July 18th, 2008

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Drive-by posting!

I used to be a lurker on this community but haven't even had the time to be that for a while, however, I wanted to pop back on here to say how pleased I am to have my Mooncup and to pass on a tip/thought.

I recently found myself having to use tampons for a few days as I was without my Mooncup (I may possibly have boiled it dry by mistake!) and what a nightmare - they were useless! I was changing them every 2 hours at least and between those times, I was constantly wary of leaks - I wouldn't consider myself a particularly heavy flow person. And then there's what to do with the used tampon/applicator; I'd forgotten about having to decide if you can throw it down the loo (let's face it we all do/did it!) or if you need to put it in the (usually not very) sanitary disposal bin. And that's without having to think about all the other hassles with tampons like actually remembering to carry some around with you!

I was overjoyed to be back using my Mooncup yesterday evening. I'm back to only having to worry about it twice a day and my (and my office's) drains are once again 'safe'!

One quick tip/thought - I'm 32 and have given birth twice vaginally (although admittedly both times pretty quickly and with very tiny babies) but I am finding the smaller B-size cup far more comfortable than the larger A-size cup that I assumed I'd need by now. I certainly don't seem to be having any leaking issues. I just say this in case anyone else thinks that they should probably be on the larger one but it feels a bit uncomfortable, don't assume that the smaller one would be too small based on their age or how many babies they've given birth to.

Oh - one last thing seeing as I'm here... be warned that Mooncups *can* dislodge coils - mine did and I thought I was being fairly careful. Of course, it might not have been the Mooncup but the suction was pretty strong at times so I think it may well have been that.

the Insteads conversation

So my DH is rather squeamish about sex during the period, and I don't blame him I was too. However, due to the amount of business travel he has, I've begun to open my mind a bit to alternatives so as to take advantage of whenever he's home, regardless of what time of the month it is. So I was rather happy to be learning about Insteads (our shower isn't very large)and got a box and am ready to try them! So... any tips on how to approach the DH with this? He's accepted my Diva usage, albeit thinks its a bit odd, but then again its a woman thing and I would know best. But... I don't know how he'd take this and I'd like to give it the best possible go right out of the gate. Suggestions ladies?

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because i find these types of posts very inspiring and helpful, i thought i would share my own experience switching from the diva to the mooncup uk. although i haven't full on started my period, i have not leaked once, which is dramatically different from the diva. even on my lightest days i was leaking. the mooncup uk is by far a million times more comfortable for me... and i am sooooo happy i made the switch! thank you everyone here for the encouragement! this is such a great community!