April 4th, 2008

Hey ladies!

Hellohello, everybody! My name is Laurie and I'm a 19 year-old Canadian. I've been lurking this community as well as cloth_pads for a little less than a month now (right after my last period - I was fed up). I have to say that I am SO glad to have found all of you!

I had heard before about menstrual cups and cloth pads, but I figured I'd just suffer through my periods until the summer started and I was home from school. I figured a looser financial situation might help me with getting prepared to change the way I deal with my period every month.

Cut to last month when I had the period from HELL. I have a minor allergy to whatever they use as a top layer on disposable pads (most brands - I've tried many) that results in what I can only really describe as diaper rash. I've also always had troubles with tampons (more on that later). After leaking and bleeding through almost every pair of pants I own, I'd had it. I called my Mom and asked for $40 to buy a DivaCup. She was supportive of my decision (she always is!), but I could tell she found the idea fairly strange.

I went to a local natural-living oriented store downtown that I knew stocked them and brought one home. I've done a few dry runs and of course, I've got a few questions! =)

- I've never been able to wear tampons for more than 2 or 3 hours, as they sit far too low in my vagina, and when I go to the bathroom they always shift even further downward. With my Diva, it's not nearly as bad, but I do notice that after going to the bathroom I have to sort of push it back again. Is there any harm in doing this if it causes me no pain?

- I know I can trim the stem on it, but should I wait until I've tried it during my period? I figure if the uterus descends, it wouldn't be a problem to snip it now. Am I correct in this assumption or should I just wait?

- Am I safe to try it overnight before my period actually comes? I would assume so, but I just want to be totally sure.

Thank you all so much if you managed to make it through all of my rambling. =)
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Can I use my cup?

Okay, hopefully you fine ladies can help me out here. I've recently come down with a nasty case of BV. I got the medication and applied it Monday. On the packet, it says not to use condoms for five days afterwards. I just started my period today (day five exactly) and am wondering if I can use my cup. Do you think the medicine would damage it at all? Should I wait until tomorrow? Or the day after? I really don't want to hurt it.

I really hope someone knows the answer to this! I'm going to mad having to use my roommate's pads!

Newbie needs adivce... :-)

So, this is my first period with my Diva... day 1 and trying to get it in just right. I've tried some dry runs before, but I'm glad AF is finally really here so I can get 'real' practice in.

Anyway, my question is... is your cervix supposed to sit in the cup? I can get my cup in good and have it feel the most comfy when my cervix isn't in there. I finally just got it up there with it in the cup and it's really not too pleasant right now. lol It's not feeling nice against my cervix and the stem is poking at me too. I'm not sure what to do. I'm really broke and can't afford to try another cup, I'd love to make this one work, but I don't know if it's just me not doing it right or if it's just not something I'm going to be able to use. (Which would make me really sad.)

Another question is.... is everyone able to rotate it? I can't seem to get it to do that for anything. Mostly though I think it's because mine likes to be flat, but I'm not sure if it's just because of how I'm shaped, or how I'm putting it in or if that's okay to be that way...

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Lunette sizes

I notice the smaller lunette says it's for teens, but the specs for it seem to be closer to the smaller divacup. I currently use the smaller DC (my first cup and first period with it ) but it's too long and keeps poking out stem's all gone, the actual cup is poking out - and it's annoying as heck.  I'm thinking of getting a shorter cup and thought I'd try the Lunette. I'm 26, not a virgin, but never pregnant. Should I get the larger Lunette or the smaller one?
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Lady cup packaging

For those who have bought a Lady Cup (or got samples), how was the packaging like they sent it in? I was thinking of buying one but didn't want the packaging to be obvious (like "this contains a menstrual cup") or have a mail carrier ringing the doorbell to deliver the package and my parents opening the door. I'm not sure if for packages they ring the doorbell or leave them in your mailbox. It's not that I'm embarrassed but, my parents barley approve my use of cloth pads and I don't think they'd understand why I'd want to use a menstrual cup. How long does mail take to come from the Czech Republic? Thank you in advance.

help- spotting in between period

I bought a Diva Cup 3 weeks ago and used it for the first time. I'm a big fan, despite it taking forever to learn how to remove it without having a panic attack! The problem now, three days ago I noticed some light bleeding when I went to the bathroom (it's the brownish blood that usually signifies the start of my period) but I'm not due for another week and my period has never come early before (it's usually a week late). This bleeding has continued for three days now. It's only slight, just a few spots here and there. I'm getting worried though, I don't know what it could possibly be but I am wondering if it could somehow be related to the Diva cup?

If someone could has any ideas please let me know!