August 27th, 2008

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Joy of Joys!

removal and re-insertion went like a dream tonight. dunno if it's the cold water, the 7-fold, luck, or some combination of things, but it popped open and made a seal and was comfy almost right away. like, woah.

next step: deciding how practical/economical it would be to change to cloth pantiliners...i have enough daily discharge that it makes me uncomfortable without a pantiliner, and i usually use kotex lightdays...if i bought or made cloth ones, there would have to be at least 14, and i would have to figure out a way to store them between washings so that they wouldnt smell up everything. i'd go for organic ones instead, but a) they're expensive and b) i am not even sure where to find them in bulk. i dont think i want to use the Diva every day, either, even as easy as it has been today.


still having insertion issues

But I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful answers. I really appreciate them. I watched the instead movie and I tried the mirror thing. I squatted with the mirror and am finally starting to get a clearer picture. But I still keep freaking out as soon as it barely even grazes the spot. AGH!
I'm currently trying the mooncup. any thoughts on other cups to try? I have one month left before I have to return it (for a refund). The cup itself (in my opinion) seems rather firm and thick and stiff. Are there any that aren't quite as intimidating? I was thinking possibly the ladycup, though I'm not sure how I would order since the website is in pounds (I'm in the U.S. so I think I would need to be able to pay in dollars)

Thank you again, everybody!

Shorter Period?

Hi all!
  I'm in my first cycle with my Diva Cup and so far I absolutely love it.  No more having to lug tampons around trying to find a bathroom every couple of hours.  It's wonderful.  I do have one question though and I couldn't seem to find the right place to look in the tags.  I was wondering, is it normal for your period to be much shorter with a cup?  Or am I just experiencing a really short one this time around.  I usually bleed for 5 days.  Today is only the 3rd day and when I checked my cup a little while ago there was just a little bit of slightly red mucous.  Also, does the blood always seem more mucous-y (for lack of a better word) with a cup?

I can't decide if it's different because I'm using a cup for the first time or because I'm just having a weird period.  Lol!


guess I'm a believer too XD

So I was always a skeptic about cups, but after lurking around vaginapagina, I gave in and ordered a Diva. This is my first cycle with the cup, and to my great surprise, I've barely had any trouble with it at all.

On my first day, I just had intense cramps and very slight leakage (it didn't stain my panties, I only noticed when I wiped myself at the toilet), but after some fiddlinge, I figured out how exactly to insert the cup, and comparing to my tampon usage, how often to take it out depending on the day. On my first day, I should probably take it out every six hours or so, since I bleed too much, and inserting it, I use the C-fold, and once it's half-in, I fiddle around, pushing open anything that's unopened, pulling it out slightly, and then pushing it back in. And I must say, it was a lot better than I was expecting, considering how I've heard a bit of negativity here on menstrual_cups about the Diva. But in all due honesty, it's not too big for my vagina or too long nor do I need to turn it inside out. I'm happy with my purchase.

Aaanyway, I absolutely love it. :D Definetely not going back to tampons, but I'm not sure what to do with mine now. XD I might just save 'em for awhile, and then later on ask my roommate or female friends if they want 'em.

So yeah, just wanted to share my first-time experience. ^^ I'm sold. I'm considering getting a Miacup in the future when I have the funds. XD
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First dry run with the Lunette

Today I decided to try my size 2 Lunette. I turned 20 yesterday, so I assumed that the cup would be easier to fit in. Currently, I can fit in a finger ( index or middle) fairly easily, but two fingers (index and middle)  takes some struggle and I can not get them as far as one finger. I looked up the folds on here and I was able to easily do all of them except for the Origami fold. Then, I boiled some water in the microwave and put my Lunette in a another cup, then poured the hot water over it and left it to soak for 30 seconds. I hoped that this would make it easier to insert. However, being a virgin, I realized that I could not get my Lunette to go inside when I used the C, 7, or Punch-down folds. I do not know whether it was because I was sitting down on the toilet (maybe I could try sitting with the seat cover down) or if I was unknowingly tense or if I just have a very small opening. I began to feel slight pain at the opening of my vagina, so I decided to stop for today and try again tomorrow or on the weekend. I really want to try and get the Lunette in before my next period, so any help would be much appreciated.