February 12th, 2008

Stem removal

This is my first period using the cup full time, and so far it's working out pretty well. I can kind of feel the cup inside me (I have a Keeper Moon Cup), but it isn't uncomfortable anymore.

I had some problems at first, notably that removal was a huge pain (literally) and that the stem kept stabbing me. I had to open the cup's holes with a large needle and trim off almost all of the stem. When I was reaching for the stem all the time, I kept stabbing myself with my fingernails and generally having a miserable time. I keep my nails really short (no growth past the fingertips) so I couldn't trim them back anymore. I've found that since I've stopped relying on the stem at all, it's been easier to remove and use my cup.

After not having much success with hooking my finger over the rim, I experimented with squeezing the base to release the suction. That worked really well! It's also easier to grab the whole bottom of the cup to rotate it, ensuring suction, than to try and twist it by the stem.
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Mooncup (UK) user interested in trying the Lunette

I have been using the Mooncup UK for awhile now, but, find that it is still just a wee bit big.  It seems to sit too low and after 9 cycles, I can't get it any higher and I think that I am just too small.  I have removed the stem completely.  It is fairly comfortable, but, at times I just feel too much pressure when sitting down.  I am thinking about trying the Lunette, but, I don't know what size to order.

It says if you are over 20, you should order the larger size.  However, since I know that I am so small, should I go for the smaller size?


bowel movement, urination and cup popping out...

Hi, I've just started using this incredible invention, and I find it easy and liberating, but I do have one question:
While trying to have a bowl movement I felt as if the cup is about to pop out as a result of the muscle contraction. I took it out just in case, but even after urinating with the cup inside, the stem pops out (i.e. the cup is loosening) and I need to push it back up.
Can the cup really pop out? Am I doing someting wrong, or is it just my imagination?....
waiting for an answer,


this. is. AWESOME!!!  Ladies, why did I not know about these cups fifteen years ago?  Who has been keeping this wonderful knowledge from the world?  Why are women forced to suffer through tampons and pads when these magnificent little devices are available?!?!?


ahem...sorry about that.  As you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying my first full day with my DivaCup.  I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I am happy as a bug in a rug with it.  A few false starts on insertion, had to practice with some alternate folds. Suffered through a few hours with ladybits being poked by the stem until I solved that with a pair of sharp sewing scissors.  I'm learning how to empty a full cup without spilling it all over and making it look like my hand went on a homicidal rage. Slept with it in last night, and it was a JOY to wake up and not have blood spilling out of me as soon as I sat up.

I love this thing.  I may buy some and start passing them out to random women on the street. I will probably become one of those annoying proselytizing people who won't shut up about something.


how to make it not hurt

hi all,

i've looked and haven't seen anything along this line and hope that something like this hasn't been posted before.

i just got my mooncup uk and was very excited to use it. i used it on my 1st day which was relatively light.

it had a little bit of problem going in and i had to improvise myself since the page with all the folding techniques and pictures didn't seem to be showing the pictures.

anyway, the biggest problem came when i tried to get it out. the suction was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.l.y. strong. after struggling and bearing down for for ages, i manage to get a grip at the base and pull it lower almost out. but then, it started hurting alot. the base of the cup was already out and i thought wth and tried pulling the cup out in one yank.

wrong move. it hurt soooooo much and couldn't get out that i immediately stuffed the cup back inside to stop the pain. finally, afraid that i was going to die from shoving air into my insides, i gritted my teeth and pulled it out.

now i'm back to using pads. i'm afraid to even put the mooncup in cos i know it eventually has to come out. and it'll hurt.

so i was thinking, since we fold the cup to get a smaller circumference when inserting it. then when we try to remove the cup, how does it slip painlessly out when it's open?

is that why it hurts to much when i'm trying to remove the cup?