August 17th, 2008

Cervix low @ end of cycle?

I've been using my Diva Cup with no problems since Thursday, which was the first day of my cycle. I'm at the end of my cycle today, and I noticed I was having trouble with my cup sitting VERY low, almost hanging out of me. I reached up with my finger and felt that my cervix is sitting extremely low, I hardly get my finger in to the second joint and I can feel it.

Do any of you have trouble with cups at the end of your cycle? I decided to use nothing since I'm hardly bleeding anymore, I'll just wear old undies and deal.

Diva Cup worked one day and now I have leaks!

This past weekend I was in a wedding. I was expecting my period so I put it in Friday for the first time and it worked because after the rehearsal dinner I saw that I got my period and didn't even know it. Put it in again Saturday but was checking it a lot because I definitely didn't want to leak in my bridesmaid dress! Today, however, I've been leaking. I'm doing the same thing and I use the origami fold because I hear it's the easiest for it to pop open. I checked it throughout the day and it seems to be open. I can feel the bottom and it seems alright although I can't feel all the way up, although, sometimes it seems to be in the shape of an oval instead of a circle. When I pull it out, it seems to have suction and it was definitely catching so it just seems like it's not catching all of it.

Is it not popped open? And what can I do to fix it?

I'm definitely doing the same thing I did the last two days so I don't know what changed. Really appreciate any help! Thank you!

Major Removal Issues / Are Larger Cups Easier to Remove?

I've been using the small Lady Cup. Insertion is easy, and I can wear it comfortably for 12 hours (or more) without leaks.

My only problem is the dang thing will not come out. I've read all the tips on here about how to make removal easier. I still have had no luck and I end up spending about 30 minutes each time wrestling in frustration with my cup to get it out. Not fun. There have been times when I've worn it for 24 hours because I just could not remove it. During my last period I gave up, resorted to tampons, and decided that the small Lady Cup will never again enter my vagina.

Has anybody with similar problems found that the larger sized cups are easier to remove? I wonder if being able to reach the base more easily to squeeze and break the suction would help? (The Lady Cup sits very high for me. I try to bear down, reach up to break the suction, pull the stem etc, but I always lose my grip. The cup always re-suctions itself, instantaneously slides right back up, and I have to start over. grr).

Maybe a large Lady Cup would be easier?...or a large Lunette? Are the firmer cups easier to remove? Why does the Lady Cup get soooo stuck?

Thanks for any input.

First timer, need a bit of help.

I have decided for various reasons to buy a cup. I'm expecting AF Wednesday or Thursday, but I won't be able to get a cup until Saturday when I go to Birmingham. I figured I would jump start everything by using the instead cup until then. I'm very excited, but I have a few questions. I have already tried a dry run for the instead, and although it was short, it was comfortable and actually easy to get out, but it felt like the cup part pulled up, so I would think it would spill a lot on taking it out. I also plan on using the Instead for sex, and I'm concerned about the cup shifting since my guy isn't exactly small. Has anyone had issues with either of these? I have never been heavy enough to need the towel, but I don't exactly like having to see blood all over us when we finish which would be the only reason I would use it.

I will be getting the Divacup next Saturday. I'm extremely excited and I want to be able to start with it straight away. Is there any quick way to clean it before use away from home? I want to know if I should get the large or the small size. I am younger than 30, no kids, but I do have a heavy flow sometimes, and as I've stated before, my guy isn't small so I don't know if that should factor in at all in choosing a size.

Thanks to anyone who helps me out. I'm so excited for this period to come so I can try it all out.