January 11th, 2009

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My problems may be cup related

I think I have insertion perfected.  Yesterday I started and threw in my Diva cup.  I leaked and leaked bad.  It would move when I pee which makes me not want to drink/pee.  It was just frustrating.  Before I went to bed and saw the HUGE mess on the pantiliners, I was like forget this.  I have no pads  to switch to and I didn't want to switch back.  I grabbed that Celle Mooncup that was from my purse and threw it in.  Even though it is a large, it's capacity is lower than my diva cup.  I figured I would be prepared to have a bunch of junk in my panties in the morning.  I wound up urinating twice last night and I don't think it moved.  I woke up and had minor leaking.  I have leaking I could live with. I pulled the cup out and most of the blood was actually IN the cup.  Although I hate how much blood was in the stem.  That made me happy.

I have a question though.   I just wonder if I would better results cause I really would love a lunette and that solid stem is tempting.  Has anyone switched from a Keeper/Mooncup to Lunette?


Keeper Moon Cup Size B for Sale


A friend of mine ordered a Keeper Moon Cup Size B, tried it one time (not for a whole period) and promptly gave up on menstrual cups altogether.  I still hope to get her to reconsider in the future.  But for now, she asked me to sell this for her.  She paid $25 with shipping at southcoastshopping and would like to get $15 including shipping (first class with delivery confirmation).  It has been boiled to sterilize, has an intact stem, and comes in it's original pouch, box and with instructions.  You can send me a message here if interested.  I can take paypal or a postal money order.

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Also, you can check out my feedback at ebay (same username) to make sure that I'm honest.

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Bizarre trouble with my Lunette.

Geez, this cycle has just had some ups and downs. I just spent an hour and thirty minutes putting in, then taking out my cup repeatedly. I followed my usual process of slicking up my vag with some lube, then inserting the cup. It worked fine for me until this time. For some weird reason, every time  I inserted it, the cup would refuse to pop open. It didn't matter what fold I used (origami, C, and 7), the cup would just refuse to open all the way. I checked it by swirling it a little with my finger, but maybe I was pushing down on it without realizing it. I finally got it right, but now I'm worried that it's not completely open and it will start leaking. Granted, it's a lighter part of my period, but I don't want to mess up my clean bedsheets again. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the cup open easier and/or a better way to check that it's open?