December 21st, 2008

Well I decided

After looking through what seems like 15 websites, wasn't that many but felt like it, I made a decision to go with the diva cup. Yay! Finally made a decision. Lol. I'll see how it goes and go from there. I'll give it a try. I'm up for it.
  • kbr00ks

Bumps on inside of cup?

Has anyone had problems with tiny bumps developing on the inside of a menstrual cup?

I've been using the Keeper for about five years, and within the last six months I've noticed that there are tiny dot-like, raised bumps on the inside bottom of the cup, where the blood rests. I've tried cleaning the cup with an old toothbrush and various solutions of diluted vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and diluted tea tree soap. The bumps seem permanently attached, and I can't even scratch them off with a butterknife.

Are these damage or degradation to the surface of the rubber? Or bacteria becoming embedded? My cup doesn't smell terribly, just a bit of "female" sort of smell...

By the way, this is a great resource! Found the answers to a couple other questions already!
Evil Grin

I think I figured out the secret

So I've now used my Divacup for 8 cycles now and I love it. Learning how to use it was at first tricky, but I think I've finally figured out how to get the cup in there right and keep it from leaking. I've been pinching the cup in the middle to make a U shape like it instructs, but when I insert it I make sure to push it to the very bottom of my vaginal open along the way that separates the vaginal canal and the anus and then up. I've found this way to be the most effective way of placing my cup in the right position to capture my menstrual flow.

So now my next step is to completely rid myself of menstrual waste and start using cloth pads. I'm searching for cheap cloth_pads for 10 dollars each and I've joined diy_pads in hops of learning how to make my own, and hopefully trade some (NON-used) ones with other members. By the start of 2009 I pledge on being completely menstrual waste free!

Anyway just thought I'd share my happiness and determination with my fellow cup wearers in LJ land

Time for a New Cup

So, I've had my (small) Diva for about fifteen months now. I absolutely love it (no questions there), but I think it's time for me to try a new cup. I find that the Diva can be a little on the long side (only sometimes, but whenever my cervix is low enough that it is too long, it's extremely annoying). I don't have issues with it popping, but, well, that's because I pretty much use my fingers to guide it into place. My Diva does work, but I also just want to try something new. I've thought about it for a while, and my criteria would be:

1) It has to have a capacity close to or surpassing the Diva.
2) It would be nice if it popped open without much work. Sometimes the Diva can be exasperating.
3) I like enough suction to make sure it stays in place (something I occasionally had trouble with when it comes to the Diva).
4) It'd be good if it were shorter than the Diva, because as I said, sometimes the Diva feels too long.

Based on this, I was considering the small Lunette. I'm twenty, never had children. Actually, I was thinking of the Lunette Selene (from the Leastore). What cup do you think would work best for me, and what do you all think of the Selene in general? Does the small Lunette hold as much as the Diva does?

I decided to go with the large Lunette Selene after a lot of thought. I feel that because it's shorter lengthwise than the Diva, but will hold more, it will be the best one for me. I did purchase it from Leastore so that in the event that it doesn't work for me, I can send it back and get the small Lunette (or another cup) instead. Thanks for the helpful comments, everyone.

mention in Redbook

I just had to share, I was reading the January issue of Redbook and came across a mention of menstrual cups in a little article titled "5 Easy Ways to Live Healthy in January".  I was super excited to see them mentioned in a "mainstream" mag as we all know that many people have never even heard of cups.  I sent them an email to tell them how awesome I thought it was.  I certainly never thought I'd be emailing a magazine over excitement about a period product, haha!