October 25th, 2008

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I thought I heard something about being able to use a hydrogen peroxide and water mix to sterlize a cup. How much of each are you supposed to use and how long are you supposed to soak it? I've not sterilized my cup, and even though this is only my second cycle, the idea of getting a yeast infection is really freaking me out.

First-time Menstrual Cup user

A few months ago I bought a Diva Cup (the smaller size). I know there will be leakage the first few cycles but I really want to get it right. I think that I may not be inserting it correctly. What happens is for the first hour or so I won't feel it but after walking around it starts to move lower and I will start to feel the stem. I can feel it open sometimes and I can usually rotate easily so I know that it is open. I was thinking I could do kegel exercises but I am a virgin so I think my vaginal walls would be fairly strong. I use the push-down fold. I tried the 7-fold once but I couldn't get it in. I'll try it again later to see if that helps.

Thanks for your help. I really want this to work.

I'd like to ask ...

I got a box of Insteads several years ago, but never used them. I chickened out, but have kept the unopened box in hopes that one day, I'll try them.

Okay, here's the problem -- I was abused as a child, so I have a bit of trauma where that area of the body is concerned. So, this might be damn silly, but I'm terribly afraid that if I try to put it in, I'll ... lose it. That I won't be able to get it back out again.

Is there any chance of that? And/or would I be better off buying one of the newer versions of this idea? I've noticed that the Diva/Lady/Moon cups mentioned here have stems. Are they easier for a first time user with hang-ups?


Sizing question (Ladycup?)

Hi! I have been reading this community for about two days now. I've looked at the size chart, and I have measured my vag! I can reach my cervix with my middle finger, standing up (sitting down can reach a lot farther) and this is on the last (or 2nd to last?) day of my period. My vaginal opening doesn't quite reach the base of my middle finger. My middle finger is about 75 mm long. I am estimating that from my vaginal opening to the tip of my cervix is about 60 mm.

That seems small to me! I am 29 yrs old and have never had a child. It almost looks like I should look for the shortest cup I can. Which looks to me like the LadyCup. Which excited me because I'd love to have purple!! :) I had previously been looking to buy the Mooncup (by the Keeper) in small size, but that looks rather long compared to my finger calculations.

Can ya'll give me some recommendations about sizing with these details? My flow is about medium on the first day (can be heavy, but rarely) and then light on the following 5 days. I want to get the right cup on the first try, if possible. So glad this community is here, with those fabulous charts!

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just a quick question...

i've been using a diva cup foooor over a year now... and it's grood... great and good. BUT the first day of my cycle is (and always has been) crazy mc crazy heavy. and with a tampon, that was of course, annoying but the bathroom trips were a lot shorter... every 2 hours, leaky tampon out throw another tampon the size of a toilet paper roll in... done. but now with the divacup, i don't usually leak until about 2 1/2 - 3 hours... so that's an improvement, but the amount of time it takes me in the bathroom is a lot longer... the removing (am i in the minority of women who cannot reach their own cervixes? i have to like just BARELY grab the cup stem with my middle and pointer like... fingernails ... even after i bear down ;-) ) and then the cleaning and re-inserting... takes me about 5 minutes ... keep in mind i don't dump it until it overflows because then i would be in the bathroom.... all the time.

the only reason i'm real concerned is because it's like... interfering with my job, i'm a photographer, and i can't leave the middle of a sitting to like... stop bleeding all over the place....

so my question is (finally) is there a cup with a larger bell? i've read that you can flip the diva inside out and that makes it slightly larger (but then i doubt i would be able to grab it out in all honesty... my vag is looong... and i can't keep it low, because it like sucks it in! it's a monster!) i mean, i don't want to risk comfortability in both my wallets for a new cup if the differences aren't really that grand... i just didn't know if there was one i was unaware of that was like.... for people who bleed like stuck pigs.

thanks! :-D