June 21st, 2008

I lost my Diva Cup Yesterday

Hence the reason for finding your site.  I wanted to spread the word of my mishap and let others learn from it, and I am obviously in the market for a new cup.   

I've been a faithful Diva cup user the past few months and yesterday I had to remove it in a walmart restroom.  Well, silly me let it slip out of my fingers and it fell in the toilet (I know, ewwwww) but I'm not very squemish and certainly no germaphobe so I thought nothing of reaching in the toilet and fishing it out (planing to wrap it up and take it home to boil).  BEWARE THE SELF FLUSHING TOILET!   Sitting there on that potty I must have moved wrong and activated the auto flush and there went my Diva.  I almost cried.  when I came out, my boyfriend asked what was wrong....I told him the f***** self flush toilet sucked down my f***** DivaCup and that I needed to go buy some F***** tampons.    Sensitive guy that he is, he waited a whole 15 minutes before the wisecracks and jokes started.

I can laugh now but then I was really pissed (even thought about going to the customer service desk and telling them their toilet ate my cup).  The guy at customer service did not look like the brightest crayon in the box so I could not even imagine how I would get through to him what I was even talking about, so I left that one alone.  On the plus side, it gave me a funny story to tell my boss (he and I are somewhat close and can talk about darn near anything and he can always appreciate a funny story)

Needless to say, I'm in the market.....The Diva was OK but I seemed to have a lot of problems with leaks and getting it in just right (once its in right its fine with no leaking but it takes so many tries to get it right sometimes) so maybe this is a sign.  I'm thinking about trying a different brand of cup and am having a hard time decideing so I'm hoping you Gals can help me out.  I'm located in the USA so I guess I'm looking for a brand easily ordered.  So what do you ladies have the most luck with?
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