December 8th, 2008

Lady Cup Sizing

Hi Everyone,

I've been reading through all the different posts on here for a couple of weeks and can't wait to get a cup.  I'd just like to say wow! This place is great for advice and I'm so excited to know there are other products.  I'd never even heard of alternative products until I saw a sticker above the sanitary bins in a toilet cubicle. Its great to know that I can quit buying products every month that only end up in the bin after use.  I wish my highschool had been a bit more informative.  Now I'm telling everyone!

So anyways after a lot of research and reading and pondering I think the LadyCup would be best for me (I hope!) but I can't decide which size to go for.

I had a look on and when I looked at the Lunette (the other cup I considered) I noticed that the Lunette 2 is almost the same size as the LadyCup Large however Lunette recommends it for over 20s and LadyCup recommends it for over 25s.

So here's my dilemma do I go for a small or large Lady Cup.  The small sounds really small and it seems most people consider that for teens.  I also know it doesn't hold much - while I have a light to average flow I am a swim teacher and can be in the water for 6 hours without access to a toilet so it still needs to hold a bit.  I emailed the company and they said go for the small.  I know they'll exhange if I pick the wrong size but I'd like to get it right the first time if possible.

I'll include a bit about myself and hopefully I can get some advice from you lovely ladies.
My specs are...

  • 22
  • sexually active
  • no children
  • light to average flow due to the pill
  • I can just touch my cervix so I think its about 75mm in (though this is when I'm not menstruating, I haven't measured when I am as I haven't had my period since I discovered cups)
So which should I go for? Small or Large?

Just got my Diva Cup !

I got the Diva cup because I have an extremely heavy flow. I have put this cup in quite a few times and have taken it out. I put it in with the c-fold method and that seems okay. Let me tell you I put the cup in the first time and stood up felt the stem went to take it out and paniked....(okay you can stop laughing) I pulled on it in my panic went owww, stuck my finger up the side and pressed. I heard a woosh and out it came. The rest of the times were not that easy. I think my cervix is in shock. I waited a couple of hours before I re-tried. I think I have the thing right. When I stand up it goes were it wants. I have great suction as I did as one or more girls on this site said they do. I inserted the cup pulled down till it expanded then pushed up. I don't know if you are supose to put it up till you feel it but it seems to go there anyway. I am also waiting on a lady cup so I will compare the two.

My first question is are you suppose to feel like you are full? I did have this feeling when I used a tampon also I think I am going to have the: not being able to pee issue, but I am hopeful. I emptied my bladder before I inserted the Diva, but feel the urge to go anyway. I cut the stem off as I thought that might be causing it. I did insert it to the back like I read but I am a novice and don't know really what I am trying to achieve. I am hoping it is just the fact that I did this a few times trying to get the stem short enough and everything is swollen right now. I tried the inside out thing and had a hard time getting it in and then couldn't get it out. It seemed quite a bit stiffer to me and when it opened it hurt that way and not the other. I think with all my effort I might have irritated the opening.

My second question does anyone feel crampy from using the cup. I am on my last day of my period which is extremely light if not at all. I put my Diva in as to get a feel and to be comfortable using it as I will be away when I get my next cycle.
Since it is night time I am going to sleep with it in to see If it gets more comfortable. It does feel similar to a tampon as I use to use 4 Ultras a day until my doctor told me to stop using them.

I read as many post as possible before buying and using. I am allergic to regular pads and can not use tampons. I am really hoping I can get this to work. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I believe the concept is fantastic.

Oh I am using a Diva 2 as I am 47yrs old with two children. If this turns out to be to long for me I will pass it on to my twenty year old daughter. This is a great invention. I am amazed. I thought I was going to have to use cloth pads and be chained to my washing machine. This is a great site and I am so glad I found it.


Lady cup

Ok, so I finally got the nerve to try my ladycup. I got lube and everything. I started putting it in and it was actually going to go in but I had a sore stretching feeling which scared the heck out of me and I took it out. I was sore for about an hour after that. I just used a tampon. I bleed very lightly and know I could go all day but the feeling scared me. It wasn't as painful as the diva cup I tried a year ago that definitely wouldn't go in. I'm not the kind of girl to touch myself or stretch myself or any of that. I'm more worried about getting this thing out of me. I'm very tiny all over and even there as my MD even says so. I wear cloth pads which I love as a back up to tampons and pantyliners. Does the feeling of stretching go away? Will it feel like that in? I'm more scared than anything I think. Help.

Suction and Cervix

I really hope I don't ask a faq here, I looked at the memories and google and didn't really get what I was looking for.

Let me just start off by saying that the first time I felt my cervix was the day before my 21st birthday. I remember this vivdly because I thought my uterus was going to fall out of me. I even called my doctor about it. I can laught about it now, but it really did scare me. Around that time my mom was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus, which probably added to my fear. ANYWAY.

Is it at all possible to cause damage to your cervix by pulling out the cup and feeling pressure/pulling feeling? Like, maybe pulling it down lower or lower?

I have a really hard time breaking the seal without pulling my cup down a bit first.... and even then when I put my finger between me and the rim I feel there is still sucktion going on. Should I be doing something else, or is what I am doing ok?

I have a small ladycup if it matters.