February 23rd, 2009

my first time ;)

just put in my diva cup today for the first time! and i dont really have any questions after reading through everyones posts. just wanna chat about it coz dont really know anyone that uses a cup and its not the kind of thing i feel like posting on a facebook note! ;) so i'm excited to use it! knew about them since i first heard about the Keeper (was that like 10 yrs ago?) but have been too squeamish to use one up to now. now that i'm older and wiser (haha!) and fed up with tampons that leak, fed up with consuming tons of tampons and pads, and changing em way too often coz my flow is heavy, i'm ready to try a cup! :) i put it in today and it was a struggle and i was trying to stay patient coz i know i get frustrated wayyy too easily with things like this. after only a try or two i got it in and i'm hoping its in right. i couldnt try the rotate thing easily to check? felt the stem was kinda far up and hard to grab. but mostly it feels ok in there? like i mostly dont feel it, not when sitting, a bit where the stem is when i walk but that seems to be less now. from reading people's posts i guess this is gonna be a trial and error thing eh? and i'll see if it leaks which i guess is another test of if its in right? im actually not even worried about it leaking the first bunch of times coz i'm so used to tampons leaking i always wear a pad too. why bother with a tampon then you might ask? coz i can change a tampon/pad combo less often than a pad. :) wow ridiculous amount of effort when i think about it. god i'm looking fwd to using the diva cup!!! ok fingers crossed i get the hang of this thing!! thanks everyone for posting! nice to hear other views and thoughts and successes! :)
The Who

Calling all folds!!!

In preparing my cup website, I'm trying to list all of the possible folds. I've got:

C Fold
Punch-Down Fold
7 Fold (and the variation, Triangle fold)
Origami Fold
Labia Fold
Squiggle Fold
Diamond Fold

These are all the ones I've ever seen online. Are there any that y'all know of that I could include? Descriptions and/or links to pictures would be heavenly. Plus the replies to this post would be useful for people looking for new folds.

questions about discharge (not blood)

i've never tried any alternative items...just disposable pads and tampons. and i've been really curious about cups lately. but anyway. i'm not working right now. and i hate when i am, because my regular discharge gets so heavy when i'm on my feet all day. like i have to wear pantyliners (which i know are bad for you) or deal with the smell til i get home and change panties. so...can the cup be used as a daily...cream catcher? do people do that? does anyone besides me have increased discharge when you have to be on your feet all day or have to walk across campus a lot? what do you do about it?
PIpe dog

Thinking of trying menstrual cups

I'm thinking of trying a cup for the first time. I'm swaying towards the LadyCup because I'm 18 pretty small, around 100 pounds, a virgin and have a pretty light flow. I was looking at the tags and saw you can get cups from www.kuukuppi.fi or www.leastore.com with 6 month return policy. Which would be good if the cup didn't work out for me I could go back to using cloth pads.

1. Does anyone have any coupon codes www.kuukuppi.fi or www.leastore.com? Are these the same store?
2. I'm pretty tight, I can stick about 2 fingers in my vagina and push them apart in there a bit although its still tight. Is that pretty good for getting a menstrual cup in? If not what do you suggest to help?
3. How long does shipping take? Either ebay, www.kuukuppi.fi or www.leastore.com?

Any advice would be great, thanks. I'm very excited to try cups out!

EDIT: I'd like to thank everyone so much so far! It really helped. I ended up purchasing a ladycup on ebay :)