November 7th, 2008


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In xredefinex's recent post about Instead use & sex, lintilla brought up some concerns about whether or not condoms could safely be used while wearing an Instead. I checked both the Softcup website's FAQ & their Ask the Doctor page, but neither addressed the issue, so I took the opportunity to "ask their doctor". Below is both the exact wording of my question & the reply that I received earlier today:
Q: "Can I safely & reliably use a condom as contraceptive, while the INSTEAD® Softcup® in place?"
A: "Yes, you certainly can use Instead with a condom. Since the Cup has no sharp edges, it shouldn'’t increase risk of condom breakage. However, as you probably know, condoms do break or leak occasionally anyway.
If the vagina is excessively dry below the Cup, it would probably be prudent to use a lubricant to reduce potential friction. I'’m pleased to hear you are using a condom when having intercourse during menses. Some couples don’t realize the there is a risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, even during the menstrual period.
If you normally use a spermicidal insert (foam, cream, jelly, or film), I suggest you place it before inserting the Cup. If the insert goes in first and has a chance to dissolve and spread around, there shouldn'’t be any reason the Cup would decrease the effectiveness of the insert. However, if you use the contraceptive sponge, I would be concerned that the Cup would displace the sponge from the cervix (or vice versa). There really isn't enough room for both to be positioned properly.
Barbara North, PhD, MD
Medical Director, INSTEAD

I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure why DR North addressed other forms of contraceptives, but I suppose extra info is better than not enough. :)

Safe length of time to soak?

So, after two or three cycles of use, my Diva was getting extra-disgustingly stained, so I soaked it in a 1:3 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Problem solved, all is well.

Here's my queston, though: How long is it okay to leave soaking? I left mine in the solution last night for about 5 hours, and popped it back in a couple times today for an hour or so each (just because I'm a perfectionist like that. :) I was afraid to leave it in for too long and come back to God-only-knows-what-kind of disaster...

The second part of my question is, then, how often is it okay to soak in the solution? Would it hae been better if I had left it in for 12 hours than repeatedly remove and replace it?

Forgive me if this is a lame question, I just love my cup and don't want to hurt it! :)
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First post, and a favor...

Hi.  I'm new to this community, although I have read it for some time.  I'm also fairly new to menstrual cups, having just bought a Diva cup to try.  And, I already need you help. 

Ok, so I am new to cloth pads and to Menstrual cups, but since my gyno is also new to them, he asked me to write up what I have learned in the time I've worked with them.  So, I wrote an essay.  It is long, so I'm putting it under a cut, but I'd love your take on it.  I tried to put in my opinion on use if I've used it, but I've tried to be as truthful as possible and as accurate as possible here.  I haven't given it to him, so I have time to fix it if need be.  I would so appreciate any thoughts, corrections, or anecdotes to add to it.  I haven't used everything and have learned so much from this community (if you look at the bottom, I highly reccommend you guys for those starting out because of this), so I want to make sure I'm giving you guys credit to something that will help alot of women.  Thank you!
Collapse )As you can see, I tried to write it as if I was telling a friend and trying to give the best information and description possible. I also plan on giving my doctor the rest of my Instead cups (since I can't use them) and also a finished cloth pad that I made, and a piece of each of the materials I used.  I have cotton batting and Silence Cloth for the insides and fleece for the outside. I don't have any examples of other types of cups or any of the bought pads, so I included links to those that  I know of.  Is there anything I should add to the links?

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Hydrogen peroxide and cups!

There's been a bit of discussion recently about hydrogen peroxide and how it can affect your cup.

This chart is neat and totally relevant!

It lists several materials' compatibility with hydrogen peroxide. Even at 10% solution (just about anything you'd buy at a store is going to be 3%), silicone and hydrogen peroxide are ranked as being "Excellent." That is, it has no chemical effect!

Natural rubber (which is what the original Keeper is made of) is listed as having "good effect," which could represent "slight corrosion or discoloration."

So there you have it!

**ETA Personally, I soak my Mooncup UK cup in a 1:1 water to hydrogen peroxide solution and it leaves it all sparkly, clean, and fresh.