August 2nd, 2008

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Cleaning the holes--new technique

I have a technique for cleaning the holes that's a less messy variation on the "fill it with water, hold your hand against the top, then squeeze" method. I've thought of posting it before, but I've had trouble figuring out a decent way to explain it.

Fill your bathroom sink with about half an inch to an inch (around 2 cm) of water. Put the top of your cup against the side of the sink. Move the cup down so that the top is under the water, against the bottom of the sink. Squeeze the cup. When you squeeze the cup, air bubbles will be forced out of the holes, and that will remove anything that's clogging them.

I use a small Diva, so I don't know if it'll work the same for the other cups, but for me this technique works better than the standard one.

Affordable Cloth Pads?

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a site that sells reusable menstrual pads but doesn't kill on International shipping rates.

I've checked sites like Lunapads, Gladrags and Moonpads, but the shipping cost really puts me off getting any. ($25+ for one pad??  Don't think so!)
I already own and use a Mooncup UK, but I'm looking for panty liners to use for those spotty days because I hate the idea of using disposable liners..
I've also checked out a few sellers on and I really love some of the patterns and the very reasonable shipping costs. The only thing I'm worried about is whether they're well made and reliable.. I don't want my pads tearing after a couple of washes! Does anyone have any experiences with any particular sellers on Etsy??

Edit: This is what I'm considering at the moment
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Leakage issues-- another cry for help!

So I posted a week or so ago regarding a dry run, and took everyone's words to heart. I decided to lay it aside until I was actually on my period, and low and behold, awesome advice. My period started this morning, and while I'm still befuddled as to how I'll ever get it in at work, given the contortion I put myself through to actually get it in comfortably, it was in and comfortable.

But... I put it in, and the damn thing just made a run north. I'm not a panicker, but I stood there thinking "Huh. I wonder how on earth I'm going to reach all the way up to my sternum to get this blasted thing out!"

I was headed to the movies with a friend, so I decided I probably ought to at least TRY to figure out how to get it out. Bear down, wiggle around, do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that's how you get it out. Okay, fine, well and good. Glad I didn't trim the stem, 'cause I'd have been screwed.

So I put it back in, comfortable, let it settle wherever it wants (because that's what I should do, right?) and go to the movies. About 40 minutes into the movie, I get up and go to the bathroom, only to find that I'm leaking. Or more to the point, I don't seem to be hitting the cup at all, and it has wormed its way up even farther. It took some serious work to get it back out (it HAD sealed), and there seemed to be more blood on the outside than on the inside (though it was collecting some.) I don't know what to do, and I definitely don't want to give up, but I will say I took it out and returned to a tampon for the interim. It's a Mooncup UK, and I'm a little bummed here!
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Diva vs Mia

Ok I have and love my DIvaCup very much.  I have had it for about 1 year and a half.  I started with the large size - but it was too big, so I had to size down.  Even though I am 37.

Collapse )

So where is that post that compares all the cups lines up with each other (photos please the numbers means nothing to me)

And do  you all think I should get the bigger or smaller MiaCup?
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(no subject)

Okay, so I posted the other day that I started my period but couldn't find my Diva because I'd just moved. Well I found it, put it in... turns out it was just spotting, which is odd because I don't usually spot, but whatever. Last night I was spotting again, but I decided to wait until later to make sure it was actually my period instead of just more spotting. Well, I just went to pee and there was bright red blood, so I stuck the cup in. I always pee right after I put it IN, too, because the flexing of muscles I've found helps it settle into place better. Aaaanyway, I go to wipe after this, and still blood. Very odd, since I've never even had a TINGE of a leak before, not even once. I figure, I usually put my cup in at the first sign of spotting, so maybe since I waited for an actual flow this time, some blood was clinging to my lower vaginal wall, and that's why I'm still bloody. So, I try to clean myself out a bit. Nope, still blood flowing. Cup is good, seal is good... still bleeding.

Is this maybe because I waiting for a full flow to start before I put the cup in, so it doesn't seal as well? Or is it possible my vagina ITSELF is bleeding right now? Since I generally put the cup into a dry vagina (and the suction of removing it usually clears me out when I change during my period- hurrah for a thick, clumping flow!), I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it, so I figured I'd ask here to see if it's normal.

Wondering if I will be able to use the Instead?

 I am a regular user of the Divacup and it works great.  Like many women, the idea of having less-bloody sex during the period has caused me to look at the Instead.  Here's my problem.

They work like a diaphragm, right?  Well, I could use a diaphragm well enough, until after the birth of my second child (I had C sections, not sure that matters).  Anyway, something happened and my cervix changed positions.  Next time I tried to use one, it got stuck behind the pelvic bone and I couldn't grab it.  It came out in the emergency room, after a huge amount of trouble (and no small feelings of trauma on my part).  12 years later (this was just this year), I tried to get fitted with a diaphragm again, only to have the same problem.  The nurse practitioner managed to get the fitting-model out, but refused to prescribe one, obviously, saying that my anatomy wasn't right for it.

I don't want to have to go to the E.D. to get my Instead cup removed, particularly since I don't have health insurance right now.  But if they're more flexible than a diaphragm, or different enough, maybe it would be okay to use one.  Anybody have any experience-based advice, or professional-based (such as being a midwife, doctor or nurse)? 

One more question... has anyone used a sea sponge during sex?  Perhaps that would be safer for me.  The "sex tampons" look interesting, but they also just look like sponges.


Hi everyone!

I've been a spectator in this community for..too long! and although I instantly loved the idea of menstrual cups, I suffer from an extreme case of indecisiveness ;P so I haven't been able to make up my mind on which cup!

My period is only moderately heavy for 1.5 days and then I spot for like  5... (blessing or curse?) so I didn't need one that held a substantial capacity, so I've been debating over the Lunette for a whiiile, but now that Ladycup is out on the market, I definitely know that I want that one!

My only concern is that the surface looks really smooth and I'm worried that getting a good grip for removal may be a problem..? The raised dots on the base and stem don't look like they would do much because of the smooth texture..

So for the ladies that use Ladycup/Pinkcup, can you please let me know what your experiences are with the grip-issue?

Then I'll FINALLY be able to make my conversion to menstrual cups--once and for all!

Thanks in advance!