August 30th, 2008

Leakage Problems (First Time Using Cup)

I got my period today, and tried a menstrual cup for the first time (small Lunette).  Insertion was easy -- the cup went in on the 2nd try using the 7-fold.   (I tried the C-fold the first time, and it was TOO WIDE.)  Unfortunately, I am leaking and I don't understand why.  It seemed like the cup was fully opened with a decent seal.  So, why am I leaking? 

I've read posts that discuss finding your cervix.  I found mine, and tried to position the cup underneath it.  But, it's hard because I can't see what I'm doing, and THE CUP RIDES UP!  It does not stay low in my vagina.  Do I need to angle the cup differently?  What should I do to solve the leakage problem? 

Removal Hurts

Another thing is that removal hurts.  Inserting 2 fingers along with the cup is a very tight fit, and I'm fighting against the cup riding back up while I'm trying to remove it.  The rim is very wide coming out, and it hurts.  I've tried pinching the cup, but everything is very slippery and it's difficult to get a good grasp.  While removing, I accidentally dropped the cup onto a wad of toilet paper in the toilet.  (Everything is so slippery!)  I boiled the cup and hope that got rid of any potential germs.  

Overall, I'm feeling very frustrated right now.  How do I solve the leakage problem?  Is this normal? 

I'm an idiot & Lunette first impressions

I snipped the remaining 7mm of my Mooncup stem off the other day, as I knew I never used it to remove the cup so I thought I might as well... however I didn't consider for a second how much I used the stem for putting the cup in!  I tug on it etc to check the seal and when I tried using it stemless (just a little nub left) it was kinda hard to do!  D'oh!  Has anyone else done this (realising they were wrong to snip, not snipping in itself)?  Did you get used to it?

I'm using my new Lunette today, but I'll probably switch to my Mooncup UK (B) this evening as it'll be the start of the last 36 hours of my period and the Lunette will be overkill (and I still want to use my Mooncup because I *do* love it) so hopefully I'll get used to it stemless!

I'm getting on well with my Lunette.  It arrived yesterday lunchtime when I'd been on for 24 hours.  I was worried by the seemingly-vast size (I got the bigger cup for the capacity) when I saw it, but I just put it out of my mind, boiled it and tried... it worked first time (7 fold) without much discomfort going in.  I found it slightly harder to fold than my Mooncup, but the firmness meant that it popped open a bit quicker - more of a forceful pop than the Mooncup but not uncomfortable.  I got a seal first time.  It's very comfortable and I like the flat stem as it's not jabbing me at all I think it's a better design for comfort and ease of cleaning.

I kept it in 8 hours before my first emptying which is getting on for twice as long as with my Mooncup during the second day - I only emptied it because it had started to leak (just a drop but I felt it and went to empty).  When I looked I saw that it was only just past the first measuring line so I don't think it would've leaked except the position I was in (slouched on the sofa with my laptop on my tummy and my legs up on the back of the sofa) caused it to lose its seal somehow and I noticed when I stood up.  The same thing happens sometimes with the Mooncup.

I emptied it again just before bed (2am) to be sure, and then this morning I hadn't had any leaks at all.  I was up to just past the first line again.  After I had emptied and washed my cup I got my Mooncup out of the cabinet and filled my Lunette with water to the point it was at and emptied it into the Mooncup - it came up to the holes!  

Breaking the seal has been much harder than the Mooncup because it's longer, less squishy, and takes up more room; so it's more difficult to reach to hook a finger or thumb over the rim, but I've not had any pain on removal as I've used folded it to remove it like with the Mooncup.

The very smooth inside of the cup is nice from a hygiene point of view, BUT I've found a couple of times that the angle I'm holding the cup at causes the water to bounce straight out like a fountain (luckily not going all over me or the floor!) without filling it up!  So I'm going to have to be careful of the angle.

I'm now really really really REALLY excited about Shark Week coming around again so I can work out exactly how often I need to empty on each day - I'm hoping I might be able to empty just 4 times on the first day which will be a huge improvement from every 2 hours with my Mooncup!   I might even take a pencil and paper into the bathroom and make a chart for future reference!


diva cup odour

i noticed today, while washing out my diva cup, that it smells really funky, sort of like rotten cabbage. i know, gross but i have never noticed this kind of a smell before and i've been using it for almost 2 years now. anyone else ever experience anything like this? i'm boiling it right now, hoping to have the problem fixed that way.

Turning it inside out and a dab of lube goes a long way.

Wow! I'm so happy. I began using my cup about 5 months ago and have really enjoyed the convience but HAVE found it a bit uncomfortable, especially when my periods light. I use the diva cup and I realize its the largest but it's the only one I could buy locally! :) Anyway my period was so light today..half a teaspoon from noon till 9 PM that the cup was painful because of a lack of lube and a tampon was even worse because it sucked everything up. I was really stumped about what to do and thought I'd have to haul out one of my sisters diaper like maxi pads!!

I decided to put the little pack of lube from the health clinic to use and try a different fold. Punch down didn't help much but then I turned my cup inside out AND did the punch down AND lubed it and VOILA

And it's never been this comfortable!!!

Fingers crossed that it's suctioned well. It's still dented on the side but often times its like that and works fine or just works itself out to be smooth.

But anyway for women struggling with the size of the diva TRY TURNING IT INSIDE OUT nad using some lube if you want as well before buying a whole new cup :D