July 27th, 2008

Interested In Purchasing... but...

Hey Everyone :]

I really appreciate people responding- here's my situation,

I'm thirteen years old, about five one, and a hundred pounds. I play soccer and play outdoors games all the time. So, i'm very active & HATE my period for getting in the way of my life. It's basically miserable for me most times.

I just can't put a tampon in.

I saw cups and hoped they would help for me- but i'm small- and they seem big.

Which brand would be the best to try?
Is it worth me trying?
Is it somewhat easier then a tampon?
Is it true you only have to change it every twelve hours?
Do you have to worry about leaking?

I've got SO many questions. Any you can answer I appreciate. Thanks so much!

CrazyGreened :]
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Period Dramas

Ok so I've had 4 periods with my Diva Cup now and I'm having issues.

I have the diva for under 30 yr olds (is that meant to be bigger or smaller than the other one?) and the first two days are absolute hell for me. I have always bled like crazy the first two days of my period, but I now realise just how crazy it is. I have to empty the Diva about every 2 hrs and it is full and overflowing. I'm still finding it slower to change than a tampon (probably cos I'm a bit OCD about cleanliness so I like to wash it out thoroughly each time rather than just wiping it down) so this is getting in the way of everything in life! I also find it really uncomfortable to wear, as everything is rather tender on the first 2 days of my period, so I'm aware of the cup the whole time.

I'm not saying this is any worse than tampons, I'm completely convinced that cups are the best thing possible and I'll never go back, but I'm looking for any suggestions to help make it any easier. Is there perhaps a cup that holds more that I could use for the first 2 days so I dont have to change as frequently? Although I'm worried that if I try a larger size it might be more uncomfortable since it almost feels like everything sort of shrinks up inside on these two days.

Also, it leaks incessently, even immediately after inserting it. I'm sure it's popping open, since when I change it's full, but a little bit seems to be escaping all the time.

My biggest issue is that this is really impinging on my life. Last month I missed out on a big concert in Quebec city because I was paranoid that there would not be enough toilets for me to change the cup when I need to, or that there would be huge line ups for the available toilets and I would risk mega leakage while waiting for my turn, so I ended up staying home while my b/f went out with his friends.

The cup has still made my life easier though, at least I only need change it every 2 hrs whereas  even with a super duper size tampon I would need to change  every hour. I'm just sick of my period getting in the way, and with only about 1 week to go till I'm due again, I'm really not looking forward to it. I should mention also that I get nasty cramps for the first 2 days as well.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Stagnant Period

I have what my gyno calls a "stagnant period." What happens is I have a pretty heavy flow for about three days, then absolutely nothing for 12-48 hours, then two or three more days of a light flow. Can I wear my Diva Cup during the stagnant time, even if it's around two days?

Also... this is my first attempt at using a cup, and I don't know how to tell if I have a seal. I'm on day two of my period, and had a little leakage last night, but a lot less than I usually get with tampons. I have a compressed spinal cord between my L4 and L5 vertebrae in my lower back, so I don't have a lot of muscle control below that area, but my doctor said that I should have "nearly" full sensation. I don't know if the "nearly" means that I'm getting a seal, but I just can't feel it or what.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Edit: Thanks for all the info guys! I feel better about using my Diva now.
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Doing Activism!

I guess I'm an altruist, and very happy.
I'm telling to my family and friends about menstrual cups. They are doing the same thing. To inform people about reality makes me happy, I feel I did something good.

I wrote an email to a menstrual cup company. I asked them to send me some pamphlets, stickers, for making activism and tell people about menstrual cups. They did! And now I do activism.
I'll write the same email to other m.c companies soon, I'm excited!

Actually I'm stikcing the stickers on public places, and public wc too. I wish this help to inform people.
I'm writing to newspapers and online magazines to publish info articles about m.cups.
I'm also telling about m.c in forums and chatrooms I use to chat. People is being informed, and lots of people is getting cups, and telling friends about it. Great.

Now I have another plan: to leave pamphlets and web links on gyno's letterbox.

More ideas? Let's do activism!

Wrong Size...

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but when I recieved my Divacup today, I discovered I'd ordered a size 2 instead of a size 1. Cleverly, I figured this out AFTER opening the package, and AFTER inserting the cup (which was a bit crowded with the fingers and the cup and all, but it wasn't awful). I ordered from South Coast Shipping, and I'm not sure they'll accept returns at this point.

I haven't tried removal yet, so I don't know how that will be. If removal is fine, is it a problem for me to keep my size 2? Will it stretch me out to use it? It's only 1/2 inch difference, so I imagine the only real problem would be with insertion/removal.

Engorged Cervix -- help, did I break my vagina?!

This time around I have had a very usually long period. It has lasted more than two weeks. I have a contraceptive implant which is known to make periods unpredictable. Even though I haven't had a period like this since I had it put in in March, I did not think much of it. My husband expressed the concern, this being my first period using my Ladycup, that the long period could somehow be related. I'd never heard of that happening so I thought it was silly. The last week of my period has not even felt like a period at all, no cramps or discomfort. Just a low amount of bleeding.

However. Today while replacing my cup I noticed something very strange and alarming. My cervix, which usually I would not be able to reach in and feel with my fingers, is right inside the entrance to my vagina. It is very large. Like I said, I've never been able to feel my cervix before, but I don't think it's supposed to be this big. It's circumference is greater than the widest point of my thumb. I'm very familiar with my g-spot and I know I"m not confusing the two. This is a cylinder-shaped object, I can circle my finger around it. My finger circles between it and the walls of my vagina.

I can't even have sex like this, it is too big for a penis to be placed in there with it. We already know the suction is great enough to pull out an IUD. Is it possible that it's engorging the blood vessels in my cervix and causing it to enlarge? Is this possibly dangerous? Should I see a doctor?


Hello ladies! I got my LadyCup last cycle and I must say, this community's been amazingly helpful. You all are awesome.

So, question. I was just gifted with this stuff. It's Sonoma "Pure Honey" soap and it's labeled "100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin."
Is it cup-safe (for washing with), or should I stick with using Dove? (Or is Dove not good either?)

//Mmkay, consensus seems to be that glycerin -> yeasties. Will be avoiding that, then. Thanks, all!