July 14th, 2008


A Question About Cleaning!

Hey Ladies!

I just have a quick question for you all. I took a look through the tags but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. So here we go. I've had my cup for two cycles. I wear my cup overnight, take it out in the morning to rinse/clean, and put it back in for the day. Every night I take it out and rinse/clean it and reinsert it before bed.

My question? How on earth do I clean out those little holes? I eventually get them clean after a lot (I mean, a TON,) of rinsing, but I could really go for a suggestion of an easier way to clean them. Also, should I make sure they're cleaned every time I take the diva out? Any input on this?

One more question I guess. Normally I use the "punch-down" fold when i insert my cup, but I've been having issues with leaking. Not totally full blown leaks but I'd rather.. well, no leaks. Any suggestions or tricks on how to make sure the cup is sealed and to make sure that it won't leak?

I'd really appreciate any comments you have! Thanks in advance, everyone! :)

Ladycup Rocks!

I just had my first cycle with the Ladycup and it's has worked the best for me out of all the cups I've tried.  I had some opening issues during the dry run, and found that if I let it open with the rim just barely inside and then push it up, that works well.   I couldn't push it up during the dry run because I literally was too dry up there, but during my period, the blood provided enough lube so that it went right in.   The only time it leaked was when it was full.   My only gripe is it does ride up on me and removal is a bit messy.   The amount of blood on my hand is enough to keep me from emptying it in a public restroom stall. 

I also noticed when testing it with water, that it leaks through the holes since they are so big.

But overall, I am completely satisfied with the Ladycup.  And it's a good thing.  It's the fourth cup I've tried and I was getting frustrated.  It's much less of a hassle than the other cups since it doesn't leak and I don't have to empty it as often as the Mooncup UK.
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New Lunette!

I've had my small Diva for about a year, and I have never had any major problems with it (minus a few instances of difficulty opening). I realized that it was a bit too long and I've been yearning for a second cup anyway, so I ordered the small Lunette from leastore.fi. I just want to say that this store is freaking unbelievable. I ordered my cup on Thursday and I got it today (Monday). I'm in California. They're in Finland. What?!? Plus they sent candy. Great, great, great, company. I recommend them. I just washed and popped in the new cup for a dry run and every thing went perfectly. Popped open easily and the shorter length is more comfortable for me. Yay for new cups!
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making a purchase decision

I have been using a Diva (smaller size) for about two years now and I still from time to time have some frustration getting it to pop open. (I know this isn't true for everyone, but if it doesn't pop open for me, I leak.)  I have tried all the different kinds of folds, as well as all the different folds inside out, but it just doesn't seem to work consistently, and is getting more difficult with time rather than easier.  It's also a bit longer than I'd prefer. I can't seem to decide between the Lunette and the Mooncup UK.

My question for the comm:  Which is easier to pop open, the Lunette or Mooncup UK?  Also, I know the sizing charts are roughly sized, but I am 24, nulliparous, and the width of the small Diva has always been comfortable for me.  Am I best off with the smaller size of either of those cups as well?


ETA:  I decided on a Mooncup UK because it was a good amount cheaper and because I couldn't decide on a Lunette size.  Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.  I really have tried every popping-open trick and fold everyone has mentioned on this comm - I just don't think the Diva is the cup for me.  Will be back with a comparison when it comes in!
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cycle three still frustrated

I finished my third cycle with my small size Mooncup UK and still had a lot of leakage issues. As I have said before, I know it is opening and sealing well, so I am thinking I need to get the larger size. The problem is, I notices this time around that the pressure of the cup is causing me to have cramps every day, not just my usual first day cramps. They are not debilitating, but still unhappy and I would rather not have to suffer with them and I hate having to take vitamin I to get rid of them. This all leads me to ask you worldly ladeez:
Will the larger size help the leakage and will it make my cramps worse? What do you all think?

Cups are taking over the world!!

I've just sold a bunch of my family members on the idea of a menstrual cup and they're happily awaiting the arrival of theirs. Yay! So far I've been able to get 7 people to convert to cups, and a least a handful of people to consider it, since I began using my Diva in December. The mission continues! :)

Anyway, the point of this post was to ask if any of you know where I can get the Keeper in the Toronto area. My Aunt wants the Keeper because it's natural gum rubber, so I'm trying to locate it at a reasonable price for her.

Any advice would be great!


New to the cup idea... just ordered my first one!

 Hi there! I'm new to this community and the idea of menstrual cups, but I've kind of been taken over by the whole "green" thing, and I thought this would be a convenient alternative to tampons!

I ordered the larger Lunette. I'm a little nervous though, reading about other people and thinking that maybe I should have ordered the smaller one... eee! I hope I made the right decision! I'm 21, have never been pregnant or had a child, and I'm not a virgin. =)

Anyone had experience with both?
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Small Ladycup experience

So, I finally had my period a few days ago, and used the small Ladycup for the first time. This is after using a small Mooncup for over five years.

Going in, my vagina seemed to suck it in the first time! That didn't happen later, when I compared it to the Mooncup. Both cups behaved the same: they went in easily with a finger to guide them. The Ladycup was easier to remove than the Mooncup, it just came out. No need to angle it or anything.

I didn't notice any difference in the effect on my urethra, both cups slow me down a bit when I pee. I had no problems using the little Ladycup even though I'm 24 and sexually active, it stayed in place and didn't leak. I'm a light bleeder though.

I like both cups. The Ladycup has the edge thanks to ease of removal, but as I'm comfortable with the Mooncup the difference is very small. The clear colourless silicone of the Ladycup is more attractive then the Mooncup, but it does mean that I can't see it when I'm in the shower without my glasses!