May 27th, 2008

Question about Cups and the Ring...

I know this question has been kind of tossed out before, but the link to the answer won't work for me (it keeps coming up with an error message) so I'm hoping that someone would be able to answer. 

It's been a few years, I'm thinking about going back on HBC (Sidebar: am I the only one who read HBC the first time and thought, "Why the frack are people talking about the Hudson's Bay Company here??").  I never remember to take pills and I'm wary of the Patch because of the law suits I've read about/my girlfriends who say it falls off sometimes, so I was thinking NuvaRing.  Now that I've discovered the wonderful, revolutionizing world of shoving Anastasia Beaverhousen up into Ladytown, I like the idea.  

Anyway, I noticed on here that sometimes the cup- and ring-wearing overlap and I was wondering what experiences people have had with it.  Are the cup and the ring mutually exclusive?  Has anyone talked to a gyno that had informed opinions about both?  Does it affect the delivery of the hormones or impact the silicone of the cup?  I have an appointment with mine next week, but I thought I'd ask here in case she's never heard of the cup....
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I have had my Diva cup for about a year now, and I LOVE IT! To clean it, I usually boil it, or use a hydrogen peroxide/water soak. I have just now noticed tiny brown specks around the bottom rim of the cup, and lower edge of the rim, if that makes sense. I have tried boiling and scrubbing them off, but they don't come off. Any suggestions of what to do?
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diva is dingy as hell

i've has my diva for like 3 years now, one of the best things that ever happened to me. sadly, i think i may need to replace it.

it is generally discolored, which doesn't bother me, but also there appears to be some blood that i CANNOT get out of the little suction holes. i think this may be due to the fact that early on i used a safety pin to clean them out (i think this may have torn the silicone a little bit and made it porous).

can anyone recommend any way to get them totally clean? i'm pretty broke and don't want to replace it, but, kinda grosses me out. btw, it doesn't leak.

boiling seems to have no effect on this.

~last question: my menstrual blood is normally odorless until the last day or so, then it smells like flowers/rotten fruit kind of. this is weird and i never noticed it until i started using the cup. anyone else?

Cloth Liner with Cup?

 Hello, I am wondering if anyone out there knows if any of the cups come with a reusable cloth pantyliner.  I think this would be a great idea.  I am currently a Diva Cup user and love it, however if your going to add something in the box as a free gift, why not add something that is useful instead of a little pin.  It would make more sense and probably be cheaper for the company.  I have also seen the lunapads, are these made by the same company that has created the lunette?

Keeper latex allergy symptoms?

Hi there, I used to belong to this community a few years ago when I first started using the Keeper, which I've now had for about four years. I've been really happy with it except that in the past 6-9 months, I've been having annoying symptoms associated with my period--headaches, miserable runny nose, itchy eyes. It finally dawned on me that this may be a new latex allergy, but I don't get much itching or sensitivity in the vulva/vagina--which seems to be what everyone else mentions. Is that possible?

On the same lines, does anyone have a recommendation between the Mooncup and the Diva Cup for someone who otherwise wouldn't be giving up the Keeper?

awesome directions -- mooncup uk

hello menstruaters,
i finally decided to get a second cup, and chose the mooncup uk, based largely on reviews from this community. (i originally had a keeper mooncup, but the shifting around was driving me crazy.)

while it's too early for a test run or comparison reviews of the cups, i would like to note: the instructions that came with my mooncup uk are FAR superior to the ones i got with my keeper mooncup. mooncup uk comes with a booklet, with sections in almost every common european language, that includes tips on folding methods, cleaning methods, removal methods, removal-without-spilling-blood-all-over-yourself methods, stem trimming info, as well as a "troubleshooting" section -- all of which are augmented with diagrams and pictures throughout. the keeper mooncup came with *one* photocopied sheet of paper, with almost no information beyond the "c fold" method of insertion, basic stem trimming info, and general cleaning advice. go mooncup uk!