September 23rd, 2008

facepalm brian qaf

gah! white globbies!

so when i took my cup out tonight, there were white globby things on the OUTSIDE of it! wtf???? they smelled like my normal discharge, but they were soooo weird...and ALL over the outside of the cup. the inside of the cup was normal, bloody goop.

the only thing i can think of that is different is that i have been using hydrocortisone a lot recently to control this condition i have called Lichen Simplex Chronicus that makes my ladyparts itch FEROCIOUSLY and has been flaring up like crazy the past couple of days. when not on my period, the hydrocort and the prescription steroid cream sometimes make me have heavier discharge. anybody out there with medical knowledge that could explain the white globbies?

i've been thinking of making a gyno appointment soon anyways; this just confirms my wanting to.

otherwise the cup was great today, made it through yoga and lots of walking, no prob whatsoever. this just freaked me out tonight :-(

::Edit-- Thank you all! apparently i'm pretty normal :-) woot!::
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First day with Lunette!


This is my first day with the Lunette I received nearly a month ago...
So this is my journal about my first cycle trial!!

Remember, I hesitated about the sizes. I finally took size 2. I bought it on Leastore, they have a very good customer service (I ordered first size 1 and sent an e-mail to change the size, they answered quickly and updated my order), and the shipping was very fast (ordered it on Saturday, received next Wednesday!)!
Bonus: in the enveloppe, there were two candies!

I had a dry run when I received it, I had several trials before getting it in (I wasn't able to keep the holding), and the first removal was... ouch!I removed it unfolded so it hurt the hell! The second trial was better .
I used origami fold.
What is the difference between origami and punch-down fold?

I stored my cup in its little bag but I don't like it, the fibers stick on the cup, I saw really cute organza pouches, I'll try to have one...

Just to know, the first day, I have light flow, the heaviest are on the 3rd and 4th day.

Yesterday night, I saw my period had started so I put  my cup on and it was far easier than a dry run!! I was afraid it wasn't sealed (I didn't hear or feel the pop) so I checked with my fingers. I wore a pad to feel secure.

So I woke up and OMG no leaking!! My cup was 3/4 empty but as I said, the first day is really light. I removed it without dirtying too much the toilets, emptied and rinsed it with water but as there were some viscous stuff, I had to wipe it first with toilet paper.
I guess it would be better if I first wipe it and then rinse it, because of eventual toilet paper fibers...
It took a lot of time to insert/remove, as my fingers were wet and didn't grap the cup... I won't trim the tab to feel confident and to maintain the cup while i grab it to remove it!

I could feel the cup, because it was really low (it was the same with tampons) but I tried yoga with it (for those who know a bit about yoga, I even tried Hanumasana, i didn't feel any discomfort!!)

It took me time to insert/remove it, and I must train before starting school!....

And I know there were topics about it, but I wonder how girls in dorms do...
Isn't it embarrassing to rinse it in the lavatories, in front of everyone? Especially when your cup is full of viscous things?

And i have others questions:
how do you know when you should replace the Lunette?

I'm so happy with my Lunette (I'm usually very enthusiastic with things that actually work!) so my last question is:
what to do with all the tampons left? :p

Introduction (xposted)

Hey so I just wanted to say I finally got around to not being afraid of using my mooncup with my iud. Tonight is the trial night-- i have only tried this once before and i got all afraid that my cup was suffocating my cervix (yeah i am crazy like that hee). I am welcome to any first timer advice :) As I am going to try to be really careful when i take it out tonight, And we will see about during the day tomorrow..

(no subject)

hey everyone! this community is the best...i have thus far successfully converted 3 friends to cups, which is awesome!
sooo, i'm thinking of doing a semester in the amazon after i graduate college...sort of a gap-program for some quality non-academic activity. the semester involves lots of canoeing, camping and backpacking. has anyone done any such thing for such a long period of time with a cup in a place like brazil? especially on any kind of long term camping/canoeing expedition? how successful was it? i feel like it will be actually easier to do with a cup rather than tampons/pads (how do you ecologically dispose of them in the rainforest anyways)? but maybe i am wrong...