November 23rd, 2008

I miss my cup:(

I have a Pessary in and have not figured out how to remove it so I can wear my cup:( I just got my period right now and a tampon in. Gosh how I miss my cup! I can't wear the two together as the cup won't open then. I asked my gyne if I could go without the pessary during my period and just wear the cup and she says this is fine. Any Ideas?

Air holes

Like others, I've been reading this for a while. It's been really helpful!
However, I have a question I haven't found an answer to... the air holes in my Keeper Moon Cup get clogged. Every single time. I've tried to enlarge them, but it hasn't worked so far.
So... is this a problem? Or is this something that I should expect and not worry about?

Menstrual Cup and IUD

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I have been using my menstrual cup for 1 month, LadyCup, and I pretty much have it figured out. I love it. I am 29, never have kids, don't plan on it, and want to get a Paragard IUD in January. I am currently on HBC and have been since I was 16. My question is about using a menstrual cup with the IUD so I hope that everyone who does so successfully can answer.

My question is about specific techniques for insertion and removal that you ladies use with your menstrual cup and IUD to keep from tugging on the strings. Here is how I currently remove my cup (without an IUD): I bare down so that I can reach the rim and then catch my finger on the rim, hold and press for 10-20 seconds while I wait for the suction to break, and then when it does I drag it down. As it reaches the entrance to my vag, I fold it into a C-fold (though I use the 7-fold to insert) and remove it completely. The thing is that after I break the seal, in order to get a grip, I have to push the rim towards the center, or in other words, towards my cervix. It feels like I have to press the rim against my cervix in order to break the seal. This concerns me because I think I may catch the string, when I have one!

When I wear the cup, it rides high. My cervix is sitting right inside the cup, with the rim riding all the way up to the base of the cervix.

I dearly dearly would love to keep using my cup when I get my IUD. I have heard many success stories here, and I've read through the memories (also catching the unsucessful stories as well). I want to give it a go, and I hope to create good habits of cup removal from the very beginning. Any IUD related cup-removal or -insertion tips would be most welcome. I want to stress that I have no problem inserting or removing the cup at this time. I just know that using a cup is a more delicate procedure with the IUD so I want to be well informed.