November 2nd, 2008

Hah! So much for prudence...

A ways back, I asked for advice on my selection of a backup cup. :D I'm happy to say that I've demonstrated my usual self restraint, and bought myself two other cups.

I used the coupon _relax_replase thoughtfully provided to acquire a smaller Diva, and also splurged and bought an Orange Cup, by Lady Cup.

I realized, when I really thought of it, that while I have a really good relationship with my Keeper, that it's capacity is just way too small for me. I bleed like a proverbial stuck pig, my cycle generally lasting about 3 days (and sometimes less). My small Keeper doesn't leak, but only if I empty it like crazy. So, I went for a larger Orange Cup, and the small size Diva, which I only had to empty every 4-5 hours on the first day, which is acceptable enough given how comfortable I remember finding it. They're of a similar size, to boot.

I decided to spend the four extra dollars and get the 'luxury' Orange Cup package off ebay. I wanted to see what the hullaballo was, about the Milton sterilizing tabs. I'm in the USA, so it's totally foreign to me. I was wondering, does anyone know if these Milton tabs are okay to use with latex rubber?

The luxury package only comes with two tablets, which I understand can be broken up into smaller pieces and used in smaller quantities, but I sort of envisioned chucking all three cups together into a Milton solution, one day, and wanted to be sure I didn't harm my Keeper in the process.

*edit: Or, if anyone knows where I can find a list of materials that these Milton disinfectant tabs can be used with, I'd appreciate it.

I'm actually looking forward to trying out the slightly revised Diva, and the brand new Lady/Orange Cup. Who'da thunk?

painful to insert and remove

I've been using my Lunette for about three cycles now (though not exclusively), and thanks to this community, I finally got the courage to trim the stem enough. Now I can't feel the cup at all while it's in. Yay! But it still hurts to insert and remove. Afterwards it takes about an hour for me to feel recovered. I'm a 22 year-old-virgin and I have the small Lunette. I can only fit one finger in. I've been using lube and the 7-fold. I also tried the punch-down fold. It was about the same, although harder to hold on to. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone solved this problem? Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  • kelguen

Lady Cup coupon

Hi all!

  I recently bought a Lady Cup (which I love!) off of the Lady Cup website (, and they sent me a coupon for 15% off my next order.  I won't be using the code, so I thought someone here might benefit from it.  I think it can only be used once.  The code is 080491.

Rain (Boomer)

almost-pointless question about insertion

For the two periods since I started hbc and having PIV sex, I've noticed that inserting my Divacup has become drastically more difficult. I started using a menstrual cup three years ago (!!!) and haven't had problems since the first few months. Now though, it hurts a lot and won't unfold easily.

I use the punchdown fold without lube and either insert it standing or in the shower with one leg up. Today I had to use a good dose of water-based lube to help things along. For the record, when I started having non-penetrative sex a year ago, I didn't notice any change in ease of insertion. Removal isn't nearly as problematic as insertion, but it might hurt a little more than it used to.

This is half a rant, but I'm also curious. Could the PIV and the NuvaRing be working my kegels to the point that they're actually making me functionally smaller? Could I be expecting penetration of any sort to feel a certain way and thus be tensing up? The Ring increased my discharge, but maybe it changed the consistency so it's really less of a lubricant. Could the Ring or sex be making me more sensitive?

Ideas? Has your method of insertion ever just stopped working?
  • paliele

Normal flow

 Ok, so I did a couple of quick searches and didn't really find what I was looking for.  I have had my Diva for a couple of years now and I love it!  It took quite a bit of getting used to at first, but now that I am used to it I find it much easier than tampons and pads.  This period I had something very odd happen to me that has never happened before.  I can only assume that my cup overflowed.  I was going about my normal business and all of a sudden there was this sudden whoosh and I had blood everywhere.  Usually I have a bit of an inkling when I need to empty my cup and if I ignore the feeling it leaks, but nothing like this.  This happened more than once, unfortunately.  Does this happen to anyone else?

My main question, however, has to do with normal flow.  A couple of months ago I measured my flow using the mL marks inside my Diva.  It was a normal period for me, and I totaled 345 mL.  This month I'm up to 120 mL and it's only the middle of the second day.   I've done some research and it seems that the average flow is 30-40 mL with anything up to 80 mL being normal.  This doesn't seem right to me.  I get up to 30-40 mL DAILY.  So my question is--what is your normal flow?  Am I really as abnormal as my research seems to indicate?  Or is the data I found wrong?

dog drool

So the dogs where I was baby-sitting this morning love to attempt to get into anything, as is often true of dogs. Today they found my cup in my purse. One of them chewed off the end. I put water in it to see if they put a hole in it, and it didn't leak. Do you think I should keep it, wash it, get a new one, what?