foxdragon (foxdragon415) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yet another "I love my cup" post/NuvaRing

I'm visiting my boyfriend's family for Christmas, and just my luck that I start my period my second day here.  When I realized this would happen, my first thought was "man... this sucks," and my second was "I love my cup".  They're very open people but I'm not quite that comfortable with them yet, so it's nice to know that this part of my life stays private.  YAY CUPS.

Also, this was my first period after starting using the NuvaRing.  So far I really like it, I haven't noticed any emotional issues (which I expected since I was using pills with the same hormones), and it's so much more convenient (I sleep odd hours so taking a pill at about the same time everyday isn't always easy).  I'm on my second day using both the ring and my cup, I didn't leak at all yesterday but have been spotting a little today.  I suspect it's just another thing I need to figure out, but if anyone has any tips I'm happy to hear them (I'm currently wearing the ring above the cup, but over the course of the day it sometimes eases its way so the cup is partway through the ring).

I also noticed my cramps were a lot less severe than they usually are, though enough has happened lately I don't know if I can pin it on the NuvaRing.

Anyways, Merry Christmas all :)
Tags: nuvaring
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