January 31st, 2009


Cleaning... too much?

Hello all!

Just a quick question... at the end of my cycle I soak my Diva in a peroxide solution... just my cup full of peroxide, then hot water to cover my cup.
This time I forgot about it for about 3 days.
Is it doing to do any damage to my cup? It's less than a 50-50 solution... didn't seem like anything was wrong with it... just very clean haha.

EDIT: Thank you all!!! I feel a little silly now for not remembering that peroxide turns to water... I never was that good at chemistry :P Now I;m not worried my cup's gonna fall apart on me :D
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Hi all

I have never really kept track of my period. I usually get horrendous cramps a day before I start bleeding, which acts as my warning on when to expect the blood (kinda like how Buffy gets cramps when a vampire is around). Well, this month there were no cramps as a warning, I just woke up this morning, went to the toilet, wiped, and “Woah, blood!” Thankfully it happened at home and not at school, but it got me to thinking.

Some days I spend hours at school, I don’t carry a purse, and my bag is full of all sorts of hazards for a soft silicone cup. Pencils, pens, safety pins, guitar strings… I’d rather keep my cup with me, just to have it available if and when I need it. Has anyone come up with a way to carry their cups in school bags all day? I might resort to a Tupperware container with holes drilled in for air flow, but if anyone has any neat-o (cool, creative) ideas, I’d love suggestions.

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I don't mean to be spamming this community (I'm really sorry if I am), but I searched through the community links on the side and couldn't find anything about this.

I used my small Lunette yesterday successfully (successful insertion *and* removal). This community is of amazing help - I haven't had any problems at all with removal. I didn't use it overnight (I want to get used to using it during the day first) and I inserted it in the shower this morning (minimal difficulty - three tries + lube). I felt it pop open and went about my business. Getting dressed, I felt a little stinging down there, but attributed it to three tries for insertion.

However, it kept hurting as I went about my morning - hurting *inside*. Well, that was no good. I need to go to the studio this afternoon and grocery shopping and things - nothing I want to do with extra pain. So I felt up there and I realised that the cup had gone further in than yesterday - I couldn't feel the stem. I bore down and oh my god, there was pain. I felt around and found the stem - pushed to the side, scraping my vaginal canal as I bore down. I removed the cup - not as easily as before, but it was twisted and I was tense from pain.

As far as I can tell, the cup angled to the side somehow and the stem was poking me, causing the pain. I'm still a little raw down there (and rushed to get out to the studio), so I'm currently using a pad. I'd like to try again later, but I was wondering if any of you had had this problem in the past - and any ideas on how to avoid it?
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You know you are a cup convert when...

... you find yourself almost looking forward to your next period.

... when having a friend over, she comes to say to you, "Maria, I hope it's okay I took one of your pads, I didn't bring enough", and you rejoice because that'll never happen to you again.

... you giggle madly when she continues, "But... should I be worried that there's dust on top of the package?" and then have to stop to explain.

Help me add more to this list?

Naming your Menstrual Cup

Ok, weird question, but I'm just wondering if anyone has given their menstrual cup a name. Or if you haven't, and you were to give it a name, what would it be? Do you have some way you refer to it in your head, other than "My DivaCup" or "My Keeper" or "My cup" or whatever?

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Alicia Cup

Does anyone know what's up with the Alicia Cup: http://thealiciainternational.com/products.html ? I'm curious because the cup looks quite different than the others, and the website says that it comes in four (four!!!) different sizes. The size dimensions are not shown, though, and the website is vague overall. The website does say that 10% of every purchase goes to woman's health education in third world countries, which I love!

Does anyone have any experience with these cups?

I'm a recent convert to cups, and I am so in love with them! I'm actually a little obsessed, and it's driving me nuts that I cannot find more info and user stories (other than testimonials on the Alicia website) on this particular cup!

menstrual cup = less stress

I just wanted to post my own happiness with my cup.  I have had a really stressful 6 months: bad breakup, going to school 1/2 time and working full-time, surgery, and my beloved dog died.  I live 1700 miles from any of my family, so I've had to pretty much deal with all of this alone.  The only thing during this time that consistently relieves stress is using my menstrual cup.  Using it actually makes me happy that I'm having my period and I've never felt that way about my period before. (I live and work in a remote area and it helps a lot to not to have to find a place to change a tampon every 2-3 hours.)  I've had very little growing pains and really feel like I stumbled across something that should change the world for women.  I wish I would have found this 17 years ago when I started my period.
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Insertion and Rotation Question

I have a Diva Cup and I have been practicing using it before I get my period back (after having my daughter.)

I got it inserted on my second try and found it very comfortable other than needing to trim the stem. I was reading the instructions and it says after insertion to rotate the cup to make sure it is open...I could not even reach enough of the base to rotate it. Do I have it in to far? Should I rotate it and then move it up a bit? I don't think it was inserted to far in, I just could not seem to get two fingers up there with the cup.

Any advice?

Also, I am thinking about getting a Lilac(Lady)cup. They are so pretty and I am interested in the reviews I have read where it says it is more smooshy than other brands.