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Has anyone else repurchased a DivaCup? I see a lot of posts about women who use menstrual cups from two different lines, but I bought a new DivaCup yesterday after leaving my first one at school. I bought the first one in 2005, and the new one is, like...squishier. The holes are larger, and the outside seems more textured, which don't concern me as much because I guess I'll just get used to them.

Does anyone know if the Diva people changed the materials they use to make the cup? I ask because I did a lot of research before buying one the first time and I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel using a cup made of something I don't know about :/ I was looking on the website, though, and I found this:

Due to government standards and the personal, hygienic nature of the product, a menstrual cup should be replaced once a year.

I feel kind of gross now for using the same one for three years :|

I was wondering......cup bags...yes or no?

I was wondering what do you think about the carry bag that your cup came in? Do you like it? Would you rather have something a little more discereet about what is in the bag and something a little more to your own style? What size would it be?
If you could make (or buy) one what patterns and fabrics would you use? A drawstring bag or a button shut bag?

My reason for asking is I am in the middle of making some for sale and I was wanting some feedback to this idea. Would it be wroth making and selling them?
Most of the bags I have seen for sale on places like ebay & etsy sale for around $5,which seems kinda steep to me for a little cloth bag that takes 15 minutes to make,so mind would probably be a little cheaper. And I was also wondering what size should I make them? I have a LadyCup and it's bag is pretty small so I didn't know if I should make some in that size and make some for the larger cups like the diva & miacups. What do yall think about this idea?

I need all the feedback I can get on this...I hope to have some ready to sale in the next week,all I am waiting on is some fabric that I am getting off ebay.
Thanks so much for yall's help in advance!!
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Sizing question

Hey, I'm just wondering if there are any girls out there that are able to use both the large and small size cups without any problems. I have a small MCUK and have ordered a large Miacup. I'm 28, so close to that 30 years recommended for the large cups. I have read on here that some girls might find the cup doesn't open properly for them if they get the large cup and their bodies are too small, but I was wondering if it would be possible to use both sizes and not have a problem.


First yoga class with cup

I currently have my period for the first time since I started yoga classes, and I was a little apprehensive about how it would go. I normally wear reusable pads, but for exercise, I often change to the Mooncup UK so as not to have the extra bulk of the pad or the risk of an odd position making the pad slip. I've cycled, swum and done keep fit classes successfully with the cup, but yoga involves rather more adventurous positions than any of those, so I wasn't sure. Turns out I needn't have worried - I did the whole class with no discomfort and no leakage. If anything, the cup ended up being more comfortable than usual - usually, I can distinctly feel it inside me, which is why I prefer the pads, but as soon as we started class I didn't notice it any more. Maybe the exercise somehow settled it into a better position. Must see if I can reproduce that feeling without having to do an hour of yoga before work every morning! If so, I might consider giving up my beloved pads after all...

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I just wanted to post my excitement because there are few other people who would understand, but I wore white knickers yesterday! Day 2 of my period is the heaviest (not that I get particularly heavy bleeds), and using tampons the thread would inevitable wick the blood, or I'd leave it too long and forget. I've lost count of the number of leaks/stains I've had. Somehow I could never get the hang of pantyliners - they had a nasty habit of unsticking and twisting round on me.

I bought my UK Mooncup back in February, and am thrilled to bits with it. I love the fact I can put it in beforehand and don't have to worry about finding a loo when I feel it start. Last month I was on holiday in Italy with my Mum and I was really nervous because I'd never used it out of my home area, but it was fine. I felt my period start as I stepped onto a bus in the middle of rural Tuscany, but could be completely comfortable and confident. The fact that there is no waste means that it was *less* obvious than usual, and although I did take a handful of other supplies, I didn't think of them once!

So generally, a big WOOT for the mooncup!
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miacup ordering process?

I was hoping someone could give me some reassurance with the miacup ordering process.  I purchased a cup from them on Friday, and my card was charged on 7/21 (yesterday).  But I have not received any emails from them at all.  Not even an automated "We have received and are processing your order" type of deal.    Is this the norm?

Waste Comparisons

I know this is preaching to the choir, but I thought it would be kind of a cool visual to have. I hope this is okay to post.

In a DAY, here is how much waste is produced by different sanitary products (I know different women go through different amounts of disposables, but you get the idea.):

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travel with a keeper


I'm traveling to India in about a week... just in time for my period to start! Jet lag AND cramps! : (

I've been using a keeper for about two years and was wondering if anyone had any tips or cautions for traveling in places where a)the water isn't good for cleaning something that's going in a vagina; or b)people are probably more closeted about their periods than they are in the US.
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The Science of Not Leaking and an Intro

The Intro: (Skip if you wish to question) Hi all! First time post here. Cup user for almost 9 years - have tried both sizes of gum rubber keepers and smaller Diva. Keeper never worked well for me and kept giving me a yeast infection, and I tried the other size to see if the leaks were any better. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. The Diva compared to the Keeper was a godsend because it was sooooo much better, and no yeasties! So that's my little cup bio. I got both sizes of the Diva when I got it a few years ago but only ever used the smaller size, the larger size is actually still in it's package and I doubt I'll ever use it. I ordered a Lunette because it seems as I approach 30 (I am 28) my insides are starting to behave differently when I am on my period. For example, my cervix rides lower than it ever used during that time, which sort of makes the whole of my insides seem "shorter", in other words the Diva got to where half the time it hangs 1/3 to 1/2 the way out anymore no matter how far I shove it up there before it opens... so it's just not working anymore. And I had minor leaks every single cycle with it, and it wasn't always comfy, poked me. To top it all off, the last 8 or 9 cycles I have had the WORST time getting the darned thing to open. It was mediocre for those few years but the last 8 or 9 months it has gotten to where I've had to use tampons because I had so much trouble with it. So, I got a Lunette hoping that it will solve the issues I had with the Diva... It's shorter, and meant for those of us 30 and over and such, little tab, but can still have a chance at holding the massive amounts of blood I can shed some days. I am hoping to get to finally be one of the lucky ones that are totally leak free. I have yet to try the Lunette with a cycle.

The Question: As I pondered which one to get (It came down to Lunette or MCUK - if the Lunette doesn't work I will try the MCUK next as finances allow) I wondered about the science of not leaking. Which brings me to the main point of this post. What exactly helps a cup not leak? Obviously, "a good seal" is the answer, so I guess I should be more specific... What exactly does a good seal consist of? How do you get one?  Is it the right amount of suction, or the size of the cup, or whether or not it pops open all the way, or a combination of all these things? If a combination of all these things, which of these things is more likely to influence whether or not it leaks? I'd really like to know so that in case the Lunette doesn't work out, I am better able to choose what to try next. But I'd also just be really interested in reading good discussions as to how and why a cup works in such a way that it doesn't leak. :) And more importantly, how to master this science for oneself to attain the ultimate leak free experience.

So about these menstrual cups....

I just heard about menstrual cups like 2 hours ago, and i have a few questions... What are the different menstrual cup sizes? I've never been sexually active, so i probably still have my hymen intact... is it comfortable for someone like me? if so what size do u think i should get??? are they that much better than pads and tampons? iono just inform please :D

edit: i think a cup with a small diameter, which one do u think would be best?

Hello, long time watcher, first time posting!

So, after doing all the research I can on this whole concept, and reading all the wonderful things about it, I have decided that I want to get it a try! However, I am a bit nervous about the whole process and with so many brands out there I am just not too sure which one is right for me.

I rarely use tampon, mostly due to the discomfort, so I am a bit worried that I will have the same issues with this.
So...I guess I am just wondering if anyone had any brand preferences? Which ones are easiest to insert/remove? Which are soft and case the least discomfort? Best to prevent leakage?

Also, once I get the hang of using it and what have you, does anyone have an suggests on cleaning them in public restrooms?

I have looked though the memories and I could not really find ant entries that answered my specific questions, so if this is a bit redundant, I apologize!

Thank you!