March 23rd, 2008


Constipation while using the cup?

I've been using my cup off and on for a few months (had some chafing w/one cycle) and have noticed that when I'm using my cup, I get constipated. Now, I know that it is a bit uncomfortable to poo while I'm wearing it because it feels like it's going to fall out, but I think that this mild fear has turned into a psychosomatic problem. If I'm wearing a pad, or even a tampon, I can still poo, but with my cup, I can't. *shrug* I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing something like this... ~ Mandy
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quick question.. I searched through memories but couldn't find an answer. I'm on a new bc pill and I started spotting yesterday. Not a lot, but enough to have to wear a liner. My period is due in 3 days, it will be my first cycle using the Divacup. I've already practiced inserting/removing. Can the Divacup be used for spotting between periods?

protecting futures

I've seen the commercials and now I've come across the website for Tampax and Always' "Protecting Futures" campaign.
Just out of curiosity, what are your opinions of this effort?

"How we're protecting futures

What if you couldn't go to school when you had your period? As amazing as it may seem in the 21st century, that's the reality for some girls in Southern Africa.

Tampax and Always are doing something to help protect those girls' futures. In partnership with the United Nations Association of the USA's HERO campaign, we established the Protecting Futures program.

Your purchase of Tampax or Always helps us donate $1.4 million through 2008 to the United Nations Association's HERO campaign to help provide feminine protection and education to girls in Southern Africa. That money will be used to provide health, hygiene and puberty education. It's also going into building classrooms, toilets, wash stations and dorms. And it's being used to provide the students with meals and clean water. In addition, we'll be providing pads to these girls to help them not miss school when they get their period."


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damn thing won't pop!

Okay, so here's the deal.

I've looked through the memories and while I've found a lot of helpful information, I'm still having an awful time getting my new divacup to pop open inside me. :( It worked the very first time I put it in, and then once when I waited a day but other than that it's been completely stubborn! I don't really have trouble inserting it. It's a little awkward but not too difficult, but it WON'T pop open!

The instructions say that if it doesnt pop open that I've done it incorrectly and should take it out and try again. Are results more likely to happen if I keep reinserting it or if I play around with it a little bit? I've tried nudging it with my fingers or opening it early on before it's pushed in far enough but the only thing that's happening is that my vagina is becoming very unhappy. I've tried the cold water method and the 7 folding method, too. I know I need more practice but I was hoping it wouldn't be quite this hard :( Since it won't pop open I can't even physically turn it inside me to help nudge it open. I think it's just too tight. Does anyone have any recommendations in nudging it open? Thank you!!

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 Currently on the period from hell (you may have noticed my post on birthcontrol) and I've been using pads. UGH I KNOW. Here's why: I'm one of those users whose cup naturally rides up very high. So I have to bear down A LOT to remove it. 

The problem is that bearing down makes me really really dizzy. I have to do it six or seven times to get the cup down to my fingers (yes, I've definitely kept the stem!). After a session of cup removal I have to sit down for a long while, I just can't handle standing because I'm so dizzy. Not to mention it takes me like, ten minutes. 

Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else? I'd LOVE to start using my cup again, it makes periods so much EASIER.
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Leftovers and activism: together at last!

Hey all. I'm new here and relatively new to using a cup: I bought my Diva last year, but put off actually using it until a few cycles ago. I've never been entirely comfortable with menstruation, for many reasons, but I've found that using a Cup is helping me to get over it. So now that I love my Cup, as a naturally passionate person, I want to find a way to spread that love.

So I've been thinking about it, and while word of mouth amongst friends is great, I've been thinking about getting rid of leftover disposables and spreading the word at the same time. I know that in some college dorms and even in some apartment buildings, they'll set up a "free box" where people can put clothes and stuff they don't want anymore for someone else to take. So maybe those of us who have something resembling a free box, or live in the type of building that would be conducive to having a free box, could arrange little bundles of free tampons with little brochures wrapped around them. Or maybe we could leave a box on top of tampon machines in public restrooms at school or at work, because those stupid things are always empty anyway. But it would be a good way to do good as well as spread the word.

So, does anyone think this could work? Or does anyone have any better ideas? Or cute little pamphlets, brochures, or stickers to put with them? I'm not really the visual-artist crafty type, so maybe someone who is that type can come up with a more specific plan of how to combine the two. Thanks!

I LOVE my Divacup!!!!!!

Ok, so I finally, finally FINALLY got my period, after almost 6 months of waiting!!! I went off the pill in October, and haven't had a period still. Yes, super frustrating!!

Anyhow, my period started yesterday, and I have to say, I'm having a MAJOR love affair with this cup! It's beyond fantastic. It's easy, clean (yes, CLEAN!), and sooo comfortable. There have literally been no leaks, and no cramps, and no discomfort so far, which is beyond unbelievable. I have been using cloth liners, which have not got anything on them, so they're virtually useless....the Divacup is THAT amazing!

Why did I spend 14 years of my life using stupid pads and tampons????

I wish that there was a way to advertise this better, and to also get rid of the misconceptions that people hold about this. I had one person be all grossed out today when she heard "cup" and "collecting menstrual fluids"- ewwww, I was weeeeeeird!! I don't get it. People use tampons all the time, which also "collect menstrual fluids", but also contribute to cramps and discomfort. How is the cup so different?? Personally, I think it's muuuch more sanitary. (especially considering that tampon strings can get caught anywhere...and it's not sanitary!)

Have there been stickers designed to put in bathroom stalls? If there are, I want to spread them far and wide- everyone should know about this!! I was talking to my sister today- I also converted her, and she's also majorly in love, and we were wondering why more people don't know. She said that if this were better marketed, pad and tampon companies would go down, and since they're multi billion dollar industries, they're never going to let that happen.

I guess word of mouth is the way to go. But man, seriously. Amazing! The best thing EVER invented!!!!