November 8th, 2008

Special cleaning after swimming?

Hi everyone,

I'm using my LadyCup for the first time this week and went swimming today. Yesterday I had some leakage problems, but not today, not even with the swimming.
Anyway, my question is, does anyone clean their cups in a different way after being in the pool? Pool water is kinda gross and the chlorine can't be that good for the vagina. I know i used to try and take tampons out as soon as possible after being in the pool to not allow that water to just sit inside me for extended periods of time. The tampons always came out soaked in pool water. So, with the cup, should I boil, use soap, or would a good old rinse be enough?

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Thank you!

This is slighty OT...sorry about that, but I can't think of a better way to do this.

You guys, the response to my essay was overwhelming.  I expected a few short responses fixing something where I had made a mistake or an assumption (which happens), but I got so many responses, and they are so helpful.  I am adding things in as I can, and will be working o it over the next few days, with your responses in where they need to be. I'll repost for a second go round hopefully next week.  I have a few things I need to research myself as well, so it is very much a work in progress.  I want this to be as accurate as possible, because I honestly want to make the transition easier for other women than it was for me.  I had a wealth of information at my fingertips with you guys, and was able to ask questions without fear of ridicule.  You have no idea how much that means to me, but at the same time, some women aren't apt to discuss thier "monthlies" with total's easier to have the information at thier fingertips where they can read it in privacy and comfort. 

I have until December to get this thing in top form, so if you'll indulge me, I may set up another round or two of proofreading and suggestions like this one.  Thank you again...this has become sort of my "baby"   

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Letter to my Diva Cup

Dear Dollie,

Thank you so much for being reasonably priced and for arriving in a timely manner. Your size, shape and capacity definitely impress me no end. Thank you
for not poking me in the nether regions, even when I forget you're down there, which is quite often. Thank you for making my dealings with Mother Nature's
idea of punctuation bearable and for helping me keep my female business to myself. I'm sure the trash cans, plumming and environment are grateful to you
too. Please don't worry about Luna (my Keeper Moon Cup) she'll stick around but only for back up. From now on, you're my first choice. I hope that other
women are encouraged to give cups like you a try because the learning curve really isn't steep at all. Well, thanks again.
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So this is my first entry. I've been using a keeper for about 6 or 7 months now with ups and downs. My husband found it on the internet bless his heart. He suffers right along with me. Very heavy periods, rotten p.m.s, many, many pads per month and don't even bother with tampons.
I waited with bated breath for my keeper to arrive having read all the success stories. Actually being able to leave the house without fear of flooding! Oh the joy!  It arrives with days to spare and off we go. Way too over confident in it's ability I went pad free and lucky I was at home. Ok so maybe I didn't put it in right? More attempts and 7 cycles later I still have 'leakage' which I have learned to live with. One to two pads a day is way better than 5 or 6. I found the '7' fold to be more successful. The first two  days of my period I seem to be emptying it around 4 times a day and then it tapers off. I wouldn't go with out one now. It's given me much more confidence to go out on 'those' days and most of the time it's out of mind out of sight. Now for the bummer...... I'm pretty sure I have an irritation to latex after reading other journals. Thrush like symtoms appear during my period and continue for a week or so after. Itching, burning and very sensitive around my genital area with tearing skin.  Thinking back I always blamed the pill for giving me thrush but once hubby had the snip - no more condoms, no more pill and no more thrush. Could have been the condoms.
Usually the week after my period is 'on' week and these symptoms have put a dampener on that. Poor husband wants to trade me in for the updated model.  So after much reading I have ordered the silicon Moon Cup. Just finished my cycle so I wont be able to test it when it comes so I'll wait patiently..........

New to divacup usage/ slight spotting

I just got a diva cup ..size 2 since I've had three kids.  I've been using it since yesterday which was my heaviest day.  I have SLIGHT spotting on my panty liner today and then both yesterday and today I see a bit of redness when I wipe as if it was like a slight spotting mixed with some urine.  Is there something I can do to make it not spot at all?  I'm ok with it spotting if it needs to lol, I'll just use a cloth panty liner..much better then having to wash all those cloth pads in the sink every night.  But I'm wondering if I'm maybe doing it wrong? 
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Lunette Selene update for Aussies

So I sent an email to the folks at to see if they'd be stocking the Lunette Selene (that's the blue one, folks). This is what came back:

Hi Dina,

Thank you for your email- yes the Selene looks beautiful- we absolutely love this one too!! It is only a limited edition cup –very special!

The “Good News”- will be stocking the ‘Selene’,

The “Bad News”- due to TGA rules we will only be able to sell it to International and NZ customers. We can only sell the ‘clear’ one here.

We should have some in stock by the end of the year, but if you are in Australia then you can order it from the website

Have a great day!

Kind Regards,


D'oh! So I guess you New Zealanders are the lucky ones here....

*grumble* Stupid TGA...