *Quite graphic*

Okay so I am 14 and a cup user for a few months. I love the ease of it and how clean I feel...

But anyway. I recently discovered masturbation and I'm quite grumpy on my period so I thought oh, the perfect thing to cheer me up! So I removed my cup in the shower and masturbated to what I think is orgasm in the shower. But when I got out after blood started dripping down my legs. I sat on the toilet and a massive clump about the size of 2 or 3 fingernail came out. After I wiped myself and all the blood (it was everywhere... my llegs, and all over me *down there*.

Why did this happen and is it somehow related to the masturbation as it happened after? To masturbate I focus the showerhead thats fixed to the wall on my clit and I lie down and... you know the rest. I dont think much if any water got up there... SO what caused this? :S

If it helps this is my second day of my period and I had the shower in the morning after emptying the cup. sorry if this is TMI but I didn't know where to ask this. Answers please?

that which yields

Success with Diva #2

Good afternoon ladies!
I wanted to post an update. After wailing about my issues with my divacup size 1 last month I am happy to report that this month divacup size 2 is working great!
Obviously the step up in size was exactly what was needed and I'm happy that the random leaking and squidge issues that I experienced with size 1 are entirely gone. It handled my heavy day(s) like a champ!
I'd considered going for the large Ladycup but for now I'll stick with my diva and see how things go. I might buy the ladycup another time just to see what the difference is, but I'm in no hurry.

Thanks for all your helpful information and support!

First Time Instead user having problems inserting

I picked up a pack of instead cups today and followed the instructions to insert them.  I pushed down and back as far as I could, while sitting on the toilet, slightly leaning forward.  I pushed it in so that the outer ring was back behind my pubic bone, but as soon as I sat up straight it slid back out.   I tried to insert the damn thing about 2 dozen times today.  I didn't feel uncomfortable, but it leaked all over the place.  I know it wasn't in there right.  I ended up taking it out and wearing a regular pad.  I was so frustrated  that I can't get this thing in, I was almost in tears.  I would like to get a Diva Cup, but I can't even insert the Instead Cup.