November 17th, 2008

Newbie with a miacup question

Hi all.  I've been researching menstrual cups and am about to buy a miacup.  It's between that and waiting for the Lunette Selene.  I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go with the mia, but was wondering if anyone had any extra coupons from when they ordered.  Let me know, thanks! 

Nuvaring + the cup

Any tips for using the Nuvaring with a cup at the same time? I know it can be done. I just can't get my ring high enough, it always overlaps with the rim of the cup just a bit and I get some leakage. Is my vagina too short? I use the Divacup, by the way.

turning Diva Cup inside out

Can someone help me out here please...I've come across a couple posts/replies suggesting turning the Diva cup inside out...I'm trying to find out why exactly one might want to turn their cup inside out? (ex: in what instance, to help solve what issue?...I'm sure there is a thread about this but I can't seem to find it)...It's taking me some time to figure out how to navigate around here, thanks for the help.  :)
kitty 2

long-term use

For those of you who use your cup for long-term wear (meaning for more than just your period), how often and what method do you use to clean it? I usually just use mine for a week during my period, but I've been using it "dry" waiting for my period to come for a week already. I've been rinsing it twice a day like I would if I were on my period. Is this enough, or should I boil it periodically?