April 4th, 2009

  • faymui

Obese user

 I'm tempted to try the cup (Lunette). As I'm an obese female, I would like some advice on this. Is there any problems with using the cup if I'm on the (very) heavy side? Does being obese 'squish' the insides more, hence making the cup capacity lesser?

Edit (11 Apr): 
I've decided to get a Lunette on Femininewear.co.uk
They've offered a 5% discount for all LJ members. Just enter the discount code LJ2009 during check out.

Also, I tried buying from the eBay website recommended. She doesn't send to SE Asia nor USA... :(



I was planning on ordering a Lunette today, but I've just started bleeding. The only cup I can find locally is the Diva, and I'm somewhat disheartened. I really wanted to try one out... I was also looking into the color cups, but I'm sort of out of time now. I want to try one out this cycle, simply because I won't be getting the IUD until NEXT cycle, and so I may just try out a Diva instead.

I just checked the website to find that their return policy has been discontinued. I think thats super lame of them, and I'm kind of angry. But, I'm also very desperate at this point, being as I don't want to screw up the IUD by not doing this properly while I have it in, so I should really learn sooner... like, while I'm on an actual period. Hmmm.

I'm most likely going to head off to the store in a bit. I hope I find what I am looking for...

Does anyone know if WholeFoods carries any cups aside from the Diva?

Edit: Oh! One more thing, though I'm pretty sure of the answer already... I think its safe to say that the size of the holes play a factor in the suction of the cup, and so I was wondering... has anyone ever tried to poke the holes a little bigger to make the suction just a little less? I'm sure its not recommended, but I thought it would be worth it to ask.

Poll -- “Build A Cup” (Just For Fun)

Hey ladies, I have a poll for you here. I always thought it would be cool to be able to specify what we like in a cup, so I’m just trying to find out what qualities (specifically) most women prefer. I might submit these poll results to a few companies, haven‘t decided yet. I wanted to do 2 separate polls (one for women who’ve given birth vaginally, and one for women who have not, to see if there are common preferences), but I can’t get 2 polls into one post, and I don’t want to post twice, lol. So I’ll just sort of generalize here… Basically, the poll is about the cup you most frequently use, and what you want to be different/the same, or what you prefer in comparison to that particular cup. Have fun! Comments welcome, of course. If there's anything I forgot, go ahead and mention it, and what you prefer in that category. I'll try to add that up too.

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Insertion Woes!!!

Ok, so I started today and thought this is the day that my cup will work. I used lube and properly cleaned everything. I used the extreme 7 fold and attempted to get my ladycup in. It would go in 3/4 of the way and was painful by the way and seemed not to go any further. I tried twice and was quite sore so I put in a tampon. I thought I had the angle right. I will wait and hopefully have the guts to try again tommorrow.

Inspired by melissa569's poll

The below "build a cup" poll made me think that it would be cool, even if just for fun, to have a quiz which suggests the cup which you should buy. I used SelectSmart to make it, which sort of sucks because I can't build colorful/informative results pages and the answers can only be yes/no/no preference, but what can ya do.

So here is the link: http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=menstrual_cups

It said that I should buy a large LadyCup, I currently own a small Lady and a large Lunette :)

(no subject)

 In the spirit of the previous posts about finding the right cup, I think we should add a "smoothness" rating for people who are sensitive to things like ridges or writing on the outside, maybe sort of like the size charts.  It might be hard to actually rank them, but I think it would be cool to have all of the information in one place, because it can sometime be hard to tell from the pictures.

I'll start:
The small Lunette has (from top to bottom):
writing:  "Lunette" and "made in Finland"
a small rim, not very pronounced
two measuring lines
three grip ridges
grip ridges on the stem (I'm not sure how many, since I cut most of my stem off)

The small LadyCup/ColorCup has:
no lines or markings except for some grip bumps at the base and on the stem
[I only have the trial one from their promotion a month or two ago, so correct me if the "real" one is different.]

This could also help people who are not looking for smoothness but are looking for measuring lines or grip lines.