September 5th, 2008

Yay! Victory is miiine!

I know I posted here a few months ago in a frenzied sort of panic trying to figure out what kind of cup I should get. I settled on a Lunette... whichever one is the bigger one. For those of you still debating the whole cup thing, or even for y'all who like success stories, I'm posting the TMI stuffs after the break~ I dunno, I found it was helpfull to see what other gals with similar situations or body types got.
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Looking for a New Cup

Ok, so I have the Diva cup and while I love it, I am thinking about getting a new cup because there are a few things about it that bother me.

1.)  It sits at the bottom of my vagina...often poking out a little and this is with the stem cut all the way off.

2.)  Sometimes it can be a pain in the butt to get in.  I have had it for almost a year now, and I still have trouble getting it to pop open, sometimes taking 2-3 tries to get it to do so.  This does not work very well for a lady who is running late all the time.

I have read through all of the memories and charts and comparisons and such, but I would like some personal opinions on which cup people have found best for these things:

1.)  Easily pops open.

2.)  Short cup (with or without stem).  The Diva being so low bothers me, but I don't know if it's because of the shape of the Diva or because of my body.  I am hoping a shorter cup would at least sit a bit higher. (Let me know if I am wrong.)

3.)  On my heaviest days, I can go on the Diva for about 12 hours, but it is completely full to the "change" line...I would like my next cup to have a similar capacity/changing time.

Thanks in advance!

ETA:  I am trying it now with the Diva turned inside out.  I feel a bit woozy...this may be psychosomatic, but it still feels weird. It almost feels like the cup is going to turn right side in at any moment inside me... But it is definitely shorter. We'll see how it goes for a few more hours.
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Newbie help, please.

I'm 41 and have one child delivered by C-section.  I bought a Diva cup size 2, then found this forum and realized there were many other options.

Before I had a chance to try a dry-run, my period started (last Sunday).  I was out when it started, so just used a tampon.  Monday I inserted my Diva cup at 6:30am using the punch-down fold.  It leaked some, and I couldn't tell if it had opened at first.  After a few minutes I felt it pop open, so O.K. 

I didn't really have any trouble getting it in, and it felt O.K., but I was a little nervous about it so at 9am I took it out.  (No problem taking it out.)  I emptied it, cleaned it and put it back in.   After putting it in the second time I noticed it didn't pop open until about an hour after I put it in.  After that it didn't leak at all.

I had read about people just changing it morning and evening, so I decided to not mess with the rest of the day.  By the evening I was feeling a little crampy, which is not typical for my period.  And not really crampy so much as sore.  I took the Diva cup out at 10pm.  I used a pad overnight.  When I tried to put the cup back in on Tuesday morning, I could only stand to wear it for about an hour, then I took it out and used a tampon.  My vagina muscles just felt tired.

My cycle is usually heavy on the first couple of days, then a trickle for two days for a total of 4 days.  Using tampons, I have to change the tampon every two hours the first day, then every 3-4 the second day.  By this time, my vagina is feeling pretty tired and I sometimes can't get a tampon in late in the day.  My body just needs a break.  The Diva cup being so wide, I think it just wore out my vagina quickly.

Is this something I will get used to?  Will my body adapt to the Diva cup?  Should I go with something more narrow?  Should I have not used it so long the first time out?

Sorry this is so long, I just wanted you to have all the data.  Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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I have finally figured it out! Hurray!

My periods are all screwy because I'm in perimenopause. I went 77 days in between this time and let me tell you, it's a doozy. For 2 days I filled my cup to the brim just about every hour.

I tried a different fold (punch down) and I placed the folded part down rather than up like I had been doing and felt to be sure my cervix was in the cup. As long as I emptied the cup as soon as I felt the little bubbly feeling, I did fine. I am successful!

Now about that heavy period. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping she will tell me it's normal to be so heavy after no period for 77 days.

OT, here's my little Charlie cat as my icon. Yes, he really is playing in the bathtub water. He does it every single time I take a bath. Hahaha. Sometimes, he can't even wait for me to get out before he's in, deep water or not!
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IUD strings and cups...

I totally love my menstrual cups and have been using them for a couple of months. Only now I have a paragard IUD. I haven't had my first IUD period yet but I have had some spotting. I tried to use the cup (pinkcup) so I could wear a little mini skirt and it worked very well... until I tried to take it out. The strings on my IUD are long I think and the cup "rearranged" them even though I made sure to break suction. I'm not sure if I actually yanked or came close to expelling or anything, but it was enough rearrangement to cause mental discomfort, if ya know what I mean. I bought a whole bunch of material to make my own cloth pads (I bought some of those terry towels from the auto department b/c they were cheap, absorbent and super soft! haha) BUT I really don't want to depend on just pads for what could be one of the heaviest periods of my life.
Does anybody have any suggestions? If I were to get the strings cut shorter, would there be less of an expulsion risk? I guess I'd better get to sewing, but in the meantime any suggestions on how to deal with this is very welcome. Thanks!

Just starting to use cup... will it stretch me out too much?

So after my toilet got clogged from a flushed tampon, I started doing some research online and found out about menstrual cups!  I went out and bought one straightaway since my period will probably start on Monday or so.  I've been reading a lot of posts on here about your vagina stretching to fit the cup.  I see this as a good thing in general but I'm worried if it might stretch me too much for my boyfriend to enjoy sex.  Looking at the cup (I got a Diva), I'd say my bf is about as thick as the cup is at its widest.  I really want him to still enjoy sex and I worry about getting stretched so that I am too loose for him... any thoughts ladies? 
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first week with my mooncup. comments/concerns/ramble

Well, I'm on day 3 of using my mooncup for the first time. Hooray! My boyfriend is very unhappy when I talk about it, so I thought it'd be appropriate to ramble about my thoughts concerning it here. I also have a couple questions or so if anybody wants to comment on them.

I considered getting a cup for a long long time now. I tried using Insteads to see maybe if I could handle being that upclose and personal. It was no problem so I was set on getting one. The first day I got it, I was really excited. When I tried the dry run, I was kind of nervous I wouldn't like it and thought it was too big. It didn't HURT when I put it in and took it out, but it was.. really uncomfortable. I think I have the hang of it now, though, and it's no problem at all. I've read a lot of people saying theirs doesn't pop open sometimes but i don't have trouble with that at all. I use the punch-down method and it pops every time. I've had no leakage issues, either.

I thought it'd be kind of gross when it came to "changing" it.. with insteads, you just threw them away. BUT.. I really actually enjoy it! Maybe I'm just weird. I like seeing what comes out of me. It makes me kind of excited when it comes time to change it. I know that sounds weird.

All in all, I REALLY enjoy it! If it wasn't for the headaches.. cramps... bloating.. fatigue.. etc etc i wouldn't even know I was on my period. I never realized how uncomfortable tampons were until now. It's crazy! I just used them my whole life and thought they were the answer to everything but they're awful. Plus, I don't know about anybody else, but I'd always have to get the super pluses and still would have terrible leakage after 2-3 hours.

In any case. I just have a couple.. kind of gross (maybe) concerns about the cup. One: I've noticed that when I change it I'm rather, er.. stringy.. for lack of a better word. Is this normal? For some reason I thought it'd be more liquid-y.. I'm sure it's fine but I guess I'm kind of concerned. And another thing.. I thought about this last night when I was laying down for bed.. Is it ok for things to be sloshing about in there? I mean.. will the menstrual blood ever go back inside of you and cause some sort of infection or anything? I don't know. That is the only part that weirds me out.

Overall.. I LOVE this thing. I can't imagine ever going back to tampons. I only wish I found it sooner!

Mexico Stories!

Some of you asked me to keep you updated on Mexico.  Well, I am back, and here is my recount.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I didn't love every minute of it because I got sick half way through and I don't think I am better even now, but there were many gems. 

I lived with this amazing woman who was a well-known seamstress, as well as an Arabic coffee grounds reader, bellydancer, and just super amazing all around.  We had fun with the language barrier, as she didn't speak much English and I didn't speak much Spanish!  But we made an awesome connection and I hope to see her again sometime soon.

There was so much fresh fruit, it was to die for!  I miss being able to go down to the corner and get fresh mangoes and pineapple with chili and limon.

I saw a lot of touristy things that had to do with the Mayan culture, like the Major Temple found right inside the center of the city.  I also climbed both the Sun and Moon pyramids.  Soooo awesome to be on top of all that history!

We spent a week in Veracruz and met a really neat local who took us to a fantastic Italian restaurant.  We also saw a lot of waterfalls there...I love waterfalls!

Oh, and to the lady who was complaining about non-potable water in Mexico....Well, at least in Mexico City, they have filtered, treated water.  However, the pipes are so old that many of them carry random gross stuff, and the pipes also sit right next to the sewage pipes.  So not even the locals drink the water!

And to make this post somewhat relevant:

I used my Diva Cup twice there, rinsing it with tap water, then rinsing it with bottled water, and I did fine.  hee hee So now I know I don't have to worry about creepy, crawlies up there! (Although not washing it out every time did make it yellow. :( )

ETA:  Picasa totally sucks because it only lets you upload 5 pics at a time! Flickr I already know sucks because it only lets you upload a certain number of MBs and keep a certain number of pics if you are a free member.  Well, my pics are on Picasa Photobucket...for those interested. :)