July 15th, 2008


So, I'm one of those semi crafty peeps, but I realize other ladies can barely thread a needle. I got really bored, and started coming up with semi-simple bag patterns to do yourself. I LOVE making patterns! Would anyone mind if I posted them? Or would I be hung up and killed with knitting needles/sewing scissors?
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brand shopping

After reading lots of very helpful brand comparison posts, I think I am going to try a large Ladycup. My small Mooncup UK leaks quite a bit, but I love how flexible it is and it always pops open promptly and has good suction. I was concerned with getting a larger one because of increased cramps, so the more squishy Ladycup appeals to me. Seems like it opens and suctions well and has ridges for easy removal. I was a bit concerned as it is longer then the large Mooncup UK, (as seen in kuradi8 most excellent chart posted on 29 April) since my small MCUK sits low and I am worried about it hanging out and rubbing sensitive bits, but then I realized there is not much difference between 1.97" and 2.09"! It is only 5ml more in capacity then the small MCUK and I don't think my leakage issue is due to being over full but a rim width issue. I am also thinking the Ladycup over another MCUK because I feel like the rim really bruises when I remove it and I hope the more sqishiness of the LC will help.
So the question is, where is your fav place to buy a Ladycup to be delivered to East Coast US? I have time so no rush is needed, but cost is a consideration, especially since my MCUK was almost $40.

Cups for cervical fluid?

Does anyone wear their cup every day to collect cervical fluid and other non-menstrual discharge? What is it like wearing the cup more or less constantly? Since my period is pretty irregular (it surprised me this week!) I thought I'd wear it all the time more or less constantly to collect discharge and any surprises.
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I just got a lady cup (small) after using the small divacup for about 5 years. Holy crap, the lady cup is SO MUCH more comfortable! Whoa. The divacup was just too long for me, and I suspect either too large or too stiff, because it was always making me feel like I had to pee. Haven't had that problem with the ladycup so far, although I've only used it for a day.

Anyway, I'm super happy with the comfort aspect, but I'm having a heck of a time with removal! It is so slippery, and since the bottom doesn't have a little stiff part to grab on to, its really tough. Plus it seems to be suctioned so much more than the divacup. (I'm actually a little worried about my IUD for that reason, but we'll see how it goes.)

Any tips?

Diva Wash

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Diva Wash
Hey ladies,

First I want to say, if you work with the Diva Cup company, umm... sorry! I'm not being paid for this.

I was at Whole Foods a few days ago, looking at the Diva Wash for the Diva Cup. I read the ingredients, and it occured to me that I'd seen ingredients that were almost exactly the same...on the bottle of my fruits and veggies cleaner, Veggie Wash.
I turned around and checked (the Diva Wash and Veggie Wash were in the same isle, hah). Yep, they are the same. Veggie Wash will clean the Diva Cup.
But whereas the Diva Wash is $9.99 for a 6 oz. bottle, you can get Veggie Wash for $4.95/16 oz. bottle, or $7.19/32 oz. bottle. Plus it'll clean your veggies.
You can find both items online if you want to check it out for yourself and don't live near a Whole Foods.

Just thought some of you might be as cheap as I am, and would want to know. :p

small teen, heavy flow, which cup?

Hi, I just discovered menstrual cups/cloth pads a couple of days ago. I want to order a cup ASAP, but I'm confused as to what size/cup to buy. I've narrowed it down to the lunette or the lady cup. I am a small teen virgin with a HEAVY flow. The lady cup/lunette appeal to me because their smaller(eaisier to get in i suppose because of my frame?) , but at the same time I have a heavy flow and I don't want to empty it every hour. 

So what should I do? I'm also considering getting the smallest of the big cups, but i'm confused as to which cup that would be because they're slightly different shapes!

I know this post may not make a lot of sense, but please help me if you can! Your advice would be very helpful!
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Excited (but kind of random)!

Well since I've had my cup (about a month) and haven't had the chance you use it yet, I decided I would honor it with a new pouch. The one my Diva came in was a little flimsy and was cute but not really my style. I'm also a beginning knitter and this is the first thing I've made that doesn't lie flat (I've made scarves and a baby blanket)! Here it is!

It's a little rugged but it works...to get my cup inside of it I actually fold it like I would before inserting it inside of me.
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First Timer?

Hey, I've been researching a lot on tampons and cups... and to be honest, I just can't find very good information. I stumbled onto this community.. and it was like the heavens opened up to me, lol.
I've tried using tampons for months... but they don't quite seem to work. I've gotten them in once or twice... but they make my cramps worse, and after doing some research, I've found out that the swelling of the tampon inside the vagina irritates the inflamed cervix and does make cramps worse. I would stick with pads, but I'm a fencer, and I can't sit out of competitions just 'cause I'm on my special time of month!
So during my late nights on the web... I discovered the idea of mooncups. I was like, wait, what? They go in you? And they're like.. WHAT? I mean.. I guess you guys aren't surprised with that reaction, lol. I was a bit freaked, to say the least... but now they're starting to appeal to me. (: But... I'm a 15 year old asian (small-framed because ofi t) virgin. I had difficulty getting a tampon in... I'm afraid using a cup will be much worse!

Oh, and also: My mom.. freaked when I even mentioned tampons to her (she's old fashioned... she hates the idea of tampons, but she's not active, like me.) I couldn't even imagine asking her to order a mooncup for me! Do they sell cups in convenience stores or anything?