February 16th, 2009


second cycle with divacup

I like the Diva a lot so far. This cycle, I think i'm having a few more problems than the first because since i had really good success with the first one I'm getting a bit lazy with insertion and such. haha. But it's been so much better overall. I can't feel it for one, I feel so much more clean, and i don't really have to worry about leakage as much, well in exception to last night.

So I work at the front desk in my residence hall, and i was working 9 pm. to midnight. Some of my friends had come to visit me at the desk and all of a sudden I felt like I was leaking. I didn't think that I really was, but I went to check anyway in the public bathroom on the main floor. wow was i wrong! I was overflowing! And i managed to splatter blood in a few places inside the stall. :( i managed to finally get everything cleaned up and my cup back in, and i was surprised none of my friends (who were still standing at the desk) asked why I had taken so long. but now i realize my first day to do an extra check so i don't have to worry about it. :)

Thanks for all the tips, advice, and interesting stories. You guys are great!

Success Story! Yippidedodah! (and a few questions)

Hello everyone,

Thank you *so* much for all your help.  Even just mainly lurking, and checking out old posts through the tags, I learned a ton.  The best part is that now I can finally use my divacup.  (It seems like lots of people don't like the divacup as much as others, but I think it's great, for what it's worth--not that I ave tried anything else.  But the diva is also easier to find, at least in the US, because they sell them at Whole Foods.)

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I actually *like* my cycle now--I look forward to it!  This is totally different from how I felt before.  I used to hate it with a passion!

Also, an interesting note: I think I'm cycling in tune with my close friend from school.  It's actually really coll that women bleed together, in my opinion.  (But this friend does *not* enjoy her cycle at all--she uses disposable pads and can't stand the thought of anything goind inside her.  Ah well, maybe someday...)

Again, thanks so much!


International locations

I know South Coast Shopping has received many posts in this community about offering cups at more affordable prices but actually, if you are ordering from an international location (I'm in Mexico) you'll get a better deal ordering from their ebay store than from their own webpage, the price might be a bit more expensive than on their website, but the shipping is WAY cheaper (about 8 times cheaper, that's a lot) and makes a difference on the total price.

EDIT: Forget about it, I bought a cup and they refused to ship it at that price even though it was an available option (clickable). I know everyone can ship at whatever price (fee) they want but is not ok to say $4.33 and after the payment has been made say "you know, it's not $4.33, it's $20.50, why did you select that shipping option?"... they could have just disabled it if they never intended to offer it...

I see, if I click-click-click through all their fine print, I eventually can find the countries on the "black list" (come on! I've bought from all over the world and never had a problem--fuming--), but again... they could have just disabled the cheap option if they never intended to offer it...

At least I got a refund, but you bet I'm angry right now... (sorry about the rant :$) If your country is on the "safe" list you can still get cheap shipping...

Lady cup inside out

Hi everyone---It's your friendly resident inside-out-Diva advocate here. (In case you're wondering I wrote an entry ages ago about how the only way I could properly use my small Diva is by flipping it inside out. Now, that's my suggestion for the fully litany of Diva related issues...you've probably seen me suggesting it here and there. It doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a shot before giving up!)

Anyway, I've never really been interested in trying other cups, since I saw the purchase of my Diva as a money saving measure in the long term. And I, personally, haven't been charmed by colored cups. BUT when Lady Cup ran the $7 trial colored cup promotion w/ the batch of defective ones, I couldn't resist. As I'm nearing on my 25th, I ordered a large blue cup. (I picked blue because I haven't heard of as many tears w/ that color as I did purple or green. I couldn't care less about the actual color.)

Even though I take NO stock in dry runs, I thought I'd try one the other day, after I had orgasmed, and knew it wouldn't be too painful or frustrating. Anyway, I got the blue cup in (right side out as intended) and it was popped open, but instantly, it felt like the most uncomfortable thing of all time (especially the little stem). I couldn't resist, I removed, and turned it inside out, and again...the magic cure all for me. I don't know what it is! At this point, I just suspect that since I've been using my Diva inside out for so long, that's just what feels best for me.

I'm going to test it next week on my period both inside out and right side out. Unlike the Diva, I suspect it won't leak horribly for me right side out (as I could tell it was popped...the Diva never did that.) But my inclination is that I'll end up using it inside out as a comfort factor. I guess we'll see.

I thought I'd go ahead and share since I haven't heard of many other cups being used inside out. I will note a couple of things: I have twisted, folded, distorted, and flipped my blue cup inside out and right side out over and over, and no signs of tearing yet (knock on wood! It'd be great to get lots of use out of a $7 cup!) Second, I can see why people have written about removal problems with Lady cups. Those suckers ARE slippery. It was actually easier to remove inside out though, since flipping it created a small nub like place to pinch and pull.

I'm interested to see if there are any significant period related differences between the inside out Diva and inside out LC :)

MF Drawing of Me

My first post in here...

I got my cup last week. Luckily was on my time of the month to use it, so I was stoked! I bought the Diva Cup Model 2 from iHerb.com. I couldn't resist trying it so I washed it and my hands off. Used the info from this community and the directions...Deciding to use a C type fold, I folded it and tried to put it in. POPPPP! It popped outta my hands, lol. I dunno if it's just cuz it's brand new or something, it seems kinda hard for me to fold and keep folded down WHILE inserting it. That's the MAIN problem I've had with it. I got it in and it instantly opened up inside me cuz I could barely keep it folded together in the first place. I tried to do the spin in one full circle thing I've read about in here. That wasn't going to happen, I couldn't spin it at all. Felt too suctioned in or something.

If it feels like it's suctioned in (cuz it is a lil harder/tugging to get it out when need be)...Does that mean it's SEALED? I'm getting a tiny bit of spotting, like the stem is making lil dots on my pad or something? It was hardly even blood colored...Dunno what's up with that.

Other than that. I love it. I feel a lot nicer, cleaner, healthier, and don't have to change it alllll the friggin time. I love that too. Even though it's been kinda hard for me to get in, and having to wear panty liners. I STILL love it more than stupid tampons. Haha. No more feeling all dried out all the time. And yay for saving money!!

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I'm giving away my unused Insteads

Hi ladies. I bought a pack of Insteads a very long time ago, but never could get them to work well for my anatomy. Always felt ridiculously uncomfortable. I only have 3 left (I was really determined to get them to work!) and have since bought a Divacup that feels tons more comfortable. Would I be breaking any rules by trying to meet up with someone? I don't want to go through the trouble of mailing it, so this is really for anyone who happens to live in Gainesville, Florida, assuming no rules are being broken here.