February 29th, 2008

Weird issue with Keeper Mooncup

So I have had my keeper mooncup for about three periods now and I LOVE it!!! Taking it out was the only thing that kind of freaked me out but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. One question, though...I only wear it to work or if I go out. When I come home I use cloth pads. When I do come home, though, and take out my cup the flow stops almost entirely for about 12 hours. Even if it is within the heaviest flow days. Does this happen to anyone else? It kind of freaks me out a bit.
 I absolutely LOVE this cup though. I actually look forward to using it, and thusly look forward to my period I guess. I just want to know if this happens to anyone else and is it normal? I've tried to research it but can't find anything about it online and then I came across this awesome community.

smell question

I left my cup (Diva) in for two days (just didn't have a chance to take it out; not to be gross but I haven't even had time for a BM) and when I took it out this morning, it smelled like hard-boiled eggs. I boiled it, but the smell is still there. Does this mean it can't be disinfected?
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Shark Week PSA

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone to never, ever overestimate the power of your menstrual cup by leaving it in overnight without changing it before bed. I seriously forgot I had that much blood in me. o_O

"Shark Week" indeed is my new favorite terminology for this time of month.
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I Think I've Finally Done It!

Convinced someone to convert to cups, that is! I've been trying to sell my 14 year old sister on the concept of cups for a little while now, and I think she may actually be excited to try it! I'm planning on buying her one for her birthday this month if she decides she wants to go ahead with it. I believe she's an avid pad user, and only uses tampons sparingly for swimming and such. Basically I'm trying to determine which cup would be best for her. The Diva Cup is easily accessible for me, as I live in Toronto, ON, Canada. But based on my research on this site, a lot of younger girls appear to prefer the Lunette. Is this actually the case? Then there's the new Lady Cup that's super tiny... or maybe that was the Femme Cup... I can't remember, but I'm sure you know which one I'm referring to! I know it's hard to comment on these two as they are so new and not many of us have tried them yet.

I really want to ensure that her first experience is a good one so that she continues to use it. I also can't afford to buy her two cups if the first one doesn't work out for her. Can the other cups (Mooncup, Lunette, Femme Cup, Lady Cup) be easily shipped to Canada? I suppose that would rule a few of them out if they couldn't.

Anyway, any comments would be much appreciated! We're on our way to having one more "Cupper" in the world!!

(And wow!! I was trying to calculate how much I would have saved if I began using a cup when I first started menstruating to highlight the positives to my mom and sister... if I estimate $5 per month for pads/tampons, that's a whopping $700 +!!!!  Considering I'll have my period for at least another 25-30 years, I'm sure glad I made that one time investment!!).
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First Try Mooncup UK

Had a very light flow this morning for the first day of my period and inserted the cup using the punchdown fold.  It went in, no problem, though I think I put it up too far at first (I'm used to using OB tampons).  So I pulled it down lower and it didn't feel as crowded, but it's so low that the bottom of the cup is right at the vaginal opening.  I'm thinking that this happens to a lot of women because I've seen it in multiple posts since I started reading this community.  After wearing it for an hour while I was getting ready, the stem started to bother me - and oddly enough, the cup tilts itself back and to the right, so the stem was actually poking my inner thigh.  (ha)  When I tried to remove the cup to trim the stem, it was really hard to get out.  Not so much painful (though I'm not particularly sensitive) but I definitely felt a strong suction that was hard to break even when trying to hook the top of the cup.  It kept suctioning back and it was hard to get my finger in far enough to catch the edge.  I'm wondering how much more squat the other cups are and if it would be easier to reach the rim with another brand.  I tried stretching the holes on the cup with a straight pin to ease the suction, but it didn't seem to actually change their shape.  The holes sort of went back to the way they were even after a lot of pulling and stretching.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  So I've had it in all day and my cervix feels sensitive - almost the same feeling I get when I've just had a pap-smear.  Could it be poking me there?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's the suction issue from this morning leaving me sensitive.  Have to go figure that out in a bit.  What I do love is that I don't feel dry inside like I do with tampons - tampons in comparison are so scratchy and uncomfortable when compared with the silicone.  But the cup feels big.  Maybe I just have to get used to it.  I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback... sorry if I'm doubling up questions.  I have done a lot of reading in the community, but I still don't feel quite confident... 
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Yet another removal question...

I'm the brand-new user of a DivaCup, and am totally excited about it. However, I'm really struggling with removal, and after poking around there for a while I was pretty sore and dry, and still had the cup up there. I lubed up my fingers and that eventually helped me get it out, but not after a bit of a struggle. My main problem is figuring the easiest way to break the seal - pinching the base doesn't really seem to do anything, so i have to get my finger pretty much all the way up there and squash in the side. I've tried bearing down, but it only moves a little bit, and always slips right back up, sometimes further, as soon as I relax. I've also tried rocking it back and forth, but I'm guessing that only really works if it's pretty far out already. Is there an easier way to get the cup out that I'm just flaking out on?

Also, I'm assuming that lube won't hurt it at all, but if there's any reason to think it would, please let me know!

South Coast Shopping = reliable??

Hi everyone,

Sorry to post twice in one evening, but I just have one short question. Someone on here mentioned that they purchased their Diva Cup for South Coast Shopping online for half price. I checked it out and the deal is still on and the website says that they ship overseas. I was just wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences with this company/ know the shipping cost/ live in Canada and had it shipped to them.